Photo of Disney Store in London, , GB
Photo of Disney Store in London, , GB
Photo of Disney Store in London, , GB
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  • Photo of Laura D
    5 months ago
    Now I am a full on Disney fan! I return to this store on every visit. The manger helped me choose and perchase the perfect furry friend who they didn't originally have on the shelf. Her attitude was lovely, made full conversation with me and really invested in me as a customer. Which in return I spent a lot of money because of that interaction. Making my Disney trip more special. Every time I shop staff are polite, friendly and more than welcome to help me make up my mind.
  • Photo of 461nicoler
    5 months ago
    This is your typical Disney store. It is NOT a Wonderful World of Disney Store like the ones you would find in Orlando and California. The difference between the two is just being way less impressive and very underwhelming. Disney used to have more WWOD stores (like in NYC) but closed them down and converted the stores into typical Disney stores that are very underwhelming, don't have much merchandise, and do not have many collectables. This store was cute due to the Cinderella's Carriage that was half pumpkin/half carriage and for the small area they had dedicated to Beauty and the Beast. Overall underwhelming and I would not go out of my way to go and see this store. Wait until you can make it to a Wonderful World of Disney those stores are gorgeous and breathtaking.
  • Photo of Felicity M
    5 months ago
    I love coming to Oxford street Disney store the service is always excellent but wanted to give a special shout out to all the staff today who made such a big fuss of our birthday princess. Every cast member noticed her badge and said happy birthday they even sung her a song. We had a bit of a disaster with one of our other planned activities but the guys here gave her such a good start. Thank you all
  • Photo of ShikshaC
    5 months ago
    The place is a small magical world for all Disney fans. You can buy lots of Disney themed items and click photos with some of the items like Beauty and the Beast setup and Cinderella carriage here. The staff is also very cheerful.
  • Photo of Faaaamily
    6 months ago
    Get dragged here by he kids every time we are in London . It is what it is. Of course it is a bit tight on space given the location but it has a nice vibe and the kids love it .
  • Photo of becgomm
    6 months ago
    Great friendly staff could not of done more for us although we came in for 2 princess dresses for my daughters they had no dresses in stock at all in 5-6 so was very disappointed with such a large store not having any stock? Girls loved wondering around looking at all was on display though
  • Photo of DamianLiverpool
    6 months ago
    Great friendly staff Incredibly well presented building, with ever evolving scenes from different films Children's dvd area Two stories of Disney fun Disney magic at its best
  • Photo of CJ M
    6 months ago
    A great store....2 levels. Bigger than your average store. The staff were AMAZING they went out of there way to assist us. Help find my daughter a tsum tsum. There is a large replica of Cinderella 's pumpkin downstairs that you can take pictures in. I'd love it. A real FUN time for both of us. Have to come back next time in London.
  • Photo of bolt-ya-rocket
    7 months ago
    Every time we come to London we end up in this shop, on the pretence to take my little one but I think it's mostly for my wife's benefit! Has a big Cinderella carriage you can get your pic taken, and obviously loads of Disney stuff. Only spent 50 pounds this time round!
  • Photo of Sara D
    8 months ago
    As soon as you walk through the doors you are welcomed politely , the store is clean and well lite and all the staff were very helpful when I asked for certain items that I wanted . going to the lower level of the store it had a Cinderella carriage for the customers to have their photo taken in it and you can upload them to social media which was a very nice touch for the children what's nice about this Disney store is it has merchandise for everyone not just children.
  • Photo of Emily H
    8 months ago
    On our holiday- how could we not stop at the Disney store! Such a great store! easy to find as well! two story building, FULL of toys, merch, and gifts for ALL ages. I find with a lot of Disney stores, they only stock things for younger children and not adults... not the case here! I was able to buy a lot of things I wanted, as well as some 'London' themed goods too... must for any Disney fan
  • Photo of FayD87
    9 months ago
    Fantastic experience!! Walt is definitely smiling down on the wonderful cast members working today (30/5/17 approx. 1pm) You all made a little prince and princess feel very special. Wonderful attentive cast members with al lthe charm of Disney really make this place something special for kids and big kids a like!! :-) Fantastic Disney experience with perfect scenes and props - the amazing golden/pumpkin Cinderella was a favourite with our little princess as well as the 'snow' window from beauty and the beast and our prince sat and watched Disney classics in the 'film' area for ages. A shopping experience like no other. An escape from the main street where dreams come true.
  • Photo of streakey
    9 months ago
    Great for kids and adults alike. You need a fat wallet in here sure you will be tempted with something. Always busy but staff are happy to help you find what you need
  • Photo of Joy M
    9 months ago
    I was hoping to purchase some London Tsum Tsum toys for my granddaughters. I checked around and couldn't find them. When I questioned the cast member, I was dismissively told they were sold out. She did not offer to order any for me and she seemed more interested in discussing some issue with a staff member
  • Photo of Rebecca H
    10 months ago
    Was on a day trip in London and as I love Disney I knew I had to visit this one. Had seen previous photos of the interior so was really excited. The store is beautiful and the Beauty and the Beast display downstairs was beautiful. Hardly any different stock to what you can get at a local Disney store (maybe a few more collectibles like pictures and snow globes); the store had lots of space so easy to look around. Did leave with a plush Abu :)
  • Photo of badmintontim
    a year ago
    This is such a great shop for anyone who is into Disney as a brand and a lover of the films and characters that they have An extensive stock and staff who are passionate and professional in their jobs as well as knowing so much about the brand itself Can be slightly expensive for some things though
  • Photo of b0o0o80o0bs
    a year ago
    This shoppe is jolly old England to a "tea"! They have Mixky Mouse wearing English clothes like a typical UK person! LOL LOL!!!! So clever and fun.. Shoppes like this one really add coloUr and fun to a city. I wish there was more culture like this in London. Some of London is so boring and doesn't have DISNEY fun! God bless America and GOD save the queen!!!!
  • Photo of cprice435
    a year ago
    Must visit! Best shop in the world and you will not get disappointed. There are things for boys and girls and at least 10 different products for each Disney film; it also has pixar.
  • Photo of MrsBsTravels
    a year ago
    Stacked full of everything Disney. We always go and browse in here - so much to see. Son loves the huge range of Star Wars. Prices are all RRP as expected, but the 2 floors in the store give so much to enjoy.
  • Photo of Turtlestash
    a year ago
    As a huge Disney fan this was already on my visit list, but it should be on everyones! It's a fantastic store, not difficult to get to (Tube to Oxford Street) and you can easily spend hours in there. It was incredibly busy when we visited and staff said it's like this the majority of the time. Still managed to get photos in the incredible Cinderella Carriage and spend far too much money here! Didn't see any lifts or accessibility areas here though, so just the stairs...?

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