Photo of Duke of Wellington Square in London, , GB
Photo of Duke of Wellington Square in London, , GB
Photo of Duke of Wellington Square in London, , GB
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Duke of Wellington Square


apsley house • hyde park corner • english heritage • buckingham palace

51 Duke Of Wellington Ave.
London S E18, GB
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  • Photo of MrsBsTravels
    6 months ago
    Didn't know you could go in here - I've always just been past on the bus and admired the outside + the awesome bronze on top. Amazingly, being a tourist this recent visit has meant we went to discover these little places we ignored before. Enjoyed going inside and learning about Waterloo. Thank you English Heritage for another great restoration.
  • Photo of Ljubica B
    6 months ago
    Living in England for 11 years and I never took the decision to visit this place, I'm glad I did. Lots of history, beautiful views from the top of the arch that used to be the gates of the old city Of London if you buy a ticket for the arch you can use it to see the Apsley house , ones upon time, the residence of the Duke of Wellington just across the road.
  • Photo of Lynda S
    6 months ago
    Beautiful place to visit, the views are amazing, and this Wellington victory sculptures are so beautiful close up, never noticed that a boy was in the middle... very good point to a staff member called Clive, very helpful and knowledgeable, thanks, will be back...
  • Photo of anneandtrevor
    6 months ago
    We hadn't previously realised that the Arch was open to the public. Visited last week and must have spent an hour and half looking over the excellent exhibition/museum. Also had an excellent view of the Horse Guards on their way to Buck Palace at 10.50. The statues on the island were also well worth a look. We're telling everybody to visit .
  • Photo of Jan P
    7 months ago
    We were out for a morning run from Green Park and Wellington Arch was basically our archway to Hyde Park. It stands near a busy roundabout but worth the time to stop for a visit. For a small fee you can actually go inside the arch and up the stairs to a small museum inside with plenty of history about the Duke of Wellington. On a clear day, it's worth taking a walk out on the balcony at the top for nice views of the park. Even though most people take a picture or two with the arch in the background (as we did on that particular jog), the inside is worth a visit if you have about 30 minutes to spare.
  • Photo of Richard B
    7 months ago
    Visited as part of a day out in London. The display in the gallery is interesting and informative and it was a good day to stand on the viewing platforms and watch London pass around you. We were lucky to have a clear sunny day although the wind was chilly. We spent about 50 minutes at the arch before moving on.
  • Photo of Sandygranny
    7 months ago
    Wellington Arch was built as a victory arch proclaiming Wellington’s defeat of Napoleon. It is in the middle of a busy roundabout opposite Apsley House where the Duke of Wellington lived. I did not realise that you can actually go inside. There are sixty-four stairs to climb to reach the top but there is a lift for people with walking difficulties, which takes you up to a tiny museum and two balconies below the bronze sculpture. There was plenty of information about the war with Napoleon and at one time the Arch was the smallest police station in London. When we reached the top, we had some fairly good views of the park but nothing spectacular. The Queen’s Household Cavalry just happened to be passing through at that time and it was lovely to see them in their pristine uniforms.
  • Photo of Jane G
    7 months ago
    We have worked in London for donkey's years and never once visited this monument - so with a day off work we went for an explore around bits we hadn't done before. Think of it as educational. Anyway it was really good - and learnt loads about Wellington and particularly about Waterloo. Did you know France had to pay us a fortune in redress after the war? And that Wellington was awarded a fortune from a grateful country? And the view from the arch is really great down constitution hill and over buck palace gardens (which are nearly as large as Green Park - go figure!)
  • Photo of Stephen H
    7 months ago
    Imperial monument in the heart of London. Great place to chill out on a sunny day and take in all the history this place represents.
  • Photo of streakey
    7 months ago
    The view of this from afar is magnificent and you can take some great photographs from many differing angles showing so many aspects under all the lighting conditions The top can be reached as it is open to the public
  • Photo of Davey308
    8 months ago
    Visited the Wellington Arch on a windy February day. I'd intended to combine it with a visit to Apsley House just across the road but it is closed until April for renovation. There are around 100 steps to the top or a lift. There are small exhibitions on each floor, interesting facts about the history of the arch and why it was built. It was moved in the 1960s to create the roundabout at one of the busiest junctions in the capital. It also once housed the smallest police station in London!
  • Photo of Nick S
    8 months ago
    Seek this venue out. It was by pure chance I found out you could go round it. There are many reasons to visit. Firstly, for the great views. I was there to witness the mounted cavalry escorted by Police horses come up Constitution Hill and trot through the arch. Secondly, if history is your thing then there is a great exhibition on the Duke of Wellington and the battle of Waterloo. Thirdly, there is the history of the arch and be amazed at the engineering skills of the Victorians. All done without computers and modern technology. Fourthly, to my amazement found out it was a Police post in the early 20th century where in fact the Officers lived and worked. And now this is the best bit. The guide on hand was a chap called Clive. Seek him out. You probably won't have to because he will engage you first. His knowledge of this arch and many others worldwide is extensive. If you have a history interest in the Police he will produce a folder of photographs of what life was like then. From things like there was an air raid siren mounted on the Arch during World War 2 to duties when a Royal passed through. Clive's enthusiasm knows no bounds. He is brilliant. Maybe worth a phone call before you go to make sure he is working that day. This is one of those sites that is not so well known such as The Tower of London. But, it is something special.
  • Photo of TheOExpress
    8 months ago
    This is a gloriously grand monument to that is sorely under visited due to its location: what must surely be the UK's most striking roundabout! Maybe that's a blessing though, as if you do choose to visit you will more than likely have it all to yourself.
  • Photo of Laura B
    8 months ago
    Went in on a whim as I had no idea you could go inside. Its a tiny museum run by English Heritage - luckily I am a member so it was free otherwise its £5.40. There are 2 and half floors of exhibits and then you can go outside and view London from the top which is stunning. There are little guides either side to show you what the landmarks are . The history of the monument is interesting and it tells you about the wars that Wellington fought in. Also the history of the building when it was a police station.
  • Photo of Michelle_Guy_100
    8 months ago
    This arch is located near Hyde Park and Green Park so you can tick this item easily off your list of things to see when in London. It is also free which is great, like many of the attractions in this area! Planned in 1825 to commemorate Britain's victory in the Napoleonic Wars, this arch is not only rich in history but beautiful. A must see when in London!
  • Photo of Helen C
    8 months ago
    We climbed the stairs but had a disappointing view - really wasn't the lookout I thought it could be we just saw roads and lots of tree tops and could just work out the top of the London eye and the shard in the distance but really not a view you could write home about. Maybe the weather let us down as it was cloudy and snowy. The information was concise and interesting and included videos.
  • Photo of badmintontim
    9 months ago
    This is a wonderful Arch that if one looks up close one will see the great designs that have been made in such detail One can even go inside and up to the top of the Arch which gives a great view - an EH membership will give entry here should you have this
  • Photo of Nicholas P
    9 months ago
    We passed through quickly when we were heading to Hyde Park. It is a nice arch and very easy to see and get to. It is not an essential sight but if you are entering the park from the Hyde Park Corner Tube entrance than it is easy to see.
  • Photo of Teachgz
    9 months ago
    The arch is impressive even from a distance. It was originally built as an entrance to the Buckingham Palace; however its claim to fame is the proclamation of Napoleon's defeat. Besides being an impressive architectural structure, it also displays the beautiful sculpture the Angel of Peace. We were not able to visit the top because we were told reservations were sold out for the day. Despite this we thoroughly enjoyed the walk from Buckingham Palace to the arch. The Wellington Arch is one of the attractions included in the London Pass and saves you a little over 5 GBPs.
  • Photo of Runragged2
    9 months ago
    Situated inside the monument is an exhibition showing the history of the arch and the Battle of Waterloo. The view from the top is well worth the climb. We used our English Heritage membership.

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