Photo of Fryer's Delight in London, , GB
Photo of Fryer's Delight in London, , GB
Photo of Fryer's Delight in London, , GB
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Fryer's Delight

Fast Food Restaurant

Fryer's Delight13.5
fish and chips • british museum • formica tables • chip shop

Holborn 19 Theobalds Road
London WC1X 8SL, GB
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  • Photo of Jonathan Darby
    3 years ago
    An old school chipper, they just do the basics here but they do them proper.
  • Photo of Sue S
    3 months ago
    Highly recommend 👍🏼Have been going here since I was a child and recently went back during a trip to London. Best fish n chips in London.
  • Photo of YubaPrincess
    4 months ago
    Take away prices for cod (4.90gbp) and plaice (4.70gbp) make this place the most inexpensive source of freshly sourced and fried fish & chips. The batter is a wee bit salty, but I think this is part of the draw. The gentlemen behind the counter are very kind too, and efficient. Recommendable.
  • Photo of EdgarKail
    5 months ago
    I agreed to meet a mate here for Friday lunch and wasn't expecting much. A quick Google as I searched for directions revealed the Fryer's Delight in Holborn is a bit famous (it has a Wikipedia page, no less). I can see why it has a cult reputation. It's a delightfully old-fashioned chippy complete with formica tables and a no-nonsense menu. I was also charmed by the slightly camp bowler-hatted cod depicted on the sign outside the door. My friend says sometimes it's too busy to get a table, but we found ourselves a couple of benches without any trouble. The chips were very good, neither too soggy and bloated nor too crunchy. I have subsequently read they fry their chips in beef dripping rather than vegetable oil, which may explain the tastiness (being no expert, I can only speculate on the methodology of the chip chef). The fish was also very tasty. Altogether I think my food came to just over 7 pounds, which was very reasonable considering the size of the portion and the demoralising prices of other central London options. I hope to make this place a more regular Friday lunch time treat.
  • Photo of septemberfalls
    5 months ago
    This place is really good at doing the classic British fish 'n' chips. The service is good, fast, an unfussy. The mushy peas are done well, the chips are well and truly chipped, i.e. wedges and crispy. The fish is generously portioned. Would definitely go back!
  • Photo of WookieK
    6 months ago
    Based on the TA reviews I went for dinner one night; it was close to my hotel and I felt like something simple. Fish and chips, I thought would fit the bill. It was good. Portions were significant. The food tasted good. The price was reasonable. It's small and there are a few tables (booths) to sit. But they were clean. Service was ok as well. My only complaint was that the tea was luke warm. I'll go back, but now I know what I am in for. It was good, but "the best fish and chips ever in the whole universe, since the beginning of time", type hype? Nah, not really.
  • Photo of GraceKawashima
    6 months ago
    This is the typical, ideal place where I need in London. Whenever I miss my home, family, and friends on abroad, fine meal and this kind of local restaurant helps me. 1960's familiar decoration, cute fish character painted on menu bord on th wall, bottles of salt·pepper·vinegar on red formica table, smell of tallow, variety cans of cold drink (Beer, Ginger Beer, Shandy, Coke and milk…). Local customers taking out bag in the night, as same as I do in my hometown. It has some peaceful atmosphere, hospitality maybe, of local old establishment. Meal was fine. Surface of the fish was crispy, inside was soft, juicy and yummy ! Marvelous experience.
  • Photo of ecwlin
    8 months ago
    Great fish and chips. Good fresh fish, good portion and great fries. And very reasonable price Probably best I had in London so far. Also good selection of different types of fish.
  • Photo of Lesley J
    a year ago
    Great big portions, chips cooked in dripping, freshly cooked haddock, doorstop bread and butter with builders tea. Perfect traditional chippy - comfort food at the end of a long day
  • Photo of Gary D
    a year ago
    it doesn't look much from the outside, but inside it's clean and very much 1960's style - and this is a good thing as far as I'm concerned - it makes a welcome change from the industrial chic prevalent these days. So I had a sit in fish chips and mushy peas with a mug of tea. Each one of the elements was very good. The fish was an ample portion battered and cooked to order. The mushy peas were just the right degree of mushiness but perhaps a tad too little sugar. The chips were all killer no filler (a homage to Sum 41) - no straggly bits. Even the cup of tea was a proper cup of tea. Service friendly and efficient. I don't relate to the recent negative views. £9.50 for the lot - is that good value - it's up to you to judge. The only slight issue might be if you are or the tubby persuasion (like me) you may find it a tight fit sitting as the benches are fixed.
  • Photo of yasge
    a year ago
    where we stay in hotel we asked to reception staff for local and english cousine they recommend this old fish and chips shop they said its been here long was first my time i tried fish this style it was diffrent .most of the our group member didnt like it in turkey we got usrd to fry fish without butter it was nice for fist time but i couldnt eat all the time thanks for staff for puttin up with us
  • Photo of megan614
    a year ago
    We've been going to this local chippie for the past ten years. Frankly it's pretty shabby and I wouldn't 'eat in' by choice. The cod isn't anything special either. However, the chips have always been great, and a large takeaway bag costs only £2: excellent value, especially by London standards,
  • Photo of zactudor
    a year ago
    used to work in the area and used to eat here regularly. Very disappointed with sausage in batter and chips last night! Chips were fine but the batter on the sausages was chewy and almost inedible. It;s good that it has an eat in facility but the fixed seats at the tables are a tight squeeze for anyone who s not very skinny and the decor is very dated and shabby. It delights in advertising itself as serving the best fish and chips in London. It does not!! Prices are very reasonable Not sure if the batter was bad just this once or if that is how they now serve it there . If the latter then keep well away or just order chips!
  • Photo of debsk9
    a year ago
    Much needed food after spending day at hospital with our son. Great service, piping hot freshly cooked fish and chips. I had haddock and my husband had cod with two cups of tea £17.10p. So good we are going back.
  • Photo of lady55
    a year ago
    the warning signs were there no customers, tumble weed and shifty moves by the fryer hiding the fact that he's was blending old chips with new takeaway portions which upon opening were sweaty and an aroma of old oil £6 on chips that the bin would have returned had it the mechanism lesson learned we'll not return not hard to throw a few fresh chipped spuds and cook em as customers come but too much to ask today
  • Photo of oliver724
    a year ago
    The atmosphere has remained unchanged for many years. Small & unpretentious, the service is good in a straight-forward & friendly way. The food is very tasty, a distinctive chip flavour from beef dripping - & invariably a wide selection of fish. Good choice of extras & good coffee ! The decor is not retro, it's real !
  • Photo of Lucy I
    a year ago
    As a Northerner, I have high expectations for fish and chips: the chips should be piping hot, and mainly soft, with crispy edges and ends, and the fish should be firm, very white and a proper size, never mealy. Also, chips shops should never be combined with any other sort of takeaway. The Fryer's Delight conforms to all these criteria, and it's also reassuringly old-fashioned, with formica tables and dated fittings, but very clean. Service is fast and friendly enough, and prices offer good value. Are there better fish and chip shops out there? Yes. Are there any better ones in the local area? Definitely not.
  • Photo of jeremy p
    a year ago
    Thought I'd pop in for saveloy and chip's whilst in Holborn but wished I hadn't. The chips were nice and crunchy but had a strange after taste. Think it was the oil that they were cooked in but it wasn't pleasant and I threw about half of them away. The saveloy was ok but again not great . Unlikely I'll be visiting again.
  • Photo of Overresearched
    a year ago
    This is not a place with a theme or trying to appeal to tourists. Local people eat here. And, since it's small and doesn't have that many tables you'll meet them. I sat with an actor from the North of England who believed that Fryer's Delight was the only London chippie that was as good as the ones he grew up with. My opinion is if you order the cod, it certainly matches any of the top chippies. It's a half mile from the British Museum if you're looking for a lunch spot.
  • Photo of Tyun F
    2 years ago
    This place seems very local. I ordered the code fish and chips. It took a while to come out and really wasn't that good.
  • Photo of susanA1603AJ
    2 years ago
    We went there to have some afternoon snacks. We ordered chips and fish. Fish was quite good. I loved it. Chips could be better as I like more crispy ones. Overall It wasn't bad.

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