Photo of Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen in Hoxton, Gr, GB
Photo of Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen in Hoxton, Gr, GB
Photo of Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen in Hoxton, Gr, GB
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Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen



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  • Photo of Sarah I
    3 months ago
    This place was a complete let down. We went because we saw an advert for their R&B, Hip Hop etc night and it was horrendous. The room at the back looked like an area straight from the ghetto. There was a lot of questionable people there. Will not be returning.
  • Photo of jamsterjordo
    3 months ago
    Stumbled in here with a mate on a week night after I came here four years for a gig. Bit disappointed after I saw the menu as it was all fried chicken, however the spicy chicken burger with all the coleslaw bits/coriander was genuinely one of the tastiest burgers I have ever had. Also the Crate Craft beer was a new find which I found delicious. I'm not usually a fan of fruity craft beers as they are often blended wrong with a horrible bitter aftertaste but this beer was spot on. All in all I would highly recommend, especially since the food was 25% off and came out pretty damn cheap for London. Would recommend.
  • Photo of Charles S
    4 months ago
    Have been to hundreds of small venues and this place right up there for being treated well. The staff exceptional. A properly managed venue. Security man 👍
  • Photo of john77perry
    4 months ago
    Not great pleasant enough inside and staff friendly to a point. I had the scramble eggs very over cooked and when I asked for a replacement it was not taken well
  • Photo of Colin D
    4 months ago
    This place is great for seeing band in a small environment up close and the gig ticket prices are cheap, hence I have been a number of times and will no doubt go back again when there is next an act on that I want to see. However I don't really take to the bar area itself. It can be noisy without actually haveing an atmosphere that makes it feel pleasant. Plus it can take well to long to get served and the drinks are a bit over priced. All in all as a gig venue great, but as a bar not so.
  • Photo of LondonToots
    5 months ago
    Went for a drink and a snack. Staff not over friendly. Very crowded. It was full of smokers outside. Not wanting my clothes to smell or inhale other people's cigarettes, we drank up quickly and left. Won't be going back!
  • Photo of Peter H
    7 months ago
    Had late breakfast at the Hoxton with Leila as my hostess. Great food and service. It was a good place to sit with my laptop and get things done. Thank You!
  • Photo of lancelotd669
    7 months ago
    We went to this place having it recommended by a friend. We had to pay 7£ entrance and didn't think that was too much at first. Once in the bar, the music was quite average and the drink prices enormously overpriced. There are several floors which could give a cool dimension, but for a Friday night, I was not impressed by the atmosphere. In general I wouldn't go back as nothing really convinced me you could really have fun there.
  • Photo of madphysio
    8 months ago
    We went last night for food and cocktails. The cocktails were buy two of the same get one free. Asking for nachos as on the menu after a minute with the barman radioing the kitchen we were told the menu had changed. No nachos available. No suggestion of alternatives either. They obviously didn't want to serve food. All the menus looked brand new and no one had any food in the area we sat which is strange. When people want food to help soak up the alcohol they should have this, its advertised on their website and in their bar menu.
  • Photo of A TripAdvisor Member
    We went to see Dan Owen at Hoxton Square & he was fantastic. Great little venue at the back of the bar. Support act was amazing too m(Deyyees)! We had dinner and drinks before. Food was ok - they brought meaty Nachos when we'd ordered a veggie one so had to change that. Cocktails tasted great but took forever to make as there was only one person trained up to make them. 2-4-1 on a selection of them (only the ones with the tiny *s next to them). Good venue would probably go again
  • Photo of Keith B
    10 months ago
    Great to be in London on a friday evening again, the sounds the people and amazing gin and tonics with friends and family. Never cheap in London but for experience and culture great value for money
  • Photo of cgib2002
    a year ago
    Whatever happened to this bar??? This was an excellent bar with great staff and cool decor not so long ago Now it looks like the interior of a bad caravan Drinks were not even drinkable Flat beer tasting stale etc Not worth visiting
  • Photo of tej277
    a year ago
    I came to this restaurant/ bar years ago and had great time with friends. Decent food and playlist, joyful. Just revisited last weekend and regretted a lot. It is not a restaurant/ bar anymore, they had better change the signage as it is misleading. It is a club from 8pm onwards until early morning with uncomfortably loud music and very poor quality guests (irresponsibly drinking with no good manners). What you present as a venue is what you get as guests and sorry to see that this place lowered the quality of entertainment in Hoxton Square.
  • Photo of Dan W
    a year ago
    We had a film shoot booked at a rival bar on Hoxton Square last night and the jobs worth manager there refused us at the 11th hour despite having previously agreed it on the phone and in person. The staff at HSBK happily let us take photos in the stage area and bar and were very helpful. This bar is the new East end base of Hellsinki-V.
  • Photo of Heather A
    a year ago
    I can't make up my mind about this place! We popped in here for a couple of drinks with friends before they were moving on to a club. The atmosphere seemed good, the music was great and the drinks seemed fine (we were all on beers, wines and general spirits so I can't comment on the cocktails or food). The only time things turned a bit for me was in the bathroom. The atmosphere around the bathrooms was different, there were an awful lot of men coming and going and I wasn't sure if something was happening in the mens room. Anyway, it was quite intimidating to get in and out of the ladies as a result. Also in the ladies the attendant was quite rude. I didn't want any of the perfumes / creams etc that she had but I did take a square of paper to dry my hands. As I went to walk away she fairly aggressively told me I had to give her £1. The most expensive piece of paper towel ever! All in the evening was mostly good and we were only here for an hour, but the bathroom situation made me uncomfortable and we left after that.
  • Photo of Weemer1
    2 years ago
    Popped in for dinner while visiting London on a business trip. On first look, the menu was short, I was rather regretting coming in and thinking I'd go elsewhere, but my word i'm glad I stayed. I had the joyful experience of the buffalo wing burger. I have a life-long love affair with buffalo wings, never have I had them de-boned and put in a burger bun. It was simply amazing. Nothing else needs to be said.
  • Photo of Daniel j
    2 years ago
    I was here recently with friends from Sweden, Paris, L.A and Denmark. I had been here before and had a good time and thought it'd be a great place to take my friends from out of town. During the night I was approached by four bouncers and asked to leave as I'd apparently threatened a member of staff. I was completely innocent in the matter and managed to convince the bouncer to ask the member of staff to once again point me out. The barman said that it was no me who had threatened him. The bouncer apologised however I was still removed from the premises. Utter joke!
  • Photo of sharnz1
    2 years ago
    Perfect space for an intimate small gig. Really enjoyed myself and the atmosphere here. The bar area was busy for a Thursday eve but we managed to find a space and have a few drinks. Reasonably priced. Only downfall...stay clear of the cocktails. No fancy presentation! Literally just a spirit and mixer in a glass with ice. Great evening!
  • Photo of Meg B
    2 years ago
    I came here last night for the Lights gig on the 16th of March 2016. I would have no problems giving this place a 4 star if it wasn't for the horrible bar woman who was serving in the stage area. She was very miserable, slamming the till, miserable face, very unhelpful. No matter how nice people were to her she gave the same attitude to every single customer. It's a real shame because its such a great venue for a small gig and the atmosphere was good but the staff really let the place down so I couldn't rate it highly, the bar woman was one of the first people I saw and she instantly put me in a bad mood for the night - no need to be that uninviting and rude to customers.
  • Photo of antonis m
    2 years ago
    Rude manager and awful hospitality... its a pity cause the place is actually nice for an after work pint if they had any proper beers on tab that is

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