Photo of Bloomsbury Square in London, , GB
Photo of Bloomsbury Square in London, , GB
Photo of Bloomsbury Square in London, , GB
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Bloomsbury Square

Monument / Landmark

charles james • southampton row • nice statue • bronze statue

London Wc1
London, GB
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  • Photo of Colin E
    4 months ago
    One side of the square is bordered by A40, a very busy noisy road, so it is not a peaceful location. In the gardens when I was visiting was tens of pigeons taking a rest, several had their heads tucked in under their wings. Bloomsbury Square Gardens is crying out for a statue bang in the middle. Currently it is a place for people to lay on the grass or to rest on the seats when the weather permits it but it has little appeal for tourists.
  • Photo of Jen_Andy_Lawson
    4 months ago
    A pleasant place to visit when working in the area, tends to be quieter than the madness of the surrounding streets and the Holborn tube station!
  • Photo of shane s
    5 months ago
    We were parked directly underneath in the secure car park so had a little wander around Bloomsbury Square.The park was extremely quiet compared to others.There is a play area for under 6s and some nice green areas however the park is extremely small......a good picnic area perhaps and somewhere to escape......visited August 24th 2017
  • Photo of Paulos_C_23
    5 months ago
    Very small park, it as well kept as other in Central London. Has some lovely Georgian Style buildings facing the park and the roads surrounding are very quiet. Very close to The British Museum.
  • Photo of Gunnar G
    5 months ago
    This square have only limited traffic. The surrounding buildings are in the same classic style. The park in the middle is small.
  • Photo of Dr_Waugh
    6 months ago
    I walked through here this morning, I stopped a while to find out a little more about the imposing Victoria House and the square. It's all part of the Bedford estate. A nice little green sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle. It'd be a great picnic spot after visiting the British Museum.
  • Photo of nellielim
    8 months ago
    This garden square is London's oldest square being created in 1665 by Lord Southhampton as the plazza to his mansion. It is surrounded by historic Georgian terraces with a lovely garden in the centre. A quiet place to escape from the bustle of the street.
  • Photo of travellah2
    8 months ago
    This beckoned to me as I sallied forth towards the British Museum, enough so that I totally disregarded my initial route and instead spent some lovely moments soaking up the peace and beauty this square provides. A memorable and glorious moment in London
  • Photo of WorldTravelOne
    8 months ago
    This is a nice little park, much smaller than the Russell Square Park that is only a couple of minutes away. There is not a lot of variety in planting or layout of the park.
  • Photo of Sweden33
    8 months ago
    Get a quiet moment and a nice sitdown away from busy street, but not so much to see. Visit at easter holiday 2017
  • Photo of shebelongs
    9 months ago
    Trees, grass, park benches and a small children's play area. Perfect for a breather after a busy visit to the British Museum
  • Photo of Nicholas H
    10 months ago
    Passed through here heading to Holborn. Another of the many lovely gardens in and around Bloomsbury and Fitzrovia. Quite a small area but in a way the fascination is in the buildings surrounding it. An array of different styles, each one as interesting as the next. Lovely touches with the display boards, with text by local school children, including one explaining the tiny Physic Garden. Unusually for Central London garden squares, there's a kids playground. Slightly oddly, the gardens are above a large underground car park. Worth seeing this square, especially in the Spring and Summer, but at any time to pause amid the bustle of London life.
  • Photo of Matt J
    a year ago
    This is just another of the small green spaces dotted around London. The day we visited was a cold damp day, but when the weather shines it will be perfect for a quick sandwich, long picnic or just an oasis to escape the city pretending you are somewhere else.
  • Photo of OZS969
    a year ago
    This is a very peaceful garden with nice building by the sides. Take a walk from the British Museum to this direction. Lovely!
  • Photo of TravelReviewer1983
    Bloomsbury Square is a lovely place to have a peaceful moment in this hectic city. You've got a nice statue, beautiful trees, and some squirrels to keep you company. There is also an underground car park for those who want to drive into this area.
  • Photo of JustMe6810
    a year ago
    Bloomsbury Square is a smallish square 2 mins from the British Museum. . Bounded by beautiful buildings it is a true oasis in the midst of the busy city. There are ample benches, grass to sit on and a good atmosphere. Come here to sit for a rest in the middle of the day - you won't regret it
  • Photo of wingate
    a year ago
    I worked in an office in the Liverpool Victoria building many years ago.It is imposing and is now a listed building.It overlooks Bloomsbury Square.The square now has an underground car park,so is not the quietest polluted area to sit down in.I was say that the houses on the opposite side of the square are Georgian.Not far from the British museum.
  • Photo of Henri M
    a year ago
    Located in the middle of the Bloomsbury district this is a gem to catch a breath on your way to the British Museum. A car park is located beneath the square and very good connections by bus owards oxford street and the strand.
  • Photo of profjoypc
    2 years ago
    Bloomsbury Square is just along from the British Museum in the heart of bustling London and is an excellent place to stop and take a break when visiting this area. I personally prefer the more lush Russell and Tavistock Squares for peace and that 'get away from it all' feeling, but Bloomsbury Square is worth taking in for its fine buildings that surround it and the long history of association with the aristocracy. The famous 'Bloomsbury' writers group is of course associated with this square and one can enjoy the serenity of the Georgian terraces that line the streets.
  • Photo of LWL3333
    2 years ago
    Over one hundred years ago this was an upscale residential part of London, and so it is today, located close to the British Museum on the west and busy commercial Southampton Row on the east. The hotel at which we stayed last week was nearby and we passed through the eponymous park several times on our walks around the neighborhood. This is also the area associated with the famous writers' group of the same name of the late 1800's, and the blue historical medalions affixed to some of the houses attest to the many historical figures who lived here at one time.

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