Photo of Harry Potter Shop at Platform 9 3/4 in London, , GB
Photo of Harry Potter Shop at Platform 9 3/4 in London, , GB
Photo of Harry Potter Shop at Platform 9 3/4 in London, , GB
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Harry Potter Shop at Platform 9 3/4

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Harry Potter Shop at Platform 9 3/424
cross station • photo taken • studio tour • hp fan

Harry Potter Shop At Platform 9 3/4 Euston Road
London NW1 2SA, GB
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  • Photo of Christabel Putri Widjaya
    Kings Cross station
  • Photo of Belle Tang
    2 years ago
    Price: £31, 8am: Bus p/u near hotel->1hr studio 10am: tour -->1:30pm bus rtn to p/u spot. Or take Tube??
  • Photo of MichelleE777
    5 months ago
    When I visited London with friends Kings Cross was a must for us because we all grew up with the Harry Potter books. At first we made the mistake to look for platform 9 3/4 somewhere near the platforms 9 and 10, but its actually located on the other side of Kings Cross train station inside the main hall. There is a little wall with the platform 9 3/4 sign and some props and they even provide you with the scarf and wand of your choice to take a picture. The best thing is its totally free (you can take your own pictures and dont have to buy the one the staff member takes)! If you have time to wait in line for at least an hour its a cool souvenir photo for Harry Potter fans and even the waiting time wasnt so bad because its a fun atmosphere with people from all over the world wanting to take that photo. The fan shop staff also coordinates everything to prevent chaos. For me the only minus point are the prizes in the actual fan shop, most items are overprized.
  • Photo of psmithlincs
    5 months ago
    I have been to the proper Harry Potter world tour n this is a loverly little shop I was delayed n thought yes definitely I went n people was polite n bought a wand lord voldermorts its wicked I regretted not buying it at the studio so if ur in London kings cross deffo worth a visit
  • Photo of Jazmin P
    5 months ago
    This is a dream shop for Harry Potter fans, I had a blast looking through all the trinkets and cool items. There is a cart in front of the store where you can take a platform 9 3/4 picture.
  • Photo of CCmilan
    5 months ago
    Kings Cross station was right on my route so I literally had to walk past this shop and I'm glad I had a look. It's quaint very English and of course it's Harry Potter beloved to all ages. Nice large shop not too crowded full of memorabilia where you can find something for everyone. But the best is the outside set where you can take your picture at platform 9 1/2. I passed there several times and sometimes there was nobody there and no queue and on others there was a long queue but also an assistant with props helping the photo shoot. She would dress the people with a scarf give them a wand and let them push the trolley while letting the scarf fall so as to give the impression of movement. I thought it looked great.
  • Photo of Tommy P
    5 months ago
    Why taking Money for the Picrure? I Dont her it. This Shop is Really expensive so Why Take Money for that Pic. Dieser Shop ist viel zu teuer.
  • Photo of Sami2790
    5 months ago
    Love coming here whenever I am in London! it is very small though and you cannot move on the busier days and get a proper look round unfortunately!
  • Photo of Karen S
    5 months ago
    We made this our first visit on a really short stay in London. My traveling companion is a huge Harry Potter fan, Dr. Who fan and Sherlock fan, and she chose this over anything else to see. We took the Tube to visit, being that it's at a Tube station it was an easy trip. One tip - once you exit King's Cross Station, turn right. We turned left and ended up walking for at least 30 minutes. My lack of map skills might have had something to do with it. The store is not huge and there are door monitors in place to keep it from getting too crowded. That said, you can spend as much time in there as you like. The merchandise did not seem unreasonably priced, and it looked like they had stuff you could buy that wasn't available elsewhere. They'll also help you take a picture in front of the store.
  • Photo of Hala K
    5 months ago
    I am not a Harry Potter fan, but my friends and I were recommended to visit the place. We were around King's cross and it was nice to visit. The line was huge , literally an hour wait to take a picture. So we decided to take a picture of the platform only . The shop was super busy as well. You have to ask about the best timing to visit.
  • Photo of lynchase1
    5 months ago
    The shop had a great deal of merchandise and it was difficult to get around without bumping into people.
  • Photo of kerryeibhlin
    6 months ago
    Most people are usually Harry Potter fans but it's not something I really got into , I enjoyed the first couple of movies and even read one of the books but it never really caught my attention , so on a journey through London whilst killing time waiting for my train home I noticed the Harry Potter shop . I popped in for a quick look about and actually loved how quaint a shop it is .. the merchandise is high quality and really made you feel as though you were shopping to start back at school with Harry ! I fell in love with a giant Dobby ! The staff where all friendly and seemed to be really enjoying their jobs , who wouldn't working in a little magical store ? !! Anyway , all I can say is it is definitely worth a little visit even if you're not a huge Harry Potter fan ..
  • Photo of Hannah R
    6 months ago
    The first couple of visits to this shop the staff have always been friendly even though the shop is always too full. However my most recent visit was different the staff were patronising and childish. I was buying on this occasion one hat (on previous occasions i'd brought items up to 100 pounds) she first tired to sell me things i wasn't interested in and acted like she knew it all telling me you get a special bag here i'd been here before i didn't need told in this manner what i was getting. The worst however was yet to come she asked me if i was exicted for tomorrow i was at first just staring at her wondering what she was on about to me tomorrow was going back home day, i then asked what about tomorrow. She told me it was the epilogue i still didn't know what she was talking about i looked afterwards. I never remember dates for anything even when i'm a big fan of something. If she would have just told me politely i would have been okay but when i was leaving she thought i'd gone her and the other childish woman on the till were mimicking me saying what about tomorrow. I found this very rude! The products in this shop are good however they are not just unique to the store you can find the same or similar products in many other places. I will be giving this shop a miss when i'm next in London i have better things to do in London then be insulted I've had better service at Primark buying Harry Potter Merchandise from people whom seen one film. The wall outside was much better in it's original spot now it's just a money making exercise were people are exploited for money the Warner Brothers Tour in Watford has a much better 9 and 3 Quarters walls with much friendlier staff. I would avoid this place it's not magical at all.
  • Photo of LYNNE R
    6 months ago
    Let me start on a positive, the person who served me on our first visit to this shop was polite, Unfortunately when we visited on a second occasion my daughter was not so fortunate. Whilst at the till the female member of staff asked my daughter is she was "excited about tomorrow". My daughter didn't have a clue what she was asking about and said "why what's happening tomorrow?". Apparently it was something about 1st September, 2017 in the Harry Potter stories/films. Ok, if she had just explained this nicely to her, fair enough. But when this assistant thought that my daughter had left the shop ,(she hadn't she had come over to me as my husband was still waiting in the queue to be served), this female member of staff actually mimiced my daughter to another staff member asking "what was happening tomorrow", in a very rude and patronising manner. Not a very pleasant person. My daughter and I like the Harry Potter books and films, but pardon us for not knowing everything about them. You should not have to put up with appalling manners and a totally immature attitude from a rude and patronising member of staff. We will not be visiting again. Whilst in the London area we took a trip to the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour near Watford and what an absolute pleasure this was with knowlegeable (without being patronising), polite and friendly staff. I would so recommend avoiding this crowded, expensive shop which employs rude and immature staff and go there instead, you won't be disappointed. Please don't waste your money in this awful shop, they don't deserve your custom. If you have a local Primark store, go there instead, Harry Potter merchandise is plentiful in there at the moment and to be honest the quality isn't so different and of course much cheaper. The staff are nicer in there too. Avoid this awful shop.
  • Photo of kazouk
    6 months ago
    I took my client on Sunday afternoon about 4 pm. we queued about 40 minutes which was expected. If you really like Harry Potter, I think it worth queuing. So question to yourself if you are ready for queueing.
  • Photo of vaccarile
    6 months ago
    A must stop after the picture on the platform. It is a well organized store divided by HP houses with everything you may dream of. Nothing is cheap, at the end budget in excess of GBP 100.
  • Photo of BradleySR73
    6 months ago
    Either line up for the photo or line up to enter the store. Always busy but worth a visit. The staff are helpful and the merchandise is of a good quality. Do be prepared to spend a lot if your children love HP.
  • Photo of Misslouboutin19
    6 months ago
    From the trolley outside where you can get your picture taking at platform 9 3/4 although be prepared to que. The shop is quite big and spacious and u literally can't go in without buying something. Chocolate frogs, Wands, pens, hoodies, postcards, door mats, tshirts, books, games sells pretty much everything Harry Potter.
  • Photo of Sabina i
    6 months ago
    Visited London last December,the whole trip was about Harry Potter,my daughter is a huge fan,the store was nice,the people who work there,registered on their website for updates,and today i wanted to order Back to School few notebooks and etc,but i got EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED to discover that the country where i live do not have any shipping choices.i already sent an email to their customer service,hope they will be able to provide some solution,and my biggest HOPE is that the store will embrace the level of acceptance shown in the HP books and movies we love and not continue to exclude certain countries from their shipping destinations. I will not lower the rating,cause the store is nice,and as i said before the team was really lovely.
  • Photo of AJDaniel
    6 months ago
    Be prepared to have people in your way and up close. This shop has amazing artifacts and treasures from the world of Harry Potter, and some great prices, but it is a small shop and expect it to be busy with lots of Potter-philes!
  • Photo of JSfromDC
    6 months ago
    And unexpected surprise to our London trip, was a visit to the Kings Cross station and platform 9 3/4. Well worth a visit!
  • Photo of Clifford W
    6 months ago
    This place is a must to visit for Harry Potter fans. The place is really crowded due to popularity and they have a lot of merchandise to offer fans. The staff is really friendly and helpful.

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