Photo of Bar Italia in London, , GB
Photo of Bar Italia in London, , GB
Photo of Bar Italia in London, , GB
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Bar Italia

Italian Restaurant

Bar Italia24
cakes • panini • tiramisu • great coffee

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  • Photo of Diana Dominguez
    2 years ago
  • Photo of Alex Holden
    2 years ago
    24h cafe
  • Photo of vruga
    5 months ago
    Great coffee ☕️ thank you bar italia thank you Luca was very nice to meet you today see you soon 👌I can't wait to next week
  • Photo of CDAK-47
    5 months ago
    The worst cup of coffee served with love in an enjoyable environment can be a delightful experience... The inverse holds true as well. The greatest cup of coffee served by racist, antagonistic, aggressive, hostile, confrontational staff will become a horrible experience. Stay away. Take your money, your love and laughter to a different place.
  • Photo of Valleyone
    5 months ago
    The coffee here is excellent and the staff are always very entertaining. This is a fantastic people watching spot.
  • Photo of thewanderer2016
    5 months ago
    A long-time end-of-night-out venue brings some sobriety to the often hazy surroundings of Soho. The coffee is always top notch proper Italian style and service efficient and good. Much of it hasn't changed in a long time and the interior is looking rather dated, but it is still a fun hang out. Information on my ratings: 5* I give relatively few. Has to be a place I would either go to regularly and consistently provide a cut above the rest, or a place that I may have visited just once and offered a particularly memorable experience or be exceptional value. 4* is a place I enjoy and would tend to go back to if the opportunity was presented. Probably a good level to aim at for a catering/hospitality business, as too many 5* suggests you may be underselling/undermarketing. 3* places - are adequate and I would sometimes go back to but other choices are generally preferred; normally there is obvious room for improvement, usually in the offering and value. 2* places - have issues that make the experience below par, 1* places - hope I don't end up in one of these!
  • Photo of IAN O
    5 months ago
    Visited after seeing Anthony Bourdain programme. Good coffee shop in the heart of Soho. Coffee was good but the tiramisu was superb. Not the cheapest of places but very good quality. Appears in a time warp inside but this adds to its appeal.
  • Photo of Kimberly F
    5 months ago
    We were on a quest to find cannoli in London and many of the places that purported to have it didn't. We were lucky enough to stumble across this Italian bar coffee shop similar to any you would find in Italy with a few choice pastries. Friendly staff and smack in the middle of Soho. Love it!
  • Photo of ZsaZsaTudos
    6 months ago
    Well, it wasn't a real choice to eat there, because everything was packed on a Sunday lunchtime in the Soho. Anyway we had the advantage of citting ourside and the weather was nice. We ordered some pizza and panninis. The girls are, acting as waitresses, definitely not professional having no idea about the dishes they serve. The food was fresh and tasty and the bill very heavy.
  • Photo of SanMo
    6 months ago
    I want to give it more but... 1) Hard to mess up espresso or coffee. 2) Hard to mess up people watching...Get a table outside. There's seating for at least a dozen. 3) Location for pre or post theatre caffeine boost. 4 or 5 stars cause everybody loves it...nah, it's a classic joint but average.
  • Photo of giovanni579
    6 months ago
    Like a little piece of Italy mysteriously transported to Soho 30 years ago, Bar Italia doesn't need to change. Inside is just as it should be. It has old tiles, gloomy lighting, old bottles of liquors apparently undisturbed for years on glass shelves, a pair of blackened football boots in a glass case which look like a religious relic, a creaking mechanical cash register and a battered Gaggia espresso machine. And it serves very good coffee indeed. When Bar Italia first arrived, Soho was a disreputable place for villains and dissolute artists like Francis Bacon and Lucien Freud and "French models" beckoning visitors to seedy upstairs rooms. Now the area is very fashionable with increasing numbers of shiny bars and restaurants. Bar Italia, however, still makes one think of the good old days. Thank goodness it's slightly tatty and entirely real.
  • Photo of aktori
    6 months ago
    Fab sitting and watching the world go by for 20 mins. Great music, great service and tasty beans. Best coffee in soho
  • Photo of KRColeman
    7 months ago
    Lovely little authentic place and well known. The way the café looks is almost identical to how it has looked for 50 years or so, its been run by one family and the service is very good and natural. They are very busy and im sure it gets stressful but the food is good and authentic. The sport and TV is always on and I think its open pretty much all hours. Its not cheap though, in the heart of Soho you expect to pay more than average but a Paninni was nearly £7, coffee £3 or £3.70 etc. It's nice though and the owners don't look like millionaires and I guess the rates must be very high, so i'll give them the benefit of the doubt. They are good with families too as you would expect Italians to be.
  • Photo of sunshinesoul2014
    7 months ago
    The atmosphere rocks, the staff are really great and the food is absolutely delicious but it is mega expensive - uncomfortably expensive to be more accurate. Almost a shocking £5.00 for a slice of cake and £8.00 for a panini! It's got prices like the Ritz but it's only a very basic Italian Cafe so it doesn't match up...I think if this was adjusted, they'd actually end up getting more business because it's marketed to the average person but has prices for the rich. It's a very authentic Italian feely atmosphere and the decor and images everywhere keep your eyes endlessly entertained. I like the fact that it's open really late - this is a big plus! Def worth a visit if you're in the area! Or take a jaunt down after the club but maybe just stick to a coffee if you don't want your wallet to be emptied! There are much more reasonable places to go in Soho for food. Enjoy!
  • Photo of MavisScoggins
    7 months ago
    Stopped for quick snack and coffee. Lovely veggie lasagne, proper coffee, the waiters and waitress's are charming and very entertaining. Decent value for a West End café, better than the high street chains.
  • Photo of dprice3604
    8 months ago
    Authentic Italian coffee shop. Italian TV, Italian food, Italian coffee and Italian pastries. Everything was so nice.
  • Photo of Davis_Exploring
    8 months ago
    Great coffee, best paninis and some of the best Italian desserts in town. Very old school, but in a good way. Love it!!!
  • Photo of alfredo m
    8 months ago
    in our holiday trip, we visit soho square and we found the storical Bar Italia where we decided to stop and have a coffee. So authentic Italian place a lot history behind. well done
  • Photo of David D
    9 months ago
    Very atmospheric and arguably unique coffee bar. Features cycling memorabilia and some facinating wall pictures. Not the cheapest coffee in town,but one of the best!
  • Photo of 778ralph16
    9 months ago
    authentic italian coffee bar that serves great REAL italien coffee! went there early morning and unfortunately there was not a lot of pastries. but for this coffee, it was still worth it.
  • Photo of kanapelkinaalena
    9 months ago
    Excelent coffee and panini.I always go on Fridays after clubs.Staff friendly.Expensive but good.Look like antique.
  • Photo of Achyuta N
    9 months ago
    I love coming to bar Italia. It's got great coffee and is a fantastic space to lounge around and people watch. Very relaxed place (if you can find a table)

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