Photo of Bond Street in London, Gr, GB
Photo of Bond Street in London, Gr, GB
Photo of Bond Street in London, Gr, GB
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Bond Street


Bond Street24.5
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  • Photo of Christabel Putri Widjaya
  • Photo of Kristofer Andersson
    Shopping gata. Finns gamla distrikt och nya.
  • Photo of futtock21
    6 months ago
    Many of London's districts have since medieval times been reserved for particular trades or professions, hence Jermyn Street for shirt makers, Hatton Garden for silversmiths, the Charing Cross Road for booksellers. Bond Street, by comparison, is simply a magnet for high-end luxury retail in general and auction houses in particular. The names of traders read like a roll-call of fashion houses such as Hermes, Burberry, Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armani and Ernengilda Zegna. Art galleries are varied, Opera and Halcyon for sensationalist superficiality, Richard Green (currently a very good exhibition of works by the Scottish Colourist S.J. Peploe) and the Fine Art Society for works of real quality. My favourite haunt, however, are the Sotheby's sales rooms where one might view works of art often as rare as if not more than what one would otherwise see in the most prestigious national collection. And there's also a delightful ground floor cafe reminding me that perhaps Bond Street's only major deficiency is its lack of a really good restaurant.
  • Photo of gopalmittal
    6 months ago
    off oxford street is the bond street! shopping food fun is the main funda of this area very well connection to rest of the city
  • Photo of Nuray H
    6 months ago
    Place is perfect for travellers with the transport links and local amenities. Close to all shoppings and food to feed.
  • Photo of travellingred
    6 months ago
    Visited Tiffany's to buy an item of jewellery for a birthday present for our granddaughter who was with us. She knew the piece she wanted and we located it in one of their glass display cabinets. The shop was not overly busy but we were studiously ignored by two members of staff behind the display who seemed to be engrossed in discussing something at the back of the display. Eventually we managed to attract the attention of a female member of staff who was strolling around waving a clipboard. She pompously informed us that we would have to put our names down and await someone to deal with us, despite the fact her two colleagues were still in discussion a few feet away. We pointed out that we knew exactly what we wanted and that it was on display. In the most patronising manner she could muster she told us most people did know what they wanted. She then refused to give us even an approximation of the waiting time. That will be the last time ever we enter this shop. The contrast between our British Tiffany staff and the courtesy found across the pond is stark.
  • Photo of BritAbroad84
    6 months ago
    Bond Street is split into New Bond Street and Old Bond Street and is one of the most fashionable and expensive in the city, second possibly only to Knightsbridge and Sloane Street. New Bond Street and Bond St station (on the Central Line) is located just off Oxford Street. Here you'll find the less expensive stores more in keeping with the NoHo vibe, such as Zara. However as you walk to wards Old Bond Street - this quickly changes. Here you will find (to name just a few) Versace, Miu Miu, Ralph Lauren, YSL, Tiffany's, Donna Karen and DKNY, Dolce & Gabbana and - just off of Old Bond Street, the Abercrombie London flagship store - possibly THE gayest clothing store in the capital. Bond street lacks a good choice of places to eat and drink. This is purely a shopping destination. However it is very close to a wide selection of cafes, chain restaurants and even world famous dining rooms like Claridge's. The other sticking point is that whilst this is an incredible London hot spot where you could blow some serious do$$ar, the stores here are not flagship stores. For those you need to head to Knightsbridge and Sloane Street - home of the world famous Harvey Nichols. If you want to combine high end couture shopping with cruising for the man of your dreams, then you really need to be cat-walking the aisles at Harvey Nics, dressed only in your finest threads.
  • Photo of nellielim
    6 months ago
    Located in the heart of Mayfair, West End, this is the street of upscale elegant stores, designer brands, luxury goods, fine jewels and antiques. This is the street for the wealthy and prestigious retailers include Bulgari, Burberry, Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton and Tiffany.
  • Photo of sheepygold
    7 months ago
    If you want big names than come here. A lot of the smaller shops have shut. down in recent years which is a shame but there are still a few at the North end. The auction houses are often open for viewings of amazing art and Bonhams at least has a café. Further South have a look at The Halycon Gallery and especially The Fine Art Society. The further South you head the more expensive the shops become with most of the jewellers located in Old Bond Street. Do not miss Burlington Arcade which runs parallel to Bond Street at the Piccadilly end.
  • Photo of bnghanem
    7 months ago
    Very good Bond Street my best way to many one of them the Bateel Cafe also Hermes and Channel and L V Lovely St
  • Photo of Travellingisagift
    7 months ago
    Upon walking down this street, you would recognize the brands that I could call high end shopping. My husband surprised me here. I thought he was leading me the way to a Clarks store. But he led me to Tiffany. A three-storey building selling jewellries. I knew Tiffany from before as we visited their branch in Los Angeles. Anyway, if you are going to surprise your wife/partner with a birthday gift, I recommend that you get her something in this store. I got my surprise birthday gift here. The man who was attending to us offered us a glass of champagne to celebrate my birthday after I have decided and my husband has paid for the jewellry. On the street, it says New Bond street (Old Bond street).
  • Photo of badmintontim
    8 months ago
    Yes this is a very exclusive area to shop when in central London as you can see from the price tags in some of the shops
  • Photo of streakey
    8 months ago
    Expensive area to shop here. Its a clean area and its nice just to window shop or star spotting. Many famous people shop here and you will see plenty of limos around.
  • Photo of KGB777
    8 months ago
    Walked along Bond Street on my recent visit to London. Plenty of high end shops if that's your thing, but otherwise it's just a normal street a little less hectic than Oxford street.
  • Photo of RadTel
    10 months ago
    In a short two blocks one could easily spend a lifetime's wages, if one wanted to. This is Bond Street. It has a fantastic light display at Christmas time. Which happens to be free.
  • Photo of Leonor P
    10 months ago
    Bond Street is just the supreme area where you can find the best high-end, high quality and refined shops in the whole U.K. The streets are tidy, very well decorated and it is just a pure pleasure walking down the street. Absolutely a must-do in London!
  • Photo of holiday032
    a year ago
    Great shops bars and restaurants but so so busy even for the most seasoned shopper. Vibrant place lots to see.
  • Photo of Stephanie N
    a year ago
    Bond Street has all big company from the UK. Very close to Hyde Park. Decoration really beautiful during christmas
  • Photo of YinpengK
    a year ago
    As the festive season falls over London, the capital begins to sparkle with magical Christmas lights and decorations. Take a stroll down London West End, Bond Street, Oxford Street, Regent Street and Marylebone and be dazzled by the sparkling Christmas lights that give the city an instant festive makeover. This is London at its most bling.
  • Photo of thomas p
    a year ago
    get it all on the street that has more to offer than most bring $$$$$$$ you will need it or just wonder and dream!!!!!!
  • Photo of TERRAvelista
    a year ago
    I have never been a fan of pretentiousness and high prices, that is why I am not a fan of this area. Although I pass through it as is not far from my daily routines, either going to bars/clubs/restaurants etc nearby or simply taking Bond St tube on Oxford street I prefer to shop in other parts chasing value for money and not the high prices you have to pay here because you have to pay for the shops' rents (going straight to the pockets of the lease holder who owns the land) added to the price, if you are to buy a designer name or not, an expensive watch or simply chewing gum. The same things can be found elsewhere either at a fraction of the cost or much lower prices. The only thing that mesmerises me in this area is the Berluti shoe shop for men (which I think they are the most gorgeous shoes one can find around) and watching the new trends in jewellery shops - some better than others....
  • Photo of Hassan H
    a year ago
    This is one of fine shopping streets in London.. A big number of well known luxury brands. Recommended for luxury shopping

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