Photo of Morito Hackney Road in London, , GB
Photo of Morito Hackney Road in London, , GB
Photo of Morito Hackney Road in London, , GB
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Morito Hackney Road

Spanish Restaurant

brunch • tapas • bread • octopus

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  • Photo of Michael H
    4 months ago
    Having visited the original Moro and the smaller, no reservation Morito, both on Exmouth Market, a number of times over the last few years, it was time to visit the new eastern expansion on Hackney Road, right next to the also excellent Sager & Wilde wine bar. On my visit, I didn't fancy a starter and main and didn't fancy meat so, instead, had three different salads which were all different and good, apart from one of them having a vinegar dressing which wasn't mentioned in the description on the menu. I tire of so many restaurants not saying when something has an oily or vinegary dressing in the description. For those that revel in vinegar, good for you. I hate the stuff as it pervades and overrides the taste of everything else on the plate. Please don't bore me with advice on palate. Vinegar is dreadful. The only vinegar that isn't is that really cloying balsamic that's almost sweet and doesn't taste of vinegar. That's acceptable as it doesn't even realise it's vinegar. Anyway, I digress. I advised of the 'problem' with my salad and with no bother, a new salad came back sans vinegar. Lovely, now I could eat. A couple of glasses of wine and I was just about the last one out on this Sunday afternoon although after a brief hiatus, the operation would be back for more that eve. The great thing about this branch of Morito is that it's miles larger than the Exmouth Market one so you shouldn't have to wait for a table unless it's really busy, unlike at Exmouth Market where prospective diners often have to retire to a local hostelry to await a text that a table is finally theirs. A good addition to the area.
  • Photo of Joe J
    5 months ago
    On arriving at the door, the maître d' said we could have a table for 1hr 30mins. This was very unfriendly. After sitting down we had mussels, sea bass and various side dishes. All were cooked and flavoured to perfection. However, the mussels were supplied with no spoon and no spare dish to put the empty shells. Our waitresses were very friendly and helpful. While I understand why the maître d' said what he did, it changed the atmosphere, so we will not be returning anytime soon.
  • Photo of Fabrizio O
    5 months ago
    If you fancy discovering Mediterranean and middle-Eastern cuisine within a reasonable budget, you'll love Morito. Located 5 minutes walk from Hoxton station, even booking in advance, you will not be granted a proper table - more likely seated at the bar counter - during busy times: take this into account if you are a couple or elderly people. Dessert 20 minutes late and apologies followed accordingly. Presentation is poor (see pictures) but they all tasted rather delicious. - The sausage plate was unfortunately served lukewarm, flatbread didn't seem prepared freshly, far too much oil. Surprisingly it wasn't too bad in the end... - grilled sheep cheese was burnt at the bottom but aubergines were fantastic (I still believe they are not great served cold as they were). - Finally, the tart with custard and apricots was very generous and sweet but it looked improvised (see the picture). I think Morito can be ok for a long meal with kids (many families with toddlers), less for a relaxed meal. Staff was quite kind but service a bit too slow. The fact some dishes are not served hot implies some kind of prepared ones in advance that is not great. 4* as flavours were quite right but it may not meet all fussy Londoners' tastes for experience.
  • Photo of Nick S
    5 months ago
    So hip it hurts. Hackney Road, a completely unassuming shop front, i wouldn't say this restaurant was designed but if it was, they tore up the blueprints and fired the buiders and did it themselves. It's as if everything in here has been thought up by a 23 year old would be hipster whilst still in bed recovering from a hangover. It's not that i enjoy slick design or chi chi places but everything about this place is cooler than thou from the staff to the uncomfortable seating. Obviously oblivious to these charms we walked in early on a Thursday evening and were given a table. The food promises a taste of Spain and North Africa but delivers far less than it should at prices which just don't stack up for this crappy area. Two pieces of toasted bread with grated tomato and two tinned anchovies for 6.50£ Grilled squid 13.50 £ served plainly on a small plate. Very tasty spicy kid ragu served unceremoniously in a pile on a small plate. There's no chefing here. There's moderately competent cooking served with the absolute minimum pretence. If the prices were halved it might be acceptable but this is the a.... end of somewhere between Shoreditch and Hackney and its not.. I must be in a minority because by the time we left the restaurant was full but the world is full of fools. I can only assume that either this clientele don't have kitchens of their own or that they can't cook. Otherwise i cannot see how people can pay this sort of price for very ordinary food served with so little love in such ugly surrondings. I have eaten in Moro which seems to have better food in more salubrious surroundings and would recommend that if you do want to sample the pleasures that this is the preferable location. I was genuinely disappointed that it was so poor.
  • Photo of Richard A
    5 months ago
    Food was amazing, lamb very good but don't really want to hear the manager shouting at the staff. Service was a little slow but I would say that was down to the bad management. I will say the drinks and deserts also very good. Won't be my first choice to go back to. Shame
  • Photo of carolinewagstaff
    5 months ago
    Morito has become my local go to early supper venue and never fails to delight. It is perfect for casual relaxed dining and every dish I have tasted at every visit has me purring with pleasure. You can be in and out or linger and the service is always first class and the staff genuinely happy to explain and seem to really want you to enjoy it all.
  • Photo of Denise343
    5 months ago
    We hadn't booked, the restaurant was very busy but managed to get seats along the bar by the window. The food was fabulous, especially the aubergine which is just delicious. We ordered 5 dishes between 2, this included the bread basket and found this was plenty. There was a good buzz about the restaurant, the staff were very friendly and helpful. The service was excellent. The only downside is, for a tapas style restaurant the food is slightly expensive though very delicious.
  • Photo of standrews47
    6 months ago
    lots to chose from, from standard tapas to house specialties, we have 11 plates between 4 of us so had a good selection, chicharrones de Cadiz and fried aubergines, date molasses & feta are to die for, I would have gladly just had these, but everything else was so tasty, quickly served and we were not rushed, and no waiting around to settle the bin either, so we could get onto our evening show quickly.
  • Photo of Juan Carlos Z
    6 months ago
    Not a very interesting menu, not quite Spanish, not quite Mid-Eastern. A bit pricey for what it is, 4.50 for tomato bread, 7.00 for a 125ml. glass of Spanish wine that would normally be house wine back in Spain.
  • Photo of Josie S
    6 months ago
    We went to Morito to celebrate our wedding anniversary, but the staff made us feel unwelcome and belittled on what should have been a special night. We were led to seats at the counter. I sat down and was tapped on the shoulder by the manager who said "I don't mean to be anal but could you not sit at these seats but could you use the seats over there?". Honestly, the word 'anal' at a fancy restaurant? Also there are so many more pleasant ways of asking you to move seats than his whole unwelcoming tone. The waitress pouring the water said "all right guys?" and we said "yes, it's our wedding anniversary so we're having a bit of a celebration." She smiled tightly and raised her eyebrows and turned away, leaving us feeling a bit silly. Throughout the meal, every time the plates were cleared we would start to say how lovely each one was (and they really were great), but each time it was this faux-bright grimacey smile and not a single comment back. Morito's not cheap, and I think a lot of people save up to come to it. What would have made the experience special would have been something like "oh it's your wedding anniversary, can I recommend something special to drink?" or, "how's your meal, oh you like that plate? That's a popular one of ours, glad you're enjoying it." Definitely not the "anal" word. The place wasn't busy, so that can't be the excuse. The staff were sour and it's not on when it's an expensive restaurant.
  • Photo of James Y
    6 months ago
    Pretty bad and disappointing experience to be honest. Most of the staff seemed very nice but our waiter was not interested in giving us a comfortable dinner experience at all. In fairness this could happen anywhere and maybe the guy was just having a bad day but the below average, badly cooked food was unforgivable!! Especially considering the prices. We barely ate anything and nobody came to check on us or ask how the food was. Just avoid. Tons of way, way better restaurants in the area (most of them cheaper). Ended up on Kingsland Rd with some nice Vietnamese food!!
  • Photo of Nyah F
    7 months ago
    Every dish was packed with flavour and deliciously different. It is a little pricey and I would expect the service to reflect this. Our waiter was friendly and made an excellent wine reccomendation but the staff seemed rushed and the atmosphere not as relaxing as I would want for that cost. However I can't fault the food. I wish I could've tried everything. I will definitely go back
  • Photo of Trottner
    7 months ago
    We have been to Morito many times it is great! Super delicious food and ambiance. Today we arrived with no reservation, just to see if you had any luck. It was full and the waiter was really nice saying he was sorry, then the manager arrived crying out loud "it's not going to happen!!!" Very rude and unnecessary. Placed like this should not have nasty people working there, it takes away all the intentions of going back.
  • Photo of malcolm79
    7 months ago
    The atmosphere in this place is certainly incredible. Definitely aim to grab a seat at the bar if poss and be transported to northern Spain. Order the basque white wine from the wine list and enjoy 6/7 courses between 2 of you. The pork belly is exceptional. BUT DO NOT order seafood. The squid was tasteless, limp and with a flavourless salsa and the deep fried red mullet basically a posh fish and chips with bones and brains. Will probably be back but felt bruised that after such a strong start the food went gradually downhill. A shame.
  • Photo of toomanysuppers
    7 months ago
    I am still slightly shocked by our experience of tonight. A long time Moro fan I was excited to visit the hackney venue for the first time. Serving staff were nice and food was up to scratch. HOWEVER we indulged in the set menu which offered full menu and aperitif for £35 or without for £30. After realising we had eaten too much we asked if we could pay £30 for 2 courses and aperitif which totalled less than price of pud and got told No. Furthermore when we pointed out lack of customer care for the sake of £10 the manager accused us of "blackmail by blog" and got v cross about customers being allowed to report their experience. Left feeling humiliated and embarrassed that we should have dared to broach in the first place. If I behaved this way in my job my boss would be far from happy.
  • Photo of Quintessimma
    7 months ago
    This Hackney outpost of Moro is spot on in terms of design, food and informed, friendly service. A wide range of sharing dishes of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean inspiration with the fashionable twist that so many newer London restaurants do so well. All dishes delicious. However, definitely not an ethnic restaurant. Attracts a mixed hipster crowd, so is lively without being overwhelming. I highly recommend for daytime or evening.
  • Photo of Jeff C
    8 months ago
    Great food in the true Moro/Morito tradition. They manage to make it seem really 'proper' - it's one of the restaurants that really represents the best side of London.
  • Photo of A TripAdvisor Member
    Every dish was gawj. Out of four of us one has a severe nut allergy and one is a vegetarian. Staff very aware of allergens and very on the ball. Attentive,friendly staff and although we had the table for only 1 and 3/4 hours we were there much longer and all agreed we will be returning soon. Had loads of dishes and enjoyed all. Virgin cocktails, wine and variety of gins suited us all. Lovely way to spend a few sunny hours.
  • Photo of tomW29
    8 months ago
    I know it's supposed to be a tapas-style restaurant, but when 'small plates' are costed at £12 or above, you would expect them to be more substantial. The seasoning is great on most dishes, but, unless you order over 6-7 dishes per person, you will leave hungry (and considerably poorer). Cocktails are mediocre.
  • Photo of A TripAdvisor Member
    We have been to Morito several times and until now had always loved it. This time our trip was spoiled by complacent food and hapless service. We were served by a waiter who asked for our desert order after our starter and were given our bill before we had received our last dish, which never arrived. He offered no apology for screwing up the order and no thanks when we paid the bill. The food has become formulaic and the staff unaware at best, contemptuous at worst. This place was really fantastic a year ago but they are no longer making any effort whatsoever. Avoid.

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