Photo of Freud Cafe London in London, , GB
Photo of Freud Cafe London in London, , GB
Photo of Freud Cafe London in London, , GB
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Freud Cafe London


Freud Cafe London34
apple pie • cocktail bar • great cocktails • shaftesbury avenue

198 Shaftesbury Avenue
London WC2H 8JL, GB
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Freud Cafe London has 23 Tips

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  • Photo of Jon Marsh
    3 years ago
    Great basement cocktail bar
  • Photo of Heather Winsor
    3 years ago
    Drinks with friends
  • Photo of Samantha Myers
    3 years ago
    2 drink max
  • Photo of kouklina
    4 months ago
    This is one hell of a hidden gem in downtown London, a friend took us there and we couldn't believe it! Would have never imagined what amazing cocktails you can have just by venturing down those stairs!
  • Photo of Tim P
    5 months ago
    A lovely place to know about, downstairs is a hidden gem of a bar that makes proper cocktails. Service can seem slow but that because a good cocktail takes time when made properly. If you like unusual bars then this is the bar for you .
  • Photo of Ieva R
    5 months ago
    This is what a cocktail bar should be like - with something for everybody. It's an experience and I want to keep going back just because I can't wait try try so many of their menu items! It's hidden and easy to miss, but well worth a visit. The interior is pretty basic but music is good and cocktails are even better so not much more to ask for!
  • Photo of Jason A
    7 months ago
    Was visiting friends in London over Bank holiday a few weeks ago. Stumbled upon this place while walking around. We absolutely loved it. Wasn't all that busy since it was later in the evening on that Bank holiday monday, so we had no problem finding a seat. Drinks were AMAZING, and reasonably priced. Bartender even made us her own "shot" that was supposed to get us going hahaha. Boy did it ever. Atmosphere is nothing like I've experience in England. Looking forward to stopping in on my next trip over in November.
  • Photo of Stacey K
    7 months ago
    Down a very rickety flight of metal stairs it can be easily missed but trust me it's worth the hunt. A great range of cocktails and fantastic staff that are happy to 'create' a cocktail to your liking. It's pretty small with concrete walls, nothing fancy here but the cocktails
  • Photo of Hunners1
    8 months ago
    A New York style basement bar with stripped back decor and large array of cocktails. Decent house music played while we were there, though suspect they play quite a range of music. Well made and priced cocktails. Would recommend.
  • Photo of AnselmColom
    9 months ago
    I've been here loads of times but first since I've started reviewing on TripAdvisor. This place is so unpretentious! Don't coke if your dresses up. Don't come if you want a table guaranteed. Don't come if you don't like loud dance music, low lighting or queuing for a while for your cocktail. Do come if your just happy to drink fantastic cocktails in a rather basic basement bar full of character and liveliness. This time round we both got through 4 cocktails each. They work out around £8 each. The measures are generous. No need to tip. Be patient. Enjoy and have a good time. Leave quickly if this is not your cup of tea or the way you like your Mojitos!
  • Photo of Andy W
    9 months ago
    Went on a recommendation. Well worth it. Great cocktail list and very unpretentious. Not like any other bar in London.
  • Photo of RSofia17
    10 months ago
    When I arrived there, I straight away thought that it was closed as it was all dark outside and the lights were out too but you can see sort of a banner pointing down. Once you get downstairs it is pretty cool, no windows tho. I guess if you are fine with it you will have a good time. There are over 30 cocktail recipes and the guys behind the counter seem to know exactly what they are doing. We arrived quite early (4pm) so there was plenty of room by then however the later it got it turned out to be busy busy. There is some music playing the entire time (more commercial and R&B) so the vibe is quite modern. Worth a visit!
  • Photo of phaedra o
    10 months ago
    We learned about Freud from a local friend, we would have never noticed the entrance ourselves. Just look for the steel staircase that goes underground. Love the place and it's vibe! Cocktails are very good but it may take some time to order them at the bar when there is a big crowd.
  • Photo of Drink_Eat_Do
    a year ago
    Freud's could so easily be missed if you don't know where to look as it's actually accessed down a fire escape stairwell located just off Shaftesbury Avenue. I've been drinking at Freud's for years and it hasn't changed a bit. Still as popular a place with locals as ever. And as for its longevity in London, well that just demonstrates how great a bar it truly is. Cocktails are the order of the day here - they're written up on a vast chalkboard behind the bar - specs might be required if like me your eyesight isn't 100% - and the choice is vast to say the least! You'll change your mind several times as you read through all the options on offer. There's so many good ones so stay a while and sample a few. There's some classics alongside some Freud originals you won't find elsewhere - these are what i'd recommend to try something unique and different. The place isn't expansive and it often gets busy so don't be surprised if you're squeezing up next to a stranger, taking refuge at the end of the bar, or sharing a table. It's all part of the charm. It's all concrete walls and low lit lighting, so it's nothing to shout about decoration wise but I like the plainness of it personally. Means they can concentrate on what they do best - creating the most perfect tasting cocktails that won't disappoint.
  • Photo of suemack2017
    a year ago
    Visiting london for a friends 40th and wanted to fill 90 minutes before our matinee theatre visit. Fancied cocktail making but most bars only offer this in the evening and the ones that offered a lunchtime session were fully booked ( and also require min 6 people). I emailed Freud bar, as they were perfectly located for all the theatres on shaftesbury avenue, to ask whether they ran cocktail classes and if not whether they would consider it. Well if you don't ask ! Catherine the Head of Operations dealt with my enquiry and she was fabulous ! She asked what her we had any favourite cocktails / spirits and then suggested 3 cocktails for our class and a bottle of prosecco on arrival (which was a great idea as meant we could have a drink whilst the first cocktails were being prepared.) I paid a deposit and nearer the date catherine contacted me to to let me know who our " mixologists" would be. On arrival we were surprised, but pleased, that the bar was closed to the public for our function. We descended the iron stairs and entered the concrete walled & floored, industrial style bar where we were met by our extremley friendly hosts pierro & elliot. Their knowledge & passion for cocktails was obvious as they proceded to show us how to make the cocktails ...all generous measures...all top quality ingredients . We then got chance to try them all and each make ( and drink) our own ...the guys were really flexible allowing us to change spirts to taste and suggested mocktails for ones wanting to take it slower ! If you want glitz & glam and designer hand wash in the ladies then don't visit this bar ( everywhere was clean but the toilets are very basic with a few tiles missing) . However if you are wanting excellent customer service, passionate, friendly, enthusiastic staff and great cocktails then I can recommend you pay feud bar a visit.
  • Photo of WfyKt
    a year ago
    We had been visiting the Museum and Forbidden Planet and we're looking for a place to step out of the drizzle. The Freud had just opened for the day so we popped down to grab a drink. Dive bar would be an accurate description though we like a good hole in the wall joint. The staff were busy training a new bar tender but got our order right away. For £8.5 I expected better, we got a Lynchburg Lemonade that was not at all mixed and quite watery. Before we left I made a quick stop in the loo which was run down to the point of being unsanitary, panelling pulled from the wall to expose piping and just left there rather than being replaced, the tp roll on the floor. Probably wouldn't recommend to anyone but Uni kids and even then it's priced too high for that crowd.
  • Photo of Lawrie S
    a year ago
    So crowded later you have to fight your way to the bar, and an earnest thirsty look will get you served quicker! A group of us dropped in and sampled the cocktails. I have to say they are made somewhat rough and readily, without straw tasting by the bartender to ensure quality so you have to enjoy the vibe and atmosphere. Some cocktails are nicer than others, I liked the standard negroni and the aperol spritz was refreshing. There is a massive cocktail list which makes deciding an adventure.
  • Photo of theashomalley
    a year ago
    A must try that is hidden underground. Wide range of cocktails that would suit all tastes. The music was a bit loud though so not the place for a quiet drink.
  • Photo of Adam B
    a year ago
    They do some nice cocktails here however for the price I wouldn't say they were the most well presented. We managed to get a table, I think we were lucky! It's a cool hidden gem but none of the staff really appear to want to talk to you. Trying to make conversation and I was left feeling a little awkward.
  • Photo of Yannis S
    a year ago
    Me and my mate went there for a quick drink before heading back home after a great night in London! As soon as we walked in and tried to order drinks one of the bartenders who was wearing a cap (looked more like going for skating to me rather than working in a bar) was being rude straight away and asked us to move away from the bar area (which was empty by the way) cause apparently he had no space to serve other customers! We didn't finish our drinks and we decided to live! Worst thing? Both of the bar tenders turned their backs to us and started talking about us! Being a bartender myself and my mate we thought this was the worst service ever! Never going back and we don't recommend it for sure!!
  • Photo of Theminimg
    a year ago
    Spent a few hours at the Freud cafe after hearing about it from friends. Great edgy bar with very reasonably priced cocktails. Open late. Slow ish service and don't expect to sit down, but definitely worth a visit.
  • Photo of Nibbsy92
    a year ago
    Went with some family on Friday night, but found myself unimpressed with the cocktails. I have worked in bars before and have an interest in cocktails (though I'm far from a pro), so when I fork out extra money in London for one I do expect a level of quality. I ordered a Bramble (blackberry cocktail of gin, lemon, sugar and creams de mure (blackberry liqueur)) as a seasonal cocktail. However I received a lemon drink from the inexperienced bartender, who was referencing a guide behind the bar. I have absolutely no issue with a new bartender having to reference a guide, but if they're doing it they should be getting the measurements right and it was far from it. Additionally, my sister ordered a cocktail that was served in the pint glass it had been shaken in, which I regard as quite lazy. It gets 2 rather than 1 star as they had peroni double malt behind the bar, and ultimately in London they could have been more expensive - if they were I probably would have had to say something.
  • Photo of Daniel C
    a year ago
    This was a great little hidden gem that we found on our way to The Craft Beer Co., you enter from a staircase leading from the street above and you end up in a little bar in a basement - if you can't see the sign, the loud music gives it away! It was quite busy and had a good atmosphere. My girlfriend and I could only afford some bottled beers with our spare change as it's a cash only bar and we were relying on card for the night. Unable to comment on the food / snacks they offer.

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