Photo of Jane Tira in London, , GB
Photo of Jane Tira in London, , GB
Photo of Jane Tira in London, , GB
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Jane Tira

Asian Restaurant

Jane Tira13.5
calamari • pad thai • delicious food • thai restaurant

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  • Photo of Brandon Dadarria
    3 years ago
    The kah na crispy pork starter is killer
  • Photo of Tomasz82
    6 months ago
    We've had possibly the most shocking case of outright lies by the waitress in our 12 years of living in London. The restaurant advertised happy hour between 5-7pm of any meal with beer for £7.50. we've arrived quarter to 7, asked if we can take advantage, the waitress with a grimace asked us what time it is and when we told she said that it's ok. I asked if the offer really applied to all mains which she confirmed. Two mains with beers, one starter and rice later we were asked to pay full whack (£47) including prawn crackers we never ordered. She removed the crackers and asked for the rest again which we confronted with the story above. She started accusing us of misunderstanding (yes, the same person who misunderstood "no prawn crackers") and ordering food not from the offer menu. Note that we did ask if it was the same menu upon arrival and double checked at the time of the argument . It really was , just with slightly (1-2 difference) prices. In the end we said we won't pay more than £30 (which was still more that should have) to the constant tune of the waitress that it was our fault,with no option to speak. Thankfully the male member of the staff let us speak. Judging by other reviews we didn't happen to be first ones to experience this! Beware!!
  • Photo of Maral2611
    7 months ago
    We had lunch here and chose off the lunch menu. It's amazing value for money! Got a glass of coke and a big plate of delicious Pad Thai for £7.50! I think for London this is an absolutely extraordinary price for such good food. The service was lovely, maybe a bit slow, but it didn't bother us too much as we weren't in a rush. My partner had a Thai Red Curry, which was sooooo tasty! He doesn't even like Thai food but he really enjoyed it and was impressed with the curry. The calamaris was perfectly seasoned and tasted very fresh. I would definitely go back next time I'm in London as I truly think for the price, it's very tasty and lovely food.
  • Photo of Riccardo P
    7 months ago
    It's rare to find authentic Thai taste like this outside of Thailand. Although this is Asian spicy, not western. Friendly yet simple service.
  • Photo of Jay A
    7 months ago
    I got the Pad Thai which was amazing. My friends both got the same dish with meat, and although it only had one chilli next to it on the menu indicating spice, and they both claim they like spicy food, they both had a hard time finishing their delicious meal because it was so hot. So fair warning, their spicy food is not for the faint of heart!
  • Photo of Christopher L
    8 months ago
    If you like overpriced, underwhelming Thai food served with a side order of bad service then this is the place for you; Dry overcooked, tough as old boots pork, fork resistant noodles and customer service that would make any Thai person feel ashamed. Jane Tira is cultural crack on the Thai street food scene. Unashamedly and laughably bad.
  • Photo of Nikita P
    9 months ago
    Love this little Thai gem! Authentic, delicious and quick Thai food. The coconut water is totally a must! 😍
  • Photo of Phudit S
    10 months ago
    Please avoid this place . Don't waste your time and money with rubbish food cooking by microwave, no qurity, with no manner of the service
  • Photo of TadLau89
    10 months ago
    Went there to celebrate a friend's birthday. We were a big group so they reserved us the hole basement room (not an easy treat to find in Soho without any charges in addiction) and they also put some music on while we were having dinner giving people the chance to dance a little in between dishes. The thai food was very good and the staff was nice. Would come back.
  • Photo of trigger03
    a year ago
    I don’t usually complain about the food and Service in a restaurant but definitely feel I need to on this occasion. The only reason for the one star is for both starters arriving and tasting ok, after waiting several minutes for one main arrived which was there signature Mackerel dish (however the amount of Mackerel in the dish was minimal I counted 3 small pieces). I asked several times for the second main and another drink and several minutes went buy with the staff ignoring me (the restaurant was not busy) until I decided to call it a day to which the staff thought was very amusing.
  • Photo of daa173
    a year ago
    The food here is amazing, had a great evening with a good friend. This was easily ruined by the manager who tried to rush us out the door while we were still drinking and asked us to sit in their empty basement area to free up space for other customers. At the same time, she felt it was okay to add a 12.5% service charge on to our bill. Will not be visiting again.
  • Photo of J K
    a year ago
    Stopped for a meal on Sunday night - menu looked promising. My beef salad was shockingly overpriced. A very small portion of very tasty but very tough beef served on a single lettuce leaf, with a few token pieces of cucumber. For £10! There are much better places to eat on Brewer Street with much better prices. It really feels like the place is coasting on the original buzz generated when they first opened. And losing momentum.
  • Photo of szimmermann28
    a year ago
    I discovered this nice little thai restaurant by accident while walking through china town. This small restaurant that reminded me of one of those street style restaurants in Bangkok. Friendly and fast service, food arrived quickly. The food was very good but the portions were a little bit too small for my hunger. I paid 22.17£ for a papaya salad , green curry with tofu and a bowl of steamed rice plus a coke and it felt a little overpriced, but very tasty. They had this nice promo - deal that will give you 10% discount on your bill if you like their facebook page and share it with a picture of your meal into your facebook timeline.
  • Photo of BristolPavs
    a year ago
    Small Thai restaurant in Soho. All very fresh and tasty. The mackerel curry has six chilli symbols by it in the menu and almost a health warning stating how hot it is! Yes it was hot, very hot, but it was really flavoursome. Suggest keeping some sticky rice aside to cool your tongue down. All of it is reasonably priced, service is brisk and friendly.
  • Photo of Rel_Hayman
    a year ago
    Slightly surprised reading some of the reviews, as I've always seen Jane Tira as a dependably good restaurant, in terms of both its service and its food. A pleasant place to come to enjoy some good Thai food in a relaxing atmosphere - and when a group of us dined here not realising it was time for the restaurant to close, the staff couldn't have been more polite or obliging!
  • Photo of douniko
    a year ago
    Restaurant looks very original thai, so do the tastes. If you've been in Thailand it will definitely remind you one of this urban street style narrow restaurants downtown Bangkok. However anyone can taste the compromise Jane tira has done with quality of ingredients, especially for those that have tasted similar dishes in other thai restaurants around. Worth to mention that Chicken satay is remarkably tasty and the peanut sauce rocks! Pad thai is also good not to mention the portion is generous. Anything else we tried was average to poor, especially plates with beef (which felt like chewing a tasteless piece of rubber). We also found it a bit overpriced. Guess the prices are a bit touristic (being in Soho). Not a big restaurant, most tables are for 2, and a couple of tables for 4.
  • Photo of Asilekemper
    a year ago
    I've been here with my boyfriend on a Thursday night as we really wanted to have Thai food. The food was average, the portions are pretty small but the issues started when the waiter overcharged our credit card, he made him aware of it and he said that it was impossible to get a refund because they don't refund via card. This is proper non sense but he was probably un experienced. He checked with his manager and it appears that the told him that they couldn't refund us, once again the excuse was the card machine. We were then expecting a refund in cash but the 2 of them were discussing things behind the bar and left us waiting for over 10 minutes at the table, when we decided to get up and leave!
  • Photo of K D
    a year ago
    I have been wanting to come here for a while now as a friend recommended it and whenever we do head to Soho, we try to get in but there is always a queue so we were quite excited to be seated straight away and be able to order very fast in an almost full restaurant. Starters ordered- deep fried tofu with homemade sauce and pork skewers also with homemade sauce- quite tasty. Mains -we ordered a chicken Jungle curry. What came out was a very small bowl of watery vegetables (courgettes very old) and with 3 pieces of chicken. It was on the 'specials board' and so we thought it must be at least 'good'. The curry was not a curry (not even very hot) or any good (no flavour). Spicy Papaya salad also ordered -the tomatoes were old and everything generally tasted like it had been sitting around for ages. Drinks- roast coconut juice came with mostly ice and almost no juice. Service- mostly the staff were curt when taking orders and seemed generally in a bad mood. It's true we had expectations but they were no where even near met. We were swiftly handed our bill ready for the next person (looking through the window) in the queue to jump in our seats. We were not asked how our food was and so decided not to feedback. We deducted that they probably wouldn't have cared anyway. Thanks to the young boy waiter who at least tried. The vibe of the place felt like 'get them in and get them out as fast as possible, charge them (quite a lot) for as little ingredients as possible, they won't be back again'.
  • Photo of hippoemily
    a year ago
    Nice food, very tasty. But the service was terrible. First, when the waitress served my drink, she was walking pass me, at the same time, she casually put down my drink without saying anything, and she put my drink in the middle of the table where it was even closer to the empty seat opposite to me. The second time, when she brought my food, she dropped it in the middle of the table without saying anything like I wasn't even there, and she just walked away. I thought it might be because they serve street food, so you get 'street food service', but when she served food to the next table, she didn't just drop drinks and food in the middle of the table, she did place things next to each customer. I understand when you are in a busy restaurant things can go crazy, and I'm not asking for a 5-star service, at least you need to respect your customer, and providing a reasonable service.
  • Photo of FoodloverfromParis
    I tried this restaurant out because it was featured as a new restaurant in Soho on my Dojo App. The staff is friendly and welcoming, the food is reasonably copious and tasty. It is slightly on the pricey side but it is worth it. I will certainly return.
  • Photo of Jenny_m_t
    a year ago
    We stumbled upon this cosy Thai restaurant on a busy rainy Saturday night, and were delighted by the welcoming service and truly delicious food. Will definitely be back on our next day trip! The kids loved it too (age 11 and 13).

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