Photo of King's Cross St. Pancras London Underground Station in London, Gr, GB
Photo of King's Cross St. Pancras London Underground Station in London, Gr, GB
Photo of King's Cross St. Pancras London Underground Station in London, Gr, GB
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King's Cross St. Pancras London Underground Station


King's Cross St. Pancras London Underground Station14.5
champagne bar • beautiful station • eurostar train • victorian architecture

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  • Photo of BK Junghans
    3 years ago
    Harry Potter
  • Photo of David S
    a month ago
    St Pancras church is outside a few yards away but it is the station that people think of immediately: its large impressive Gothic faces, now a great hotel, stands on Euston Road and behind it you have a modern re0incarnation of a great train station roof and lines of modern sleek Eurostar trains lined up. Travellers are well catered for: a champagne bar, restaurants and hotel bars on the platform level. Below, in the spaces that once housed thousands of beer barrels brought to quench London's thirst, are cafes, shops, food outlets. Whether you want a book to read, get that sun tan lotion you forgot or a snack for the train or a quick sit down breakfast or more leisurely lunch you will find what you need. And enjoy the piano players entertain the queues to get through security for Eurostar. The queue may look long but it does move quickly. But don't leave it to the last minute....
  • Photo of DENISE W
    a month ago
    Used the Eurostar twice this year , so both times had the chance to spend some time here It's a lovely place just to go and have a mooch , sit and have a coffee or just people watch As we travel around Europe by train I always feel proud when we arrive back to such a stunning place It's worth a visit even if your not traveling
  • Photo of Hitesh J
    a month ago
    Been there especially to view the Hogwarts Platform. Enjoyed the hustling bustling time as we reached the station around 6pm.
  • Photo of N V
    a month ago
    A modern, efficient station that is a portal to Europe. Prior to departures there are quite a few cafes, boutiques, M&H food, hamlets, etc. Once past security there is s limited offering. Queues for security can take a while but usually no more than 15mins.
  • Photo of Pendug
    a month ago
    We were looking forward to a trip through the tunnel to Paris and the station was huge but well set up. It was fairly easy to find our way around and be where we needed to be. The whole experience was overshadowed by the staff of the currency exchange ripping people off with rates. I had left over British pound and needed to convert to euros and was rushing to the toilet and back to board the train. I asked if I could convert pounds to euros and was told that the rate was .94 and he would not charge me commission and I gave him 200 BP and he asked for an extra 11 then I would receive an even 200 euros. He showed me the screen with calculation and as I was hurried and did not have a calculator it wasn't until I was well on my way to Paris that I was able to figure out that he reversed the values to put 35 euros in his pocket. . My fault for trusting someone in an official position.Hopefully he will get found out and disciplined accordingly
  • Photo of Eanna57
    a month ago
    For a large railway station it works with quiet efficiency. Helpful staff on hand who provide directions as required. Large selection of shops and eateries, most of whom provide good snack food at reasonable prices. A really good and effective transport center.
  • Photo of Mantaaal
    a month ago
    Did a business day trip to Brussels! Train was on time and very comfortable. Managed a snooze which was great. Thanks
  • Photo of JessiAnn85
    a month ago
    St. Pancras is a stunning station. There’s shops and restaurants and it’s just filled with beautiful architecture. Even if you’re just passing by go inside and walk about. You can also find the Eurostar here if you are planning a trip to Paris.
  • Photo of BigHugh51
    a month ago
    While we did not have cause to use this central city railway station for travel, we did cross the plaza from King's Cross Station to take a look inside it! Being something of a train fanatic, it was very interesting to see the fascinating array of trains gathered at the platforms. The station itself has had its interior significantly modernised. There are good facilities for travellers and lots of shops for everyone. Plenty of food and drink outlets as well. Obviously a handy railway station for international travellers but also of interest to train buffs!
  • Photo of TC222
    a month ago
    I stayed in a hotel a block away and walk past the St Pancras International Station each day. I am totally amaze with the beauty, architecture, and size of this railway station no matter how often I see it. I would recommend visiting the St. Pancras railway station to all visitors to London because it contains many public art works and stores downstairs that you would not find else where. It really is the most beautiful railway station that I ever seem in all of my travels. In addition, this railway station is next to the Kings Cross station which in itself is worth a visit.
  • Photo of Jonesy_Chelmsford
    Plenty of shops, restaurants, clean and tidy public spaces. Really has a special feel about it, lots of tradition and history
  • Photo of 9marnie
    a month ago
    We took this train to Paris. It travels very fast, it's convenient and reasonably priced. We couldn't tell when we went under the water from England to France as it was very fast. There were a few tunnels.
  • Photo of DWhite713
    a month ago
    We took a first class train from London to Paris and it was pleasant and a lot more comfortable than the plane. We were served a light breakfast and they were extremely nice.
  • Photo of BARRY C
    a month ago
    Travelled to Paris, got there couple of hours before departure to take advantage of the Business class lounge but found out you can only check in just over an hour before departure. That said, all went well. Business class lounge is very good , nice and quiet. Pre booked parking in the car park underneath the station , number plate recognition do was able to drive straight in. Car park all very tidy and looked safe. Lots of catering and shops on the general concourse before going into the Eurostar terminal.
  • Photo of youngpapaya
    a month ago
    What a lovely first impression of London if you've made it by train through the channel tunnel from Paris or Brussels. Here are sleek shops,many blue-garbed information personnel on foot (they come to YOU if you look lost) who are there to help you find your bearings and there's a great feeling of old and new in one building! What would John Betjeman have made of this, I asked myself as I looked for platform A for the Thames Link to Brighton. On each platform you are informed about how long you need to wait for your train and whether it's going to be the next one or not. This is a state of the art station and it is worth visiting even if you don't need to travel anywhere.
  • Photo of Bob M
    a month ago
    As train stations go, this is a nice one. It doesn’t smell of sweat. It’s usually clean. Sometimes, the floor is even devoid of litter!
  • Photo of bminaai
    a month ago
    Very central Tube station with several Tube lines served, including the Chunnel to Paris. One of my favorite stations.
  • Photo of Maureen K
    a month ago
    We caught the euro star from here to euro Disney. The station is very well organised, clean and tidy. There are several shops cafes and restaurants in the station and outside many taxis to take you to your onward destinations.
  • Photo of RobertFGCarter
    a month ago
    Possibly one of the greatest stations in the world. The overall glass and steel roof is truly great. Sculptures inspiring and what a clock! It even works pretty well as a railway station too.
  • Photo of Judy S
    a month ago
    This station is amazing. Definite feeling of international. Lots of shops and restaurants. Good toilet facilities . Even a man playing a piano just like in Rome airport. Worth a visit when a tourist in London

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