Photo of Grassmarket in Edinburgh, , GB
Photo of Grassmarket in Edinburgh, , GB
Photo of Grassmarket in Edinburgh, , GB
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pubs and restaurants • old town • public executions • royal mile

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  • Photo of Kam Chahal
    3 years ago
    New home
  • Photo of therichastill
    3 months ago
    It's worth exploring the old part of the city including Grassmarket. There were stands telling the history of the area and there are bars and restaurants nearby serving food and drink.
  • Photo of traveling-family-o-4
    Grassmarket has music and temporary booths set up on various days at least during summer. It is quite crowded, but if you like to sample various kinds of street food and listen to music and browse various odds and ends for sale, you will like it. It was a bit too crowded for me.
  • Photo of PHLee7ca
    3 months ago
    Right below the castle, this 2 block area is full of pubs, restaurants, shops and street vendors. Great people watching place. We ate and drank at the Petite Paris, Black Bull and Made in Italy Pizzaria (see separate reviews). Most have outdoor seating but the weather has to cooperate! This is only a short 2 blocks away from our hotel at the Novatel (see separate review). Take the steps on the west end to get up to the castle or follow the road up on the east end to go up through old Edinburgh to the Royal Mile to the castle.
  • Photo of linhughes6
    3 months ago
    Nice restaurants and bars , Has street markets and activities through the year jazz festivals etc, Relaxing area
  • Photo of Claudia D
    3 months ago
    We visited on a Sat afternoon in September and there were only about 8 vendors then. They had some interesting things, many are handmade.
  • Photo of Leon H
    3 months ago
    Our hotel was across the street from the Grass Market. There are many different vendors of various commercial goods. It consists of both permanent shops and temporary tent-type vendors. If you are nearby, you should visit it. Like most places in Edinburgh, wear comfortable shoes as the surfaces can be very uneven.
  • Photo of garycallow
    3 months ago
    Easy to get to and interesting. Go there for wonder around before the Royal Mile and stop in one of the many eateries or bars. Gets busy and a bit wilder at night but interesting nevertheless, perhaps for different reasons :)
  • Photo of louise q
    3 months ago
    Great for restaurants , there was a little market on the weekend . Lots of shops and bars. Eat ,drink and be merry
  • Photo of Windsong76
    3 months ago
    We stayed in a flat overlooking the Grassmarket, and it's a super cool area with some fun pubs with neat history. Only complaint was that in the evening it can be quite noisy as there are quite a few pubs and our window faced the square.
  • Photo of moart
    3 months ago
    Plaza muy peatonal en la que se encuentran algunos de los pubs más antiguos. Hay que entra a verlos y tomarse fuera la cerveza, ya que el olor, el calor y la moqueta son insoportables. En España no estarían permitidos por Sanidad. Very pedestrian square in which are some of the oldest pubs. You have to go in to see them and take out the beer, since the smell, the heat and the carpet are unbearable. In Spain they would not be allowed by Health.
  • Photo of JohntheLast
    3 months ago
    The area is very picturesque but if you're looking for shopping it's not that great. More souvenir shops that real antique or other shops. You have to go a few blocks outside this area for real shops. Restaurants are plentiful but tend to be all the same menu. Nothing stands out as particularly noteworthy. In short, a bit of a tourist trap, but a nice one.
  • Photo of George_01092009
    3 months ago
    The most tourist road in Edinburgh is Old Mile leading to Edinburgh Castle. But do miss Grassmarket as well, especially during evening / night. Nice small & cozy bar and restaurants around. Nice houses along the way
  • Photo of Ebonnie M
    3 months ago
    The place is busy, with a lot of bars and restaurant. It is a good place to meet up and try the different cuisines.
  • Photo of _dianelen
    3 months ago
    Love the area so much we went back the next night to try one of the multiple pubs. Had dinner at the oldest pub in Edinburgh - the White Hart Inn.
  • Photo of Margie C
    3 months ago
    An excellent way to 'taste' the local. Very crowded; try to get there early and sample all you can. Very enjoyable.
  • Photo of Daniel C
    3 months ago
    Went late afternoon and the following morning but the market was scarce, expected much better. Better off spending the allocated time on the Royal Mile.
  • Photo of NewYorkRoss
    3 months ago
    An area of the old city that has charm and history combined with the dramatic view of the castle in the back ground. Plenty of bars and eating places to sit and people watch.
  • Photo of IainR
    3 months ago
    The Grass Market is in old Edinburgh right below the castle. It is a pedestrianised street on one side that has a large selection of pubs & restaurants. At the weekend it is a hive of great activity. Thoroughly recommended to visit this area one evening to have a drink and meal of your choice.
  • Photo of Marie C
    3 months ago
    This is a lovely part of Edinburgh. Just down the side of the castle (you get a good view) it is a relaxed zone full of restaurants and pubs. People sat outside on the grass and generally enjoying the atmosphere. Check out the milk bar in the far corner for exotic ice creams and sublime hot chocolates.
  • Photo of wamunro
    3 months ago
    From here the city is your oyster. After admiring the castle form an angle that is not usually seen in publications you can continue in any direction each holding its own rewards.

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