Photo of Drink Shop & Do in London, , GB
Photo of Drink Shop & Do in London, , GB
Photo of Drink Shop & Do in London, , GB
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brunch • cakes • unlimited prosecco • quiche

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  • Photo of Caroline Arbuthnot
    Eat cake
  • Photo of F S
    2 years ago
    Not always something going on, and a bit self-involved, but nice atmosphere, great tea and good eventa
  • Photo of CookandEAT191
    4 months ago
    Great place for tea. Pasta and cake. The have games and hen cnites. It's a nice place to hang out if you want to stay sober for a few hours.
  • Photo of Nicola E
    4 months ago
    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone at Drink Shop Do for a fab hen do & bottomless brunch. Everyone had a great time and absolutely loved their flower hair bands. The bottomless brunch was fab and no glass was ever empty! The Do was great for everyone even those with no crafty skills and the end results were fantastic and definitely got some looks when we left wearing them haha. With such a big group of us (20ish) I was worried there would be some hard to please characters but you catered for us all and the back room was ideal for a big group also. Would totally recommend Drink Shop Do's hen package and the decorations to anyone looking to book a fun hen for all ages!
  • Photo of Katy2323
    5 months ago
    We were so surprised to find somewhere that served bottomless brunch for 2 hours for only £25! We were also very pleasantly surprised with how good the bagels were. You are able to order unlimited bagels (one at a time) and your prosecco glass is topped up frequently within the 2 hour time slot. I would 100% recommend this for a fun brunch with friends. We will definitely be returning... thank you :)
  • Photo of Alex N
    5 months ago
    My maid of honour had excitedly arranged my hen do at Drink, Shop & Do for me, knowing that I love an afternoon tea and doing some crafty bits. It was okay but we were disappointed about several aspects. First, they had crammed far too many people in. It was far too hot and incredibly loud; there must have been 5 or 6 other large parties in there at the same time all doing the same thing, plus more in the basement. The tables weren't really big enough and the noise really was astounding. We had to shout to make ourselves heard to each other which was a shame. None of the parties was particularly loud, it was the acoustic of the building. Cutting down the number of parties taken at one time would really help, as then every party would have a decent amount of space instead of being squashed together, and the sole waitress on staff would have a better chance of getting round everybody! The activity was okay, but due to the noise level the lady leading it wasn't able to get her instructions across properly. We had three 2 minute sessions of shouted instructions and all the materials etc dumped on the (already overcrowded!) table, then left us to our own devices. Not exactly the workshop style class we had envisaged! Because she was dealing with so many parties at one time, the lady often disappeared for quite a long time which meant we had to wait for ages for queries etc to be resolved. Finally, the service was absolutely shocking. The waitress on staff today (who we were later told was new- don't put her in sole charge of a lot of large parties then!!) was just dreadful. We asked for tea, then she turned up with different varieties, so we had to ask again. None of the craft stuff was cleared before she attempted to dump several huge boards of sandwiches down- she just stood there and watched us desperately try and find somewhere to put everything. Honestly, a little organisation wouldn't have gone amiss- it had to be clear to anyone that the tables needed to be cleared before putting anything else down, especially as they weren't big enough to start with! She asked my friend her order for the flavour of bagel, went away then brought her something entirely different. Then brought her a lemonade and spilt it all over her plate with her sandwich on it and didn't apologise or offer a replacement! On the plus side the sandwiches were okay (the ham was EXTREMELY salty to the point of almost being inedible), and the cakes were delicious. We had to ask for cutlery to serve the jam and cream with as apparently this didn't occur to our hapless waitress, and then ask for a refill as there clearly wasn't enough for our party of 12. The organisation of the food delivery could have been better too- a proper cake stand with a selection of sandwiches and cakes on each table would have been better, rather than a massive board containing only one sandwich filling being plonked in the centre of a table and having to try and swap it all round. As an aside, the toilets were also revolting and really need a revamp- I only went once and I saw two women get squashed trying to exit a cubicle as it's directly behind the entrance and you can't see through the check if there's anyone there! Overall it was okay, but I wouldn't recommend it and I won't be returning.
  • Photo of helenlouisericha2017
    We held our friends hen party here for 30 people, we had afternoon tea and made flower crowns. DSD were fantastic and the staff were so friendly. We had a number of dietary requests (GF, Pregnant, vegans!) and they seamlessly catered for everyone. The afternoon tea was delicious! i would definitely recommend DSD for a great afternoon with friends.
  • Photo of Emmaandsamx
    5 months ago
    Had to leave a review to say what a great time we had at Drink Shop Do this weekend! We were in London for my sister’s hen do and booked at DSD for a flower headband Do along with afternoon tea. They were so helpful right from the initial enquiry, payments, and the inevitable changes in time and numbers that happen when organising a big group of people! We got the hen party decorations too and these were fantastic I would definitely recommend. The activity was so much fun, the lady leading it was so helpful and made it lots of fun, and gave extra help to those in our group who weren’t as crafty as the others! Everyone said the experience was better than they were expecting and we had a great laugh along the way. There was a huge array of flowers and colours to choose from so you really could make it your own. Following the activity we had afternoon tea which again surpassed our expectations. We had one vegan, two vegetarians and one with a fish allergy in our group and they were given their own cake stands suited to their requirements, and served incredible alternatives to those without any dietary requirements which we were all happily surprised about. The food was incredible and there was loads so everyone went away full and happy. The hen loved it and the experience was so easy to organise and so much fun on the day. I couldn’t recommend going more and will definitely be back when in London again, thank you! x
  • Photo of michelledT5746ZF
    5 months ago
    I booked Drink, Shop and Do for my friends hen and it suited everyone and everyone loved it, we had bottomless prosecco afternoon tea and also some people were not drinking. The staff we lovely and complementary and couldn't do enough for us. They were not tight with the prosecco which was great and had a range of different teas for the non drinkers. Defiantly pay for the decorations they are not too expensive and look amazing! The afternoon tea catered for people with allergies which was great and it was so yummy! They also gave us boxes to take the rest away. The Do activity we did sash making which was great fun, wished I would have done flower head bands though as another hen party was doing that and they looked great, maybe next time! We stayed for ages and there was no rush to kick us out which was great! I was very impressed with the place and would defiantly go back. I would recommend this for a hen do or friends birthday, great for all ages.
  • Photo of Jessie D
    5 months ago
    We went to Drink Shop & Do for a bottomless brunch on a Sunday morning as a group of 9. We had been out the night before so not everyone was on the bubbly. Drink Shop & Do were very accommodating and frequently topped up both alcoholic and soft drinks. The only thing is coffee is not included in the brunch! The bagels were lovely and very fresh, we were provided with cake stands towered with some of each of the different flavour bagels for us all to try. We had a lovely couple of hours grazing and playing scrabble. I would highly recommend the virgin front garden, a lovely refreshing soft drink. We were able to take home left overs in a box even though it was bottomless!
  • Photo of msajnok
    5 months ago
    We went to Drink Shop & Do for a bottomless brunch. Overall my experience was just amazing. Absolutely delicious bagels (big, lavish, interesting combination of topics). We were constantly attended by a waiter who topped our drinks and took new orders for bagels and bloody marries. I felt so relaxed and luxurious at the same time:)
  • Photo of marenatedaldi
    5 months ago
    I made a reservation for 5 for a Sunday bottomless brunch. Upon arriving, I had a reserved table. The table was built for two people, but they had crammed 5 of us on, where there was hardly enough room for any drinks or plates. We asked to move, and our lovely waitress, Sofi, moved us promptly to a roomy table in the main restaurant room. After about ten minutes, a very rude lady made us move tables again, angry that we switched tables initially. After, we were put in the back of the restaurant in a dark and dingy room, and were not helped to move locations by the woman. I was very displeased that after a confirmed reservation made several days in advance, that it seemed burdensome to find us an adequate table. I am giving this restaurant 2 stars for the amazing service by our waitress Sofi, the bartender Freddy, and the other waiter who often helped us, Yohannes. The food and drinks were also great; however, a restaurant that cannot even properly fulfill reservations is extremely disappointing and unprofessional.
  • Photo of Kailee R
    5 months ago
    We planned and attended my sisters hen do this weekend at Drink Shop & Do, having the prosecco afternoon tea and making fascinators The whole experience from the initial enquiry through the website and phoning, to the end of the event was AMAZING. The staff were so attentive and we were never without a drink or food or someone to take pictures for us while we enjoyed the day - I cannot recommend this venue more for a gorgeous day out. The Fascinator making was so much fun, the venue had so many different types of 'topping' for the piece and kept bringing out new exciting items like sparkles, feathers, much fun! Addiitonally, and hugely important, we had a lady with us with several food allergies and the alternate options she was provided with were excellent, the best I've ever seen in a venue as this is usually where venues fall short, but I was envious of her plates too!! Outstanding service and a lovely idea for a spot in London to visit or book an event in.
  • Photo of rachelrlk
    6 months ago
    Visited as part of a hen do, the bride to be likes craft and we opted for the corsages as we thought they would be easier for us less crafty people. We needn't have worried as there was lots of help from the lovely staff and I was pleased with what I made. We also had the afternoon tea which was delicious- plenty of jam and clotted cream. Love the decor, lots of booze, overall a great venue.
  • Photo of Travelling_foodie198
    I came here with a friend for a Saturday afternoon drink. It's shabby inside and for a single tea it was £3.80.
  • Photo of Luciana T
    7 months ago
    We went for the bottomless brunch, the staff were so lovely and bubbly and really added to the experience. The bagels were yummy and our glasses were constantly topped up, I was very impressed and would 100% return!
  • Photo of Sarah M
    7 months ago
    Went to a bagels, booze and boardgames brunch on a Saturday with a girlfriend. We had a nice time. It's a funky venue and the other events in the evenings look funny and interesting so will potentially go back with friends again. Initially we had to flag down the waitresses a lot to get drinks or order food. Maybe I was just super hungry and thirsty but with a two hour bottomless brunch sesh there is a sense of urgency to get value for your money so slightly more attentive service would be good. However the girls working there were lovely, friendly and once we had their attention they were quick to respond. They also didn't kick us out at 12.30 on the dot when our session ended which was nice not to be rushed away. The hens days looked like they were having a lot of fun so going with a big group and doing an activity (like making flower head bands seems popular).
  • Photo of tiffanysianp
    7 months ago
    I'm the maid of honour for my friend and we started her hen party celebrations at Drink Shop and Do. We had afternoon tea and nipple tassel-making activity for 19 people. Great selection for the vegetarians and vegans and gluten-free amongst us and a fabulous collection of cocktails. Staff were friendly. We all had a wonderful time. Aged between 25-65.
  • Photo of Anita R
    7 months ago
    I've been to Drink Shop Do many times over the years for tea and cake, drinks in the evening, craft hen dos, afternoon tea, literary evening, the list goes on and on - and I've always loved it and recommended to others without hesitation. However this was my first visit for well over a year. Friends and I were looking for a venue for afternoon tea near Kings Cross and because of how much I love Drink Shop Do I immediately recommended it and booked. When I called to book I was told that although the full afternoon tea (which is what we really wanted) wasn't available on weekdays, we could order sandwiches, salads and cake and hence effectively make our own 'afternoon tea'. In actual fact when we arrived, although the menu listing sandwiches and salads was on the table, when we went to order we were told none of the sandwiches and salads were available any more (because it was after lunch time and 'everything had gone'. So we could only have tea and cake. A disappointment for those of us who were hungry and had looked forward to something more substantial. Service was also quite slow and offhand. The good thing is that the cakes were tasty, but it was overall a great disappointment from the brilliant experiences I have had in the past. I feel my recommendation let my friends down. We were there from 3.45 until 6.30 and I noticed how empty it still was as we were leaving- in the past, on a weekday evening after work it would be getting busy with people having after work drinks. I think this place is losing its edge.
  • Photo of Alfred L
    7 months ago
    Nice place to come to with friends for some drinks. I came here for a music quiz and drinks. The music was good. The staff are friendly.
  • Photo of Kirstie H
    7 months ago
    We went to Drink Shop Do for the afternoon for my sister's hen do, we had such a brilliant time and could not fault anything. The venue itself is really cool, the staff were so friendly, accommodating and made the experience really enjoyable. The food was also so yummy, I'd highly recommend the bagels and there was plenty of prosecco flowing. We made garters and everyone really enjoyed. It was a fun activity and doable even after a few glasses of bubbles!
  • Photo of Gary S
    7 months ago
    Bit of a makeover since my last trip here (on the eve of my son-in-laws wedding....when we all overdid it). cool spot and room enoigh to jig around after a few late nignt sherberts. I miss tje front of desk shop with crap cards and old stylie sweets. but apart from that all good. Even the bouncer was cool.

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