Photo of Scott Monument in Edinburgh, , GB
Photo of Scott Monument in Edinburgh, , GB
Photo of Scott Monument in Edinburgh, , GB
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Scott Monument

Monument / Landmark

Scott Monument14.5
worth the climb • tight squeeze • princes street • afraid of heights

Princes Street Gardens
Edinburgh EH2 2EJ, GB
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  • Photo of Emma Daubenmerkl
    Cost £5 to go up to it or can just view from far away for free
  • Photo of Claudia D
    5 months ago
    We saw this memorial right out the window of our hotel day and night. At night it's even more beautiful all lit up. We didn't walk up it since we read that it's very cramped trying to do do.
  • Photo of Leah v
    5 months ago
    Easy to see just by walking through Edinburgh to the castle! Really beautiful and intricate, lovely to see how much Scotland adores Walter Scott.
  • Photo of Martha T
    5 months ago
    Incredible monument. The architecture is amazing and the overall appearence is inspiring. The closer you get to the actual monument the more beautiful it is.
  • Photo of Penny_Montes
    5 months ago
    It is one of the most stunning landmarks at Edinburgh. It stands in the heart of Princess Street and appears like a church because of its towering gothic spire right in the middle of the street.
  • Photo of Ebonnie M
    5 months ago
    It is an imposing sight that you cannot miss; and the steps were inviting, although it gets narrower as you go higher. There are different viewing levels and gives a 360 degree view of the city.
  • Photo of sparky221
    5 months ago
    We actually navigated the old city by using this landmark as a guide. It is visible from the entire city and is intricately detailed once you get up close. The park behind it is a nice place to rest and relax after walking the old city.
  • Photo of MaGrFa
    5 months ago
    The view from the top is great but the steps are a bit tough to get to the top. Also as they had the poppies out that also looked stunning
  • Photo of Couple_H_A
    5 months ago
    We got a tip to visit this monument and lucky it was for otherwise we would have missed that you could go up there because from distance it does not look like you can go up in it. The stairs are very narrow and the worst is the last bit when you almost have to squeeze. Upstairs you have a great view of the whole city and a wonderful view of the castle. On the top level, it is so narrow that you can only walk in one direction and a meeting is almost impossible. We were lucky and we were only 4 people up there and I guess that 6-8 people are maximum, but when we were going down there came a lot of people trying to get up and it stopped both upside down.
  • Photo of Crail B
    5 months ago
    GO to the monument. The views (if you can make it ALL the way to the top) are just incredible. I LOVE Edinburgh!
  • Photo of mjkedzierski
    5 months ago
    well worth the climb up all the stairs, you can take a rest half way and look at some interesting photos and some history about the monument, once at the top you get a great view of Edinburg and surrounding area, easier coming down than going up, and you get a certificate for the achievment
  • Photo of Angela L
    5 months ago
    If you have a head for heights and don't suffer Vertigo give it a go. The stairs up are very narrow as you reach the top. Remember you have to come down the same way!
  • Photo of LostALot22
    5 months ago
    From a distance this looks like a church. It's a bit off of the Royal Mile but is worth the walk. It's big and very unique looking. It's near the tour buses if you are taking one of them.
  • Photo of Wendy B
    6 months ago
    Easy to find this one and worth taking a little time to look at it . Its so ornate and really commands attention even with the big buildings around it.
  • Photo of David H
    6 months ago
    Grew up on Scott's work; of course in children"s abridged editions. Found the same appreciation years later when re-reading the adult versions. This monument is truly spectacular and, at least for admirers of the written word, not to be missed.
  • Photo of mhairi69
    6 months ago
    This is a very impressive monument, well worth the effort to climb the 287 steps. I loved the little mini information room on the first level ... nice to know more about the why and how. The views from each level just keep getting better and better. I would state that the walking up although physically challenging on it's own is further complicated by the fact that the higher you go the tighter the spiral staircase gets ! It made me feel a touch claustrophobic. Add to this that people are trying to also come down as you go up ... it's tight ! Be aware ... Hence my title ... Time it right. That way if it's quiet you should be able to get up and down with the minimum of squishing against strangers.
  • Photo of 132Karen132
    6 months ago
    The Scott Monument is a very Gothic, domineering structure even in it's present state. I really hope that someone would choose to restore it to it's original state as it would be so much more impressive once cleaned. To me, I believe Sir Walter Scott was one of the most important historical novelists of all times and it would be an honor to him to restore.
  • Photo of Kelsey W
    6 months ago
    We enjoyed the view and the history that this tower had to offer but be prepared to get close to strangers as you climb to each level. We got stuck at the second to the top level and every time we tried to get to the very top someone would be coming down and we would have to turn around to let them get down as there is not enough room that close to the top to let even a small person pass and the person coming down can't go back up because space is limited at the top. After trying for 40 minutes (During festival there are more people) we gave up and enjoyed the second to highest point on the tower.
  • Photo of D Y
    6 months ago
    The Scott Monument is very impressive before you venture inside. For a modest fee of £5 you can climb the 287 steps to the highest vantage point, very close to the top. There are 3 levels you can stop off at on the way up / down and each level offers great views of Edinburgh. The centre of one of the floors features a small room with factual information about the Monument and it's namesake. Beware though, all of the steps are very narrow and get increasingly narrow the higher up you go. People with a larger figure may find it too tight to venture to the top. The steps are also entirely clockwise in rotation on the way up and each set of steps travels up around 3 or 4 floors at a time with no room for passing people going each way. If you climb the steps too slowly, you are likely to get stuck when meeting people coming towards you. If you go too fast, the tight spiral layout of the steps can make you very dizzy! I would advise going into it either early in the morning or later in the day just before it closes to avoid too much foot traffic.
  • Photo of scottdste
    6 months ago
    Largest monument to a writer in the world, this fancy gothic tower stands out viz. its location and its sheer size, whatever you think of its design. You pay extra to climb the tower, and if you are claustrophobic, don't do it. If you are large or tall, you may want to reconsider the climb. Doorways are small, and the walls angle in as you get higher. The view, however, may be worth the discomfort - that I can recommend paying the fee for, everything else being equal.
  • Photo of Ritu_Pisces
    6 months ago
    A monument to a writer - isn't that just a beautiful idea? Really lovely building. It seemed to have dragons carved out - maybe an inspiration for J.K.Rowling who lives in Edinburgh? Highly recommend going here for the local vibe, the beautiful views of the Edinburgh castle and the beautiful building itself.

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