Photo of Harrods in London, Gr, GB
Photo of Harrods in London, Gr, GB
Photo of Harrods in London, Gr, GB
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Department Store

food hall • department store • egyptian escalator • toy section

87-135 Brompton Rd
London SW1X 7XL, GB
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  • Photo of Ferhat Kirdis
    7 months ago
  • Photo of Cee Cee Gaddi
    8 months ago
    Andrew Zimmerman - check out food hall
  • Photo of testaa test
    10 months ago
  • Photo of Estefanía Herrera Espinar
    Almacenes @
  • Photo of marcelo gonzalez
  • Photo of Srejic Zoran
    a year ago
  • Photo of Belle Tang
    a year ago
    30 min to hotel
  • Photo of Fodor's Travel
    2 years ago
    A true London institution, Harrods occupies five acres in Knightsbridge. It comprises more than 300 departments, from perfume to technology, spread out over a million square feet. The enterprise dates back to 1849, when Charles Henry Harrod expanded his East End grocery and tea business. Harrods introduced England’s first “moving staircase,” an early escalator prototype, which made customers so nervous they were offered brandy when they reached the top. 
  • Photo of Linda McCannell
    2 years ago
    Look at elevator and memorial
  • Photo of Nicoline Thomsen
    2 years ago
  • Photo of Nigel B
    2 years ago
    Step one!
  • Photo of Amy Coulson
    2 years ago
    Harrods is well known and is a rather expensive department store. It is almost more like a tourist attraction, and as a tourist you'll most likely only buy something in the food department. The egyptian staircase alone makes it worth the visit.
  • Photo of Maria Theophilou
    3 years ago
  • Photo of Nick B
    a month ago
    A wander around the store trying on and purchasing everything from clothes to tea is not complete without a relaxing visit to one of the champagne bars. A quiet secluded piece of paradise where the bubbles flow and the peace and quiet is serine. Customer service in the bar will not be rivalled and there is a calm and friendly nature. It actually makes shopping bearable!
  • Photo of Sarah G
    a month ago
    On other days we would have rated Harrods a 4* but today it was quiet and we found it a pleasure to walk around and browse. We always have a look in the food hall, well worth grabbing some bits to take to Hyde park for a picnic lunch.
  • Photo of Fiona H
    a month ago
    Amazing store. It is huge. There are rooms after rooms after rooms of exquisite things to look at and buy (if you can afford). Just loved wandering around and around and around. No hard selling tactics seen. The food halls were magnificent. Highlight of my visit. Only downside for me was the pet department which was tiny. Oh, every member of staff I spoke to was smiley, polite and informative.
  • Photo of tailsock
    a month ago
    Harrods is located about an 10 minute walk from Victoria Station so the perfect place to go if you're looking to kill some time before a bus/train ride. There's an enormous amount of shopping to be had if that's what you're into but I came for the food hall. This place has GOT to be seen! There are several large rooms featuring everything from lobster to steak French baked goods to confectionary. I purchased a scotch egg to microwave in my hotel room but unfortunately it didn't work. One gripe I had is that there is absolutely no place to sit ANYWHERE unless you're at a stool of one of the small specialty restaurants that charge a king's ransom. Harrods is definitely worth a curious peak around, along with Liberty. Beautiful at night all lit up too.
  • Photo of ugyved
    a month ago
    Whether you seek clothes, jewelry,housewares or food, it is all here. It is high end and low end so there is something here for everyone. Even if you are not in the market to purchase, it is a place to visit and ogle.
  • Photo of TonynBarb1
    a month ago
    We spent a pleasant late afternoon enjoying afternoon tea in the Georgian Restaurant on the 4th floor. I am writing this review with a very mixed view as to the service provided, however the afternoon tea itself was as you would expect from such an iconic company - fantastic. We booked a table for 5 pm, which is towards the end of the days service. As mentioned in previous reviews, the service is attentive, but not overbearing. In fact very good in general. I wish to make the following service comments (positive and maybe not so positive); 1. When seated at our table we were attended to by whom I assume was the maître d' (one of a small number). This gentlemen was very professional and polite and took our order of champagne and water. We had to request our water again about an hour into our visit as it had been forgotten. 2. We were also attended to by 2 waiters during our visit. The first had little attention to the detail I would expect in such a restaurant as he would lean over us to place items on the table, when there was no need to do so. Additionally he virtually threw the cutlery onto the table which I would not expect in any restaurant/cafe, other than maybe McDonalds. Not at all professional. 3. In balance the second waiter (Peter) was the opposite. He was attentive and provided what we considered to be very professional service. Thank you Peter. 4. Tables used by customers were left for extended period covered in used plates, cups etc., which detracted slightly from the overall impression of the restaurant. I would not usually mention the service at this level, however when paying about 52 pounds a head for tea, sandwiches, scones and pastries, at an establishment such as Harrods, my expectations were of a slightly higher standard and not at all the lack of attention to detail received. The good points. The ambiance of the location on the 4th floor was perfect. The afternoon tea consisted of - a glass of champagne, - tea/coffee - sandwiches, - scones; & - pastries - Harrods Trifle - Fresh Strawberries All of the food provided was well presented and beautiful which made for a delightfully extravagant afternoon tea. To those responsible for the delightful food provided, thank you. Would we recommend this location for afternoon tea? Of course: although some of the service detracted, the overall experience makes it worth a visit.
  • Photo of Andrew B
    a month ago
    Always like going to Harrods you have the most extreme shopping experience with choices covering most price ranges. Been a while since I was last there but now it’s a much better layout as most of it’s like little arcades, the dining experience around the shop is great and they all pride themselves on great customer service. You can easily spend most of the day walking around.
  • Photo of Phil W
    a month ago
    We were gifted an anniversary treat of 'Afternoon Tea for Two' in Harrods Georgian Restaurant and what a treat it was..! My wife enjoyed a pot of Assam whereas I thoroughly enjoyed the 1849 Harrods 150th anniversary 'Brew' served in Silver Tea pots to accompany the vast and delicious selection of sandwiches, Scones and Cakes... the staff were so friendly and the Georgian Restaurant a wonderful preservation of times gone by. NB Do not eat lunch before your visit!
  • Photo of kellystravel
    a month ago
    As a Londoner it's been on my to do list for a while to go to harrods. The food court is the big pull... the lobster roll for lunch was ace! the rest wasn't really for me but I had fun! I went in jeans and a t shirt and felt perfectly comfortable:)
  • Photo of snapshot007
    a month ago
    Getting Lost in Harrods is sincerely no joke or just a phrase- it really happens. The place is massive with all sorts of rooms, escalators, elevators and more rooms & restaurants with multiple floors and it’s so easy to get lost. Not to mention there are a million people in there too so if you have claustrophobia don’t come in here. It’s also incredibly hot! The Harrod’s Shop on the 2nd floor is where the touristy type gifts are such as handbags, cell phone cases and trinkets- then the toy shop is up on the third floor we were surprised at how little was up there, at least in my opinion. Was expecting a bit more Harry Potter and Paddington Bear merchandise. The best thing about Harrods are the employees. When you get lost they are always helpful, and also when you are looking for something specific they’ll help you out and they’re NICE about it instead of snobby.
  • Photo of Mix-m8
    a month ago
    Feels really special when you wander through this store. Fabulous products displayed to perfection Been several times before but always love another visit
  • Photo of Iteach4fun
    a month ago
    Oh my!! I love going to Harrods! I love the food court, the jewelry gallery, gifts shops, and of course DO not miss the famous escalator rides up and down viewing the Egyptian motifs and artwork. When you reach the bottom you will still see the Diana and Dodi memorial which is still visited daily by people from all over the world. If you do shop- they have an 'in store' tax return area. Make sure you request the proper receipt form from your clerk at checkout. There can be a long wait at times so plan accordingly. By the way, if you've never been, you'll need the free map to get around- so pick one up when you enter. This is a wonderful store to visit and do not miss this if you're in town.
  • Photo of Mrsct2016
    a month ago
    My son wanted to go to the toy kingdom at Harrods for his birthday and wasnt dissapointed...he was in heaven! Amazing friendly service to our whole family..child friendly We had a lovely few hours here.
  • Photo of miss_ella_stevens
    On New Year's Day 2017 I went into harrods with intensions of buying a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes, (price £525) after about quarter of an hour of waiting around with the shoes I wanted to try on in my hands I was eventually seated & given my size. The fit was a little snug, but the staff were so busy that no one approached me to see i needed anymore help with sizing. After sitting there for 20 minutes, with no member of staff approaching me I just gave up. I took the shoes off, put them in the box & left them on the shop floor as there was on one to give them to. I'd of been better off going to Selfridges, or to the flashship store.
  • Photo of Sandra H
    a month ago
    I love the food court at Harrods. Yes it's very pricey - my daughter bought a single apple for £2.15 but I live a stroll around and always find some nice items to purchase at reasonable prices (other than the apple which was too much!)
  • Photo of Brian K
    a month ago
    Harrods is a great place to shop for high end items. The toy store is amazing and you can get a lot of products only found in London. They have lots of paddington bear items. We purchased one for our young niece as a Christmas present. I also think the Princess Diana Memorial is very nice.
  • Photo of reeceyb
    a month ago
    This shop never ceases to amaze it is so vast and opulent! For me it’s more the shop than what’s in it! The Egyptian escalator to name one is great the Diana and Dodi memorial the food halls it’s all fantastic a must visit in London
  • Photo of jesterscafeuk
    a month ago
    I was dragged into this over hyped place. Wasted almost 2 hours looking around over priced stuff, got snarled out of the way by some women who I am sure married into her "wealth" because I was in HER WAY to the till.....wierdo!!! I was not at all impressed with this part of London at all, if posh people think that this is where the should be, they can keep it, its crap!! The only busy part of 'Arrods was the food hall.
  • Photo of Linda M
    a month ago
    Your trip to London is not complete without a stroll through Harrods department store. It really is an interesting place to visit. I particularly loved the many different jewelry brands, Tiffany and so on, all those incredible sparkly diamonds. The food section is also interesting and so expensive. Lobster, squid, all manner of fresh fish, fresh breads, fruit etc. Wonderful. There are 5 floors of amazement in Harrods, the Egyptian escalators are really the best escalator system i have ever seen. All the employees are very friendly and helpful. There are also plenty of places to eat inside Harrods but you may have to wait.
  • Photo of Cazza8896
    a month ago
    Visited here with my friend last year. We spent a long time looking around Harrods, so much to see and buy! We love to visit when in London and of course we have to buy a Harrods bag. Would recommend a visit even if just to browse!

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