Photo of One Mayfair in London, Gr, GB
Photo of One Mayfair in London, Gr, GB
Photo of One Mayfair in London, Gr, GB
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One Mayfair

Concert Hall

black cod • sushi • tasting menu • dessert platter

1 North Audley St
London W1 K 6, GB
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  • Photo of coops9999
    3 months ago
    Always loved Roka and been to the Charlotte Street original about ten times. Tried the Mayfair one for a booze-free lunch as my wife works close by. Service was lovely - super attentive and friendly. Sashimi is sublime as is all the menu frankly. Drank two large bottles of water and left feeling outrageously healthy. Would return.
  • Photo of So L
    3 months ago
    I have been there now the second time and it is literally the best Japanese to me. Try the black cod, beef fillets. The sashimi is amazing and the salmon Tatar. It is rather on the pricier side but it is well worth it!
  • Photo of George Nader El... B
    one of the best fusion restaurant in central london. Off oxford street. From the welcome staff to the barman to the waiters all are very nice and very informative. We had for a starter a sea weed salad,a crab salad and sashimi.all were excellent.of course the black cod is amaizing. I had the Pork ribs and were succulent. Highly recommended.
  • Photo of Manal A
    4 months ago
    It’s Zuma’s sister restaurant it was a nice experience the best thing was the black cod wasn’t impressed with the sushi rolls but the atmosphere was very nice 👍 go Roka
  • Photo of andrew h
    4 months ago
    love the rose petal martini and the green tea chocolate desert. stunning service and beautiful food.
  • Photo of fionabush2017
    4 months ago
    absolutely an excellent restaurant ! nothing to complain aout ! i'm really very satisfed . waaaw fantastic
  • Photo of Mike A
    4 months ago
    We went for lunch on Saturday 21st October 2017 and I was blown away. We had a whole range of stunning dishes (including sushi) but two were particularly memorable. The black cod with miso was the best piece of fish I have ever had: it was so flavoursome and tender. The other was a beautiful piece of fillet steak which was so tender, the chopsticks went straight through it! If you’re looking for a high end lunch then this is the place!
  • Photo of Kevin S
    4 months ago
    With a high price tag of this place, food is very average and service is below average. I had the toufu, which is mediocre at best. And the spare ribs, which is very dry and not flavorful, is way below average considering it's not that easy to mess up the ribs. Prawn tempura is OK but a bit thick and oily and the prawn could be bigger as well. Service was not good at all. During the course of the meal. they didn't fill up my small cup of tea, which stayed empty for the most of the time. The hot towel they handed over for the ribs was 80% dry and not hot at all. Overall just a lack of attention to detail and care for the customer.
  • Photo of JD C
    4 months ago
    on wednesday night we decided to dine at the well known Roka. with so many great dishes to choose from we decided to go for the premium tasting menu,this proved to be an excellant decision. the sashimi starters were really tasty but then course by course things got even better. the scallop with a salted crust was fantastic,tghe spicy lambchop was even better and we hadnt yet reached the star course. a sirloin of wagu cooked to perfection was the culmination of a great feast although i was glad we had just enough room for the sorbets and exotic fruits to finishe with! both the argentinian and french sommeliers were really helpful and made our evening PERFECT
  • Photo of elizabeth5002017
    4 months ago
    The quality of food and wine are excellent, couldn't be faulted. It's a great shame the same can't be attributed to the front of house staff. We were well aware of the 2 hour slot for our 18.30 booking yesterday, but didn't expect to be hassled 3 times at 20 minute intervals starting at 19.35. On departure a staff member stated "oh well we are a very busy restaurant, that's that!" Not the best way to treat patrons who had spent a formidable amount. Don't expect it to be a relaxing experience!!
  • Photo of ishan23
    4 months ago
    We visited for lunch on a Sunday. The two of us ordered a variety of items – crab gyoza, california maki, prawn tempura, black cod, beef fillet, asparagus and some sashimi. We then tried the chocolate pudding and banana puff for dessert. The food was generally very good. In particular, the black cod and beef fillet were excellent! We did have issues with service however. This is a fast paced restaurant, where they are focused on turning tables efficiently. However, numerous mistakes were made on this occasion. A drinks order was forgotten. There were 3 separate instances where food meant for other tables was delivered to ours. Our final item of savoury food (gyoza) took ages to arrive, and they then brought us a different dish, resulting in an additional long wait for the correct one. What was more annoying was that after our waitress did become aware of some of these mishaps, she made no attempt to apologise or step up the service level afterwards. It was as if staff were under constant time pressure, too busy rushing about to deal with such trivial matters. We paid £210 for our lunch, of which £60 was spent on drinks. We recently visited their more expensive sibling – Zuma – and actually thought the food was better at Roka (except for desserts). While service was subpar in both places, Zuma fared better on this front. I’d probably give Roka another chance as the food was very good, but at this price point the service really does need to step up. Hakkasan for example is similarly fast paced, but feels better executed.
  • Photo of Try2BeFairUK
    4 months ago
    With all the options available in London there is so reason to subject yourself to the rude staff at Roka Mayfair. If you look at my other reviews I have never given a 1 before and also had some bad experiences but am open to the restaurant or hotel turning them round. Roka Mayfair however was so bad 1 is the only option that is fair. I say this to put into context just how bad it can be. I accept if all goes well when you are there the food is pretty good, but do you really want to run the risk that you have to deal with certain staff, its not worth the risk! Last night we made the mistake of going to Roka Mayfair for a 19:30 reservation, we arrived possibly 2 minutes late and had a further 3-4 minutes wait at the podium. We were then told that "they are running a little behind and we should go to the bar and get a drink while we wait", I inquired how far behind and was told 15-20 minutes, so not great but workable. The bar is small however and was also full, so we stood in a second row of people and after a couple of minutes handed a menu by the bar man over someone’s head in front of us. We had a look but decided we would prefer to wait until seated as it wasn't like we could put our drinks on the bar even if we ordered them. They were to be fair correct on the delay and between 15-20 minutes later we were seated, the table was however far from ideal. It was actually a single bar table with stools, which is not what you expect when booking a table reservation but it was actually better than it sounds, apart from there was a single bright spot light that was much brighter than any other light in the restaurant shining down onto it. Think on an plane when then dim lights for takeoff and you turn a reading spotlight on, just even brighter. It was uncomfortable on the eyes, even more so for my partner who was wearing contact lenses, so we asked if anything could be done and it turned out they couldn't but in 15 - 20 minutes they could move us. That seemed fair so we ordered a bottle of champagne and started looking at the menu. Fast forward and they did move us to a nice table in the time framed promised, we ordered some food and continued to enjoy the champagne. We tried to order the chicken skewers but were told they were out of these, this was maybe at 8:20. After finishing some food we ordered some more food having adjusted for being out of the chicken. This arrived by 9pm, which is 70 minutes after we were sat at the original table. We had several dishes on the table, enjoying the mix of flavors, the baby back ribs, lamb cutlets, tofu and eggplant at this point. The food as mentioned before was good, not sure it was amazing but we never got round to being able to enjoy it to form a full opinion. At 21:10 as we were getting into the main food and enjoying conversation a lady appeared crouched to the side of our table and interrupted us to say "I can see still have a lot of food on your table, remember you only have the table until 21:30". Firstly there was no, sorry to interrupt or any attempt at actually any form a civility. Apart from being in slight shock I said to her that actually when we arrived we had to wait at the bar for 20 minutes, so while our original booing time was 19:30 (they have a 2 hour table time which I am fine with), you did not seat us until 19:50. To this I was told that we would still need to vacate the table at 21:30 as they had another booking for then. That was it, no acknowledgement that that sat us 20 minutes late, just get out bby 21:30. I asked her to leave and said I would speak to a manager. I went to the podium to speak to the person who had originally asked us to wait by the bar as they were running late. I expected him to say sorry there has been a mixup, of course you can have 2 hours as we delayed seating you. That isn't what happened, his first line was, you’re 2 hours started from when you sat at the original table and just because you moved doesn't change this. I pointed out I agree and our reservation was 19:30 but they didn't seat us at the other table until after 19:50 after he had asked us to wait at the bar. The response I got was unbelievable, he told me we were sat as soon as we walked in. He knew full well that we waited at the bar and he simply said I was lying and just simply didn't care and wanted the table back. I asked to speak to the restaurant manager, his first response was he is not working tonight, so I asked who was in overall charge, to which he eventually relented and said he would send him over to the table. By this point we had both lost our appetite and no desire to stay at a restaurant with such contempt for its clients. Jose the manager did come over and he listened to what had happened and also to the timeline and was to be fair apologetic. The evening in Roka however from our point of view was over the interruption to our meal just after the food had arrived telling us we had to be out within 20 minutes had meant the food was now not as fresh as it was and equally the atmosphere was ruined also. So we ate a little more and left the rest. Jose to be fair did offer us a dessert, which we declined and we just asked for the bill. He had removed the champagne from the bill which was a good touch however we do not make a reservation at a restaurant, make the effort to get ready and go out for a Friday night to endure service and attitude like that experienced at Roka and a free bottle of champagne is frankly not going to go anyway in making up for that lost evening. The food at Roka is good and actually the prices are not as high as the impression you get from tripadvisor. There are places in London you can get better food, regardless however if the food was the best of its type in the world the service is unforgivable and I simply say go somewhere else as at Roka you are paying for people to be rude to you and treat you with contempt. Avoid this restaurant unless you enjoy rude staff and being treated like an inconvenience rather than a paying customer.
  • Photo of L3934FEsimonw
    5 months ago
    Business lunch at this fabulous restaurant which sets a very high standard. Try the tasting menu. Modest portions and food prepared to the highest quality.
  • Photo of Anastasios M
    5 months ago
    The food quality is really good They are mixing though cuisines styles (some times Japanese with chinese) and that makes it a bit weird. The service was really slow... They were either mixing dishes with other tables... They were late in bringing the bill... The table reserved had not finished and we had to wait 30min... We complained and The manager made a real effort by treating us the drinks and the desert, nevertheless the service needs serious improvements and the cuisine selection some “cleaning”
  • Photo of Ginfisk
    5 months ago
    Roka Mayfair is an experience .. from the moment we arrived we were drawn into a wonderful vibrant multicultural celebration of culinary exoticism that left us reeling and wishing the night would never end. Comfortably seated at a generous table for three amidst this wonderful swirling balletic performance we received some of the most excellent and attentive service we have ever experienced. All this whilst being totally captivated by the sheer elegance and diversity of staff and customers alike .. was this London? Morocco? Africa? .. perhaps Douglas Adams’s ‘Restaurant at the end of the Universe’ .. well, no .. this is what Roka is all about - cross cultural fusion haute-cuisine in a global ambience. Essentially the food is ‘Contemporary Japanese’ and this is evident from the superb produce, technique and presentation of everything we ordered, but it undersells the vibrant multicultural energy of the restaurant as a whole. This is a place where the design layout and customer-focused intelligence of the staff can facilitate an intimate meal for couples or a ‘grand night out’ for larger groups without either imposing on the other. The menu is very much focused on superb ingredients, mostly prepared in a minimalist Japanese style but presented in the form of an ever-abundant banquet of magnificent excess. We enjoyed the ‘Premium Tasting Menu’ for the whole table and were presented with a stunning succession of dishes ranging from yellowtail sashimi with yuzu-truffle dressing, through black cod marinated in yuzu miso, whole soft-shell crab, lamb cutlets with korean spices and much, much more .. culminating in the Roka dessert platter. All accompanied by a superb selection of wines and sakes expertly matched by attentive, yet unobtrusive staff. Whilst you can certainly do Roka on a budget it really hits it’s mark if you crave a little indulgence and excess, so it is most highly recommended for a special occasion .. like a Wednesday or a Saturday perhaps ....
  • Photo of Siggaola
    5 months ago
    We were lucky to get a table without a reservation and we really liked the food. We had a little trouble a first understanding the menu but the waiter was good at explaning everything for us. The food comes to the table when ready so not at the same time. We had sushi rolles and chicken that was presented on a bamboo plate. Wery beautiful and tasted even better. We also had broccoli with ginger and lime that we really liked.
  • Photo of Eva Z
    5 months ago
    First night in London for a business trip, Roka was near the hotel and the reviews were so good I had to see for myself. I was not disappointed. Could not go past the black cod in miso with some yoki asparagus on the side, superb!
  • Photo of Trevor S
    5 months ago
    How could anyone rate this place less than excellent. the staff knew their stuff and took such good care of us. The food was presented wonderfully well and delicious, the guy before me who criticized the food obviously doesn't know what he is talking about, it was amazing. It was busy, it was noisy and it was fun, fun and fun, I must say again the staff were incredible.
  • Photo of Savannahx
    5 months ago
    Bad experience at Roka yesterday. Such a shame as it's been a fave for a while now. Our waitress was chewing gum (or something). We had to prompt ordering, pouring of wine, clearing of table, asking for menus, asking for the bill, literally everything. We were brought dishes we didn't order. The food wasn't quite up to par either, a bit drier and less memorable than usual. People were bizarrely eating in their coats next to us like they were in McDonalds and the atmosphere was generally TGI Fridays not slick Mayfair. Very disappointed indeed. Will probably give it one more go in case it was a one off but what a shame. I suppose nothing stays good forever.
  • Photo of TRS4760
    5 months ago
    Not only were there no Japanese staff, there was also a distinct lack of Japanese customers, which should have told me something. My miso soup had no tofu in it, the chicken yakitori was gristly and arrived last after the prawn tempura, which was excellent. The waiters and waitresses were attentive, but when I ordered my food I also ordered a 'pot' of sake. She asked if I wanted it hot! In all my years of entertaining Japanese I only ever encountered ONE who drank sake other than hot and he drank it with ice. The sake failed to materialise despite 3 promptings, until I had virtually finished my food. As a consequence, I did not leave a tip and nor will I return.

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