Photo of Andina in London, , GB
Photo of Andina in London, , GB
Photo of Andina in London, , GB
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South American Restaurant

brunch • ceviche • quinoa • tapas

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  • Photo of Minka Guides
    a year ago
    nullain says: Dietary requirements ain’t nothing here. Breakfast to dinner, they don’t stop serving and everything is TASTY. Top tip: get the artichoke tea.
  • Photo of Pamela Russo
    2 years ago
    Peruvian, Shoreditch, cheap and excellent
  • Photo of Laura K
    4 months ago
    Sadly, our experience at Andina was not great. We felt pressured the whole night through. First of all, whilst I was waiting for my friends to arrive, I was made to feel quite uncomfortable, with waiters rounding my table constantly. One of them arrived and we ordered our food. Then the second friend arrived and they barely gave her 1 minute to look at the menu before taking the order! If the purpose would have been to bring out our food at the same time (which we even asked for), I would have understood. But it wasn't the case. Two starters and one main arrived at the same time, neither of them for the last friend who had arrived. And then the rest of the food arrived. Again we felt pressured and were interrupted countless times to ask if the food was ok, by different waiters. It was very intrusive, our conversation was constantly interrupted. I recommend one waiter take the reigns of a section and only they ask - and only once per meal - if the food is ok. My friend's plate was almost taken away while she was still eating, she had to gesture because she was still chewing and there were still things on her plate. Dessert took 20 minutes to arrive (the first one, the second dessert around 40 mins - and we were told at one point they didn't have it, and then they did, clearly an issue with communication amongst the team). And again, the dessert was almost taken away with almost a full ball of ice cream still in it. We said to please leave it, and in the end the dessert was taken away with some ice cream still in it anyway. Then they asked if we wanted the bill and the other dessert we'd ordered hadn't even arrived yet! And despite being rushed throughout the main meal, since the dessert took so long, we were asked to leave as the next party had arrived. The food was good, but the feeling of being pressured took away all the enjoyment of it, it was a shame. And for the price, which is quite high for the small portions, we expected more.
  • Photo of Pabloochoa
    4 months ago
    I had dinner on a Sunday night and I could not be more impressed with the quality and the flavour of their dishes. You cannot miss the "ceviche andina" and the "pulpo"
  • Photo of 00tdn00
    4 months ago
    Food is really good and authentic, ceviches are stellar, the causa one of the best I can remember in my life, tiraditos well prepared and seasoned. But, service is a bit clunky, place is a bit loud with no ambiance and people almost seat on top of each other... Not cheap, but not absurd (like Coya - which for me is still 5*)
  • Photo of Grandi525
    4 months ago
    Excellent and unusual small plate choices. Very tasty. Andina is very popular and very crowded. It is conversation challenged.
  • Photo of Sweets K
    4 months ago
    Brunch in London is always great and Andina delivers a very welcome Peruvian touch to it all. We mixed up a few familiar brekkie dishes like smashed avocado and poached eggs on toast with a great chia seeds pudding (Pudding de Doña Pepa) and the South American ceviche dish, all of which were very good. Perhaps they have picked up on the other reviews and fixed the service as they were very attentive to us despite it being quite busy on a Saturday morning. I've dropped a mark for the unnecessarily loud banging music that echoes throughout the top floor dining area. All it means is that people looking to enjoy some brunch and a catch up are forced to talk louder and louder drowning each other out. So much so that I could tell you all the ins and outs of the lives of those seated in the three most immediate tables !
  • Photo of jim s
    4 months ago
    I hated the place. Can a restaurant with good food really deserve this rating? Judge for yourself. Its a little place and there really is nothing special about it. The six of us were placed near the busy counter and then by the door on request. I immediately ordered 6 items for the six of us and was told it was not enough. I explained that I would try the dishes then order more. This annoyed the waiter.He stormed off to check reservations to see if we would have the time. So its another really cool place that serves lovely little dishes, etc.,etc. Except it isn't. Do you have to have your table groaning with too much food to keep them happy? Restaurants in the UK have got away with this misuse of "tapas" for years. And of course you can miss that it is expensive until you get the bill. The food arrived quickly, was eaten quickly and we ordered a lot more. Of course I was right. There was all the time in the world. But the waiter was strutting about, glaring, staring and flexing his little muscles.If I'd have realised I was winning a major stand off I would have left without ordering as we all wished we had. The biggest problem was the music. Naively we had imagined some pleasant Latin American music from the vast array of possibilities. Instead there was very loud thumping music, the sort played in bars to stop you talking instead of drinking. General conversation was impossible.Its a first for me in a restaurant. My younger company did not like it either and asked for it to be turned down. Our ears were so bashed that it took a moment or two to recover. The music was soon returned to the highest of volumes. It went down and back up about 5 times. This was all supposed to be very funny. I guess they were successful in that we did not want to stay any longer than we had to but setting out to torment some of your customers seems a extraordinary way to run a business.We would have spent just under £300 (including their big service charge) which is quite a lot considering we had two kids with us but would have spent more. It was no place for families on that evening. The fast service, booming music and pressure just seemed to be greed on speed, a get'em in get 'em out atmosphere and the staff were generally smiling along. They forgot to bring a bottle of wine and this was a great joke. When the standard question came"was everything okay?" I said the food had been good the music terrible and this was another joke. I told someone who appeared to be in a supervisory role we had had a ghastly evening and was given no reply much less an apology. Never again!
  • Photo of Laura F
    4 months ago
    Lovely food, prompt service and a great atmosphere. We will definitely come here again, especially for the chips with chilli cheese!!!!
  • Photo of connollykristen123
    4 months ago
    I am absoloutely disgusted with the customer service we received from Andina. We made a booking for Andina for my friends birthday and was first told we needed to makea £150 card deposit. Even though this seemed a bit much we decided to go along with it an provide deposit. We then rang to change the booking from 10 to 12 and only then were we informed that we had to choose a set menu instead of A la Carte. The set menus were a little out of our budget and we were rudely told any table with over 8 settings had to have a set menu. However we were told that if there was two bookings of 6 A la Carte would be acceptable. My friends birthday lunch has been ruined. subsequently the restaurant threatened to take the deposit from my account. The name of the girl on the phone was Daniella. If you are thinkning about going to Andina. DON'T. For your ownr sake
  • Photo of Samtastico
    5 months ago
    The restaurant provides a wide range of delicious dishes using the finest superfood ingredients. The ingredients are mostly indigenous to Peru and hard to find in your local supermarket. With a great vegetarian, fish and meat selection, it simply meets everyone's requirements. Highly recommended. Just amazing food.
  • Photo of Min-Sean C
    5 months ago
    You must have the grilled octopus and the ceviche, they were both delicious. Decent selection of wine as well, and a casual but hip atmosphere.
  • Photo of A TripAdvisor Member
    Absolutely delicious food and incredible deserts, for vegetarians too. The place is packed, so make reservations ahead of time.
  • Photo of Maya_Tom_Travels
    5 months ago
    Went to Andina with friends for a little reunion brunch. The restaurant has a lovely chilled vibe and the decor is great. However upon ordering we were told that we should probably order more things as it was more tapas style. So we did and eagerly awaited our food. We then proceeded to have three unordered drinks taken to our table along with two unordered food dishes - it seemed as if they had their tables mixed up. When our food arrived it was delicious with unusual tastes but we definitely had a bit too much food on the table, so don't feel pressured into ordering lots at once. It's the kind of restaurant to take your time and order little bits at a time!
  • Photo of aakella
    5 months ago
    The waiters were very friendly and the food was authentic and excellent. The orders came relatively quickly despite it being a busy time. However, some items were excessively salty and portions were quite small. We still loved the place though!
  • Photo of ThePickyCouple
    5 months ago
    Tasty food, but portions are pretty small and quite expensive. The service was ok but they kept taking our plates away without asking if we were already done... Recommended: the bistec escabechado and tacu tacu quechua (eggplant dish). Avoid: the chips and peruvian beer
  • Photo of Christina P
    5 months ago
    We went there for a nice Thursday night dinner for two. We ordered the lamb the fillet steak , two different types of ceviche. plantain chips and a maracuya sourz. The food was delicious but the portions were really small compared to their price. The maracuya sourz was average. The thing I didn't like the most was the music was too loud to talk.
  • Photo of pepics
    6 months ago
    It was a graduation dinner. We had a reservation because we needed a table for six. We decided to order a lot of different small portions from the list so that everyone can taste everything. So we ended up to order almost everything from the list (17 portions all together). The portions came to the table when they were ready so there was all the time sharing and tasting ongoing. I think this is nice to have a taste of everything. On the other hand, it is impossible to follow-up if we got everything what was ordered. No surprise, the kitchen got confused as well. They forgot a couple of portion and (at least) one drink. Eventually nobody was hungry anymore. Nice way and nice place to spend an evening with friends. My recommendation is to order one portion for two. One for four doesn't really work. If there is something you really like, you can always order more :) I wouldn't recommend espresso. It is not a Peruvian drink, not even in London.
  • Photo of Racal24
    6 months ago
    This restaurant officially closes at 11pm. We entered at 10.15pm and I asked the lady at the entrance if they were still serving food. She said yes but as she was taking us to our table, I noticed she was making eye contact with the kitchen staff and rolling up her eyes. I asked again if it was ok for us to eat at this time, she said yes again. The dishes were served in ridiculously small portions (I even asked the waiter if he hadn't brought us starters by mistake). I asked for some bread, they told us "We don't have bread here"... First time in my life I see a restaurant that doesn't have bread (I would have been equally surprised if they had told me they don't have water). We asked for the bill, left (probably 30 minutes after arriving) and as we were starving, we went to a food truck on the other side of the street to have a burger. A piece of advice to that restaurant: if you want to close early, just close early. Don't stay open until 11pm and then be rude to your customers. London has a plethora of way better places, I don't see any reason for anyone to waste their time in that joke of a restaurant.
  • Photo of jessmayferg
    6 months ago
    Very tasty and exciting menu. Definitely worth another visit. I only tried the brunch menu, so it would be great to go back and try the lunch/ dinner one. Would recommend booking ahead as it is busy and not a massive place.
  • Photo of Maria T
    6 months ago
    Met friends for lunch and ordered loads of different tapas type dishes....all of which were very good. Cocktails are good, service was amiable and all in all, it was a very nice food experience. Would definitely recommend if you are looking for something different. Never had Peruvian food before but definitely will again. Also great if you want gluten free and/or vegan.
  • Photo of pwparkphd1
    6 months ago
    I admit it. I fought the good fight and lost. The appetizer of tempura flowers knocked me for a loop with its crunchiness. The ceviche Andina soured me ever so lightly. The entree of rare beef had me at hello. The sauces with each dish jabbed me left and right. I may have had a chance except for the pisco sour. The desserts punched me down for the count. I was floored by the doughnuts and didn't even know avacado cream was a culinary possibility. It was a total knockout. I went back the next night for dinner and lost again. In the epic battle of playing amateur food critic, Andina won.

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