Photo of Westminster Abbey in London, Gr, GB
Photo of Westminster Abbey in London, Gr, GB
Photo of Westminster Abbey in London, Gr, GB
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Westminster Abbey


Westminster Abbey74.5
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  • Photo of Christabel Putri Widjaya
    Prince William and Kate married
  • Photo of Leanne Diaz
    a year ago
  • Photo of Citymaps
    2 years ago
    The couple were pronounced man and wife at precisely 11.20am on April 29, 2011, by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams. Twenty minutes earlier, the tension was palpable as Kate emerged from her car in an ivory silk and lace gown designed by Sarah Burton and inspired by the late actress Grace Kelly. According to a lip-reader, William told his bride she looked ‘beautiful’ as she joined him at the altar, before joking to his father-in-law it was all ‘just a small family affair’.
  • Photo of Mic Horton
    2 years ago
    The church is a must see.
  • Photo of Danielle Pacheco
    2 years ago
    This Gothic Church is spectacular in every way. The beautiful and intricate architecture makes it a marvellous sight.
  • Photo of Rs Yung
    2 years ago
    Photo opp
  • Photo of Anthony Campagna
    3 years ago
    Seems to be on everyone's todo list in London.
  • Photo of bradziker1
    a month ago
    This is a must-see for London and has over 1000 years of history. It is simply amazing seeing the graves of all sorts of famous people like Elizabeth I, Darwin and Mary Queen of Scots. There was about a 10 minute wait to get through security bag check, then those with pre-paid tickets had about another 3 minute wait. Those without had about a 20 minute wait, so do buy ahead online. It was extremely crowded on a Saturday at noon, so try to get there when it opens. Unfortunately, the museum was closed for renovation.
  • Photo of Chris T
    a month ago
    One of the oldest buildings in Britain, Westminster Abbey is such an important part of London and the nation's history, you don't begrudge paying for it. Everything you see is of note - the architecture, the vibe, the monuments, the art. The highlight is obviously the Lady Chapel, housing the tombs of Queen Elizabeth I, Henry Tudor, Mary - the level of detail and design still rivals anything seen in similar buildings around Europe. Have a sit and think about it in the college garden afterwards.
  • Photo of DJinNashville
    a month ago
    One of the main attractions in London, and for a reason. There is no ignoring how charged with history the Westminster Abbey is. From Royal weddings to funerals, it has been the place of gathering for the main events of the Kingdom. The Abbey is beautiful, and taking the audioguide does help with understanding its history and functions.
  • Photo of KongHans1
    a month ago
    We didn't reach the Abby in normal visiting time, but happened to be there during a service (5 pm). A fantastic experience. If you like to queue up, go there daytime. A quite different thing in the evening. Do that!
  • Photo of Kim H
    a month ago
    Definitely buy tickets ahead of time, it helps with long lines. If you go around 10:30 or 11am you can experience holy communion and all are welcome. We did not do the audio guide, as my companions do not like them, and I had previously visited. Still very easy to follow the map given at reception. The abbey is still a working church which is a very neat aspect. All people there were very polite and able to answer questions fully. Definitely a must see location in London.
  • Photo of Barbara K
    a month ago
    Excellent way to get a feel for British history and tradition. Extremely crowded -- first time we visited we relied on the audio tour included with admission (2013). This time (July, 2017), we toured the Abbey with London Walks, which added immeasurably to our experience! The group was only 12 or 13 people, and the guide did an outstanding job of finding small niches to gather the group for detailed lectures on the various highlights of the site.
  • Photo of ant0n1a
    a month ago
    You don't necessarily need to pay loads of money to go inside the Westminster Abbey. If you go to the Sunday sermon or go to the Evensong or Evening prayer, you can get a good glimpse of the Abbey, enjoy the Abbey's choir and the calmness and the atmosphere of the Abbey. The Evensong is about 40min long and the Evening prayer around 30min. Evening prayer is on Wednesdays, Evensong on all other days, I think it starts at 5pm.
  • Photo of Kathy L
    a month ago
    We were fortunate to attend a free and open organ recital late Sunday afternoon. While we weren't able to tour the Abbey, this was a memorable way to see the nave and hear the fantastic organist. I sat by Isaac Newton's tomb. The concert lasted about 30 minutes and was classic organ selections.
  • Photo of jcjy77
    a month ago
    I really liked the audio tour which really brought us back to the olden days, hearing the history which we are rather unfamiliar of. Queue was long getting in, and it was quite crowded at some parts where the spaces were quite narrow. The exterior and interior seems very well-kept and looked grand and impressive. Anyone visiting London must come have a look here.
  • Photo of Elizabeth S
    a month ago
    There are so many tombs it feels like they've been wedged into someone's attic. However, seeing Queen Elizabeth I's actual tomb and the graves of other pivotal historical figures and authors is interesting
  • Photo of TravellersGoldCoast
    Westminster Abbey completely exceeded our expectations - it was at once breathtaking as a structure and amazing to stand in a piece of living history. Being able to walk through the tombs and vaults of Kings, Queens and associated aristocracy and peers was an incredible experience.
  • Photo of moeafifi
    a month ago
    As my titles shows, there were no pictures allowed inside which was disappointing to me really as a person who loves photography. Never the less, I did enjoy the tour inside with the free headset given to you which expalins everything inside the church. It was really informative and nice. Don't miss it
  • Photo of cherryredtoenails
    Arrive early. Leave lots of time. Be prepared for tight crowds. I admit that I was in a bit of a rush when I was here, and might have enjoyed it more if I hadn’t been looking at my watch every 10 minutes to be sure I wouldn’t miss the next thing on my itinerary. I really think it would have been better if I’d had time for a guided tour. Instead, I just went along with the audio guide. It was fine, and there were some interesting bits, but the whole place felt less like a church than any of the other grand churches I’ve visited on this trip. It felt like a cluttered, eccentric cemetery. Every square inch is some kind of tomb or memorial, and the tourists were all packed in like sardines. It felt a lot more like the Hollywood Walk of Fame than a holy site of worship, and more like a Where’s Waldo for famous dead guys than a site of royal splendour. There are a lot of famous churches in the London area, and to be honest, I thought St. Paul’s, Canterbury, and Salisbury were all much more beautiful and awe-inspiring than Westminster. It was nice, but I wouldn’t make it top priority, to be quite honest.
  • Photo of 126hr
    a month ago
    Its a must do on a sight seeing tour. Stunning history and the guides are so knowledgeable and helpful, a great history lesson
  • Photo of Crystal A
    a month ago
    A stunning wander through the graves of some of the greatest people in our History!!! Such an incredible place, a once in a lifetime opportunity.
  • Photo of Rottefella
    a month ago
    First of all... just like st.pauls.. this is also a place in London where they totally rob your money. £22 for entering Westminster is way above for a place like this. From a historic view this church is among the more interesting in Europe due to all the famous peoples and kings/queens who are buried here. Unfortunately you are not able to access the place of the grave of Edward the confessor (the man who founded the abbey i guess).. you can only see i little bit of his grave through the other coffins. The vault with the famous ceilings is breathtaking. Unfortunately many of the audio guides where used so much that they needed to be changed i think. As a major sight i London, the church is very crowded. Photo is forbidden.. but if you want something you can buy it in the huge souvenir store.
  • Photo of 919Bonnie
    a month ago
    Seeing Westminster Abbey in photos captures maybe 10% of the experience. One can feel history pulsating in the air. Very busy with tourists and locals
  • Photo of Bernadette P
    a month ago
    We had a lovely few hours at Wesminster Abbey. The building is absolutely amazing. It was wonderful to take the time to read the information on many of the graves etc that were within the Abbey. The commentary information that you received was very informative. We enjoyed our time here and one of the highlights of London. It is definately worth paying the money to access the whole Abbey
  • Photo of Jayne101_12
    2 months ago
    I baulked at the price of 22 pound but I really wanted to go in so I lined up for about 25 minutes, paid the entrance fee and got my audio. Although very crowded it was a really good, interesting and worth doing but only the one time.
  • Photo of Paul O
    2 months ago
    This place really is quiet amazing, despite the slightly eye-watering entrance fee (it would really add up if you were a family). The Abbey itself really is an amazing, historic building. It does get busy as it’s a major tourist destination but if you time it right (perhaps early mornings) then you can miss a lot of the crowds. If you’re a history kind of person then this place will blow your mind, being over a 1,000 years old, housing the tombs of England’s Kings and Queens of old, not to mention standing in front of the tombs of the likes of Newton, Darwin, Chaucer etc. Apart from the Abbey itself, the highlight for me was the Grave of the Unknown Warrior which really was rather poignant. Definitely worth a visit if in London

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