Photo of Hoppers in London, , GB
Photo of Hoppers in London, , GB
Photo of Hoppers in London, , GB
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Indian Restaurant

lamb • dosa • curry • black pork

49 Frith Street
London W1D 4SG, GB
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  • Photo of Liron Levy
    10 months ago
    Featuring dishes inspired by Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu, this eatery is small but stylish and effortlessly mixes old and new. The menu gives traditional Sri Lankan street food a modern twist. לא יקר
  • Photo of corash
    4 months ago
    Hoppers has been on our list for some time so a few of us decided to try our luck on Sat afternoon for lunch. We got there at 12 noon and were seated right away. So that's a tip that if you're keen to eat here, Sat lunch tends to be less busy. We also noticed that it wasn't super busy throughout the afternoon. The food was fabulous and tasted authentic, at least as close to it in central London. The service was helpful, efficient and attentive. Although, they don't have high chairs in their small restaurant, they still tried to accommodate us by giving us a bigger table to accommodate our friend's 1 year old. Highly recommend this place and can't wait to go back for a visit.
  • Photo of Pavan M
    4 months ago
    Eaten Sri Lankan food for the first time. Extremely satisfied to have eaten here. The Podi Dosa with Okra Kari is a must try! Make sure you can handle your spice :)
  • Photo of meandyoutravel2017
    4 months ago
    Just had the worst experience, we were very excited about our visit to this restaurant after looking at the reviews and images on social media. Soon as we arrived at the door there was a queue and as we joined the queue, we were told by the women at the door the next table for two would be only at 08:30 pm. While we were looking for a different restaurant the couple behind us was told that they could get a table at 19:40, and then for another group of people (4) at 08:00 pm. I do understand that it’s a Saturday night and the demand, however we were treated as unwanted guests by the women at the door just because we are from Srilanka as she lied to us about the waiting time. I would never recommend or visit here again. Its overhyped for what you actually get.
  • Photo of James W
    4 months ago
    Wonderful Sri Lankan restaurant! Always crowded, great food, friendly service! In SoHo, not far from our hotel.
  • Photo of Wei X
    4 months ago
    This place always has long queue. The reason is simple - good food with reasonable price and great taste! They do open another one at St. Christopher place near Bond Street if you are near west end. Must try - Mutton rolls, Egg Hoppers, Dosa, lamb kuri
  • Photo of Charlotte B
    4 months ago
    I visited Hoppers with friends who had been before but I had never eaten there. The waiter was fantastic! He talked me through all the dishes and dietary requirements and made some excellent recommendations. The food was divine, and I can't wait to go back and try more from the menu
  • Photo of Indranil2u
    4 months ago
    Very authentic south indian and sri-lankan flavours. It is great to see Indian restaurants in the UK breaking the mould of baltis, kadhais and tikka masalas and with growing indian and south asian population in the Uk why not? I hope more restaurants strive to pursue this route and the reputation will follow naturally. The bone marrow curry and hoppers are signature dishes and well justified signature dishes. They are a must have when there. The new set menu gives you a taste of almost everything in the menu and every dish is great. The lamb preparations and very good indeed - expect originality and the accompanying heat. There is no physical queue - give your name and phone number at the door and you get a text when your table is ready. You are free to go have a few drinks in the nearby pubs while your table gets ready. Well done Hoppers team!
  • Photo of Michael B
    4 months ago
    As always, the food was delicious and the service reasonable fast. The place is very small and it is often impossible to get a seat however without a long wait. The lunchtime fixed price menu was a decent offering and served in a reasonable time for a lunch break. Drinks here are a bit pricey, though free tap water is available and offered automatically.
  • Photo of cfreedma
    4 months ago
    Hoppers offers Sri Lankan cuisine which is closely related to the more familiar Indian alternative but with some very welcome differences. The restaurant is very popular to such an extent that it has just recently opened a new and larger venue which supposedly takes reservations. However the original Soho branch doesn't. In which case we were lucky that we happened to want to eat fairly early. That meant only a short wait. Do try it if possible. And don't leave without trying the signature hopper which is a flat bread shaped like a bowl. We ordered a variety of curries (karis) all of which had a delightful, though not overwhelming zing to them. The rotis and sambols were also worth while. For US visitors expect quality over quantity. But you will not go away hungry by any means.
  • Photo of herbiefrogg
    4 months ago
    we had the taste menue which consist of deferent types of srilankan were trated to deferent types of food the starter had 4 small portions of squid bonemarow the roti was extreamely taisty the egg hoper was worth the waite.the curies were not the normal indian food.all the portions tasted was uneque recommend a visit if you are in London.
  • Photo of Prodipto B
    4 months ago
    We had a number of items. Each one was well - cooked and tasty. The service was friendly and quick. Certainly a place worth visiting again.
  • Photo of Zitka M
    5 months ago
    We go there every time we are in London as the food id so delicious. Everything on the menu is worth tasting. But for your first try a hopper with lamb curry. If you are still hungry order the goat roti. Or you could try the biryani, but be warned its a big meal by its self.
  • Photo of Lora T
    5 months ago
    The food at Hoppers is amazing and I can't recommend this place enough! Get in early to put your name down and go for a drink round the corner whilst you wait. 100% recommend the lamb curry, bone marrow and prawns along with the lamb kothu. You'll want to go back!
  • Photo of Elaine T
    5 months ago
    Hoppers in Frith Street Soho is a unique Sri Lankan restaurant in the heart of Soho. Lively, fun, delicious food, great drinks, friendly and kind staff. What more could you wish for? Their new restaurant opens next week in Wigmore Street. Can't wait to go!
  • Photo of Margo L
    5 months ago
    The food at this place is phenomenal. Recommend the set menu (probably more accurate to call it a tasting menu, since you get a taste of pretty much everything). We did both the regular and veggie. Every plate was delicious! This has been added to my go-go list for when friends/family visit. Cocktails also lovely, and staff very friendly and knowledgeable.
  • Photo of 848ade
    5 months ago
    The idea was great at first, now feels I me a money making machine. Customers crammed in with no regard to comfort, portions are miniscule (and I mean seriously tiny. Two tablespoons of curry as a main course) the waitress didn't even know what the food was and the quality of food is not as good (coconut sambal served as a slime rather than freshly grated) and not spicy enough. This was our fourth visit, but sadly, will be our last.
  • Photo of Chris L
    5 months ago
    My favourite 'Asian' restaurant in town! It lives up to the hype and certainly worth the waiting in the long queue!! Recommend the Bone Marrow, Prawn, Goat, Mutton, Egg Hopper, Black Pork, Paid Dosa and Lamb Kati Roll! (We pretty much ordered the whole menu, it was that good). Serious value too, they could double the price and I would still happily visit once a week!
  • Photo of 2Travelnuts101
    5 months ago
    We just visited Sri Lanka. We were so excited to find this restaurant that serves Sri Lanka food. They have a very simple menu. Some daily specials were written on the wall. The food was delicious, especially the curry sauce. But don't expect to have any attentive service.
  • Photo of WestCoastAl
    5 months ago
    This place lived up to the hype! Great dishes and wonderful presentation. We couldn't decide between everything so we ordered the tasting menu for two. It was one delicious offering after the next. For a small operation it was fully staffed and well run.
  • Photo of jdjcoooo
    5 months ago
    We were excited about what this restaurant had to offer off the hype it generated, but after the way we were treated we may as well have gone to a fast food chain. Yes, the food was tasty. But we were treated like unwanted guests. As soon as we ordered, the food was in front of us. Of course, in most places, this is a bonus. But after enjoying our main meal, the bill was slapped on the table, and even after the staff assuring us to "take our time" whilst we had our drinks and paid the bill, they then forced us out of the building because of the crowd outside. The staff were appauling. We spent £65 and were forced out in 45 mins.. don't bother. Awful.

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