Photo of Greyfriars Bobby Grave in Edinburgh, , GB
Photo of Greyfriars Bobby Grave in Edinburgh, , GB
Photo of Greyfriars Bobby Grave in Edinburgh, , GB
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Greyfriars Bobby Grave

Arts and Entertainment

nice pub • venison pie • graeme • statue

34 Candlemaker Row
Edinburgh EH1 2QE, GB
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  • Photo of Rlwclark
    5 months ago
    While the crowd stood outside checking out the statue of the famous "Bobby," we jumped inside for lunch and found it to be a convenient spot with good food and good service for a decent price.
  • Photo of graeme t
    5 months ago
    We stopped into this Bar during a visit to the Edinburgh Fringe, We had hoped to get something to eat, but the place was slammed, and the wait for a table was too long for us. We instead opted to have a drink, but we noticed a Bar Snacks . Small plates Menu on our table and decided to order at the Bar. I ordered Scotch Pies which they told me they didn't have. I then order the Scotch Egg which they told me the didn't have. I then ordered Sausages in Gravy which they told me they did have, so I added my Wife's dish of choice, paid and sat down again to wait for our food. The Barman came over a few minutes later to advise that they didn't have the Sausages either, so I explained that there was nothing else on the Menu that I wanted and I asked for a refund. After trying to persuade me to order something else, he finally accepted that the order would need to be refunded and that is when the fun really started. He didn't know how to process a refund on the Till, so asked me to wait while he sought assistance from his manager. The Manager then became involved and she didn't know how to process the refund either. She explained that she had only recently joined the Company and that she would need to call her Manager to ask for advice. After about another ten minutes, my refund has to be paid to me in cash as nobody could figure out how to refund my credit card. I understand that Edinburgh Pubs are very busy during the Fringe, but I would expect them to have sufficient stock of food to meet demand, particularly when that food is probably frozen and is reheated. To run out of three items from a six or seven item Menu is not acceptable. To waste a Customer's time waiting for staff to figure out how to work the Till is worse. I enjoyed my trip to the Fringe. I saw a few Comedy shows, A Magic Act, a Spoken Word show, and a Pantomime at Greyfriar's Bobby.
  • Photo of kathtownsend
    5 months ago
    Good range of drinks and tasty bar son raved about the chips!!! It's a lovely setting and we even saw some filming outside.
  • Photo of Paul D
    5 months ago
    From 1722 Greyfriars has served the residents of not only Edinburgh but those world travelers lucky enough to find this small gem in Scotland's crown. In 1858 a dog named "Bobby" was befriended by the Pub and fed for 14 yrs as the dog kept a constant vigil at his master's grave. The dog became "Greyfriars Bobby" and became (along with the Pub) a part of Scottish lore. When I go to Edinburgh I always try to dine at least once at Greyfriars. This year I had the combo of traditional Haggis, tatties (mashed potatoes) and neeps (turnips) as a starter followed by a traditional beef pie with vegetables and more mashed potatoes. All covered with a dark gravy. I had a dark Scottish ale and topped the meal with a coffee and a lemon tart. Everything was excellent (well seasoned and cooked to perfection). The prices were in line with the quality of the meal and drink. If in Edinburgh I highly recommend this experience.
  • Photo of Jimmie L
    5 months ago
    This restaurant is located near the memorial of Grayfriar's Bobby Memorial. The food was great from burgers to haggis and nips. Service was also very good. We waited only a few minutes as we enjoyed the lager.
  • Photo of kathcody
    6 months ago
    Having looked on-line to find dog friendly places in Edinburgh, it came up with Greyfriars Bobby's bar - you would naturally assume a pub that refers to a stoic wee doggy WOULD be dog friendly! So we headed there and although it was busy, we stood in the bar area for at least fifteen minutes with staff coming and going, eventually securing a seat in the bar area with our dog and two children. We asked for the menu. A waitress came and said she was sorry that we couldn't order from the main menu in the bar area and we said it wasn't a problem - we liked the sound of what was on the bar menu - no mention of dog being an illegal!!! Not a problem with the bar menu and we went to order. We were told there was a long waiting list and so long as the children were ordering food, we could we ordered! An HOUR later our food arrived - At the same time we were told "No Dogs" Now this dog had been in the pub for about an hour and 20 minutes - nobody had noticed apparently, which is how good he was!!! We were told we had to leave! Eh? food on table - ok so we will take it outside? Again a resounding food to be taken outside!!!! We were offered our money back but as the kids were starving by this time we ended up eating in relay. WHY? why would you not say something like - oh we never noticed the dog but as he's being so quiet under the table - eat up and leave? All we got was a sanctimonious - "we don't have a dog licence"! Eh? What's that? Dog was quieter than most of the kids in there!!! Of COURSE we understand not all places accept dogs but it clearly said so on the internet and as it makes its name from the Greyfriars Bobby who would have thought it would be anti-dog??? Completely spoilt an otherwise enjoyable day and I hope that someone at Greyfriars feels slightly ashamed of their treatment of us!!!
  • Photo of cityorcountry
    7 months ago
    We were drawn to this pub due to its proximity to our hotel (Du Vin) and the legions of tourists that took pictures out front. There is a heartwarming story of a loyal dog. You should discover that on your own. Inside, we were surprised by the decent selection of beer and the cozy atmosphere. We did not eat here so cannot comment on the food. The entrance to the cemetery is right next door so a lot of people doing the ghost tours visit this place. Also, if you are interested in finding Tom Riddle's real grave you should stop here for a pint afterwards. Hint: go straight ahead and make a right turn toward the back to find it.
  • Photo of Bruce A
    7 months ago
    Myself and colleagues decided to go for a walk and find a pub with atmosphere and character and Greyfriars Bobby's bar ticked all the boxes friendly staff and a great selection of ales and lagers
  • Photo of giia38
    7 months ago
    I was attracted to this place by the famous loyal pup, Greyfirars Bobby, whose nose has been rubbed yellow by the myriad of luck-pursuers the world around, myself included. As the bar was close by, I decided to pop in for a quick meal. First it seemed that "quick" will not be an option, as there was one waitress for rather a large crowd, but I was proved wrong! She was needling in and out, from one table to another, friendly and smiling, taking orders, carrying plates, chatting and joking, as if hers was the easiest job under the sun... no idea how she managed, but my order was on the table 10 minutes after I sat myself there. I went for the famous haggis (plus something called neets or naats or similar... sorry, you will find it in the menu), and I must confess, it did not look all that appealing on the plate. But once it made it off the plate, it was a symphony of most bizarre but pleasant tastes. Felt very happy and slightly Scottish afterwards. All and all - great experience in a lovely restaurant. :)
  • Photo of Brian T
    7 months ago
    No reservations but not impossible to get a table.The standard of cooking is a little uneven but generally very good. It's well worth a visit and a toast to Bobby who sits on the corner.
  • Photo of John J
    7 months ago
    We decided to pop in after visiting Bobby's Grave in the nearby Kirk. It was very pleasant and the food was very good along with the Friendly Hostess.
  • Photo of julyvaca33804
    7 months ago
    Nothing like good traditional food in a wonderful atmosphere! Highly recommend this for families with teens!
  • Photo of jpugh46143
    8 months ago
    We happened upon a pub that was outside the statue of Greyfriars Bobby. The food was wonderful, and very filling, and so was the pints of beer! Our only complaint was the squeaky bathroom door that needed a bit of oil!
  • Photo of Lori P
    8 months ago
    Very good location in the City Centre, this is a small, very busy pub, that has very good food. They are probably busier than they would like to be, hence the poor reviews. We ordered their specialty, homemade meat pies. It was very good, wonderful comfort food. Our drinks were served quickly, but it took awhile for the food to arrive. If you are in a hurry, find another spot. I would come here again.
  • Photo of Rich N
    9 months ago
    My family and a friend's family (4 adults, 4 children) came here for an evening meal and were told we would have to sit at 2 separate tables (even though there were many larger unused tables available). One of the tables was right outside the toilet door which was very smelly and my chair was being bumped by anyone accessing it so I moved it a few inches to be closer to the other table our children were sitting at and to be away from the toilet door. The manager came over and very rudely told me to move it back, I calmly told him why I had moved it (as stated above) and he told us to finish our drinks and leave! We were all baffled as to why he had been so rude to us. I believe the manager just really hates children or foreigners in his restaurant (my friends are American) or both, which is surprising considering it is a tourist hotspot. AVOID THIS PLACE, especially if you have children.
  • Photo of smsdes
    9 months ago
    This lovely little pub sits right next to Greyfriars Cemetery and the famous statue of the Wee doggy! We stopped in for lunch and the food was excellent. I had the traditional fish & Chips and My husband had their house burger, It was a huge double patty that could have fed two! LOL. We had a pint of Raspberry and currant cider and the best cup of coffee on our trip, we left contented!! If you are a fan of the Greyfriars Bobby story. this is a bucket list stop. Quaint, friendly and filled with charm.
  • Photo of Chris P
    10 months ago
    Stumbled across this pub when we noticed groups of people having their photo's taken with the monument to 'Bobby' outside it. Call in have a venison pie & a pint, then have a photo rubbing Bobby's nose for luck
  • Photo of Nicola19899
    10 months ago
    We stopped here with friends for a quick bite to eat and it seems we got there at just the right time as not long after we sat down it was packed! The food was perfect.
  • Photo of Jenn B
    a year ago
    When we got to Scotland I refused to try haggis. Needless to say I was surprised at how good it was! Thank you Greyfriars for a great first experience in Scotland!
  • Photo of chewy110
    a year ago
    Stumbled across the pub on the night of Scotland v Wales rugby international a few weeks ago. We were glad we did, only popped in for one and ended up staying all night. The entertainment was superb. A guy on his own with a selection of instruments and great crowd pleasing songs called Graham Pearson (I think!!) made our night. The atmosphere was awesome. He had everyone singing and having a good time. The bar was packed. The pub itself was clean and large with good facilities. Not sure if this guy is there every week but it's worth checking him out and if he is go. You will have a great night.

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