Photo of West Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh, Ci, GB
Photo of West Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh, Ci, GB
Photo of West Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh, Ci, GB
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West Princes Street Gardens


floral clock • beautiful gardens • christmas market • flower beds

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  • Photo of CheeKianWing
    4 months ago
    Princes Street separates the Princes Street Gardens from the New Town. This is also the main shopping street in Edinburgh. Even if you're not intending to shop, it's still a nice experience to walk from one end to the other just to take in the sights amd the vibe of the city. Primark's found on this street as well.
  • Photo of emmasneddon88
    4 months ago
    Amazing garden , every time I go to princess st for shopping I always go to princess st garden after shopping and spend hours there . This place is so relaxing and peaceful .
  • Photo of Александра П
    I was there in April, probably it's the best time to see all the beauty of the street. In any case you will pass it wherever you go.
  • Photo of BlairD21
    4 months ago
    The gardens are well kept , squirrels run free and tame to feed as are the birds. The Floral Clock is a continuous attraction for over 50 years and always impresses. Only 20 yds from Princes treet by enough to silence the traffic for a break from the high dtreet shopping, or the next museum or gallery.
  • Photo of SullivanFamily1
    4 months ago
    We walked Princess Street a few times while in Edinbrugh and won't have been diappointed if we missed it all together. It is a modern shopping area. If you are visting, especially from another country dont waste your time. Nothing very special. It's dirty and numerious homeless people.
  • Photo of John M
    4 months ago
    Princess Street and the gardens are certainly worth a visit.It`s a very busy thoroughfare,with lots of buses and the new tram service.Top branded shops on the street.The gardens are lovely,good view of the castle.Two or three vendors selling tea,coffee and snacks.
  • Photo of enyaj-d-
    4 months ago
    Lovely area - nice park areas, plenty of shops (check out Jenners!!) and easy access to most tour buses, the castle, gallery and royal mile.
  • Photo of The_Hailes
    4 months ago
    We enjoyed walking to the Princes Street Gardens and shopping at the Kiosks near the National Gallery. We stopped for ciders and live music to refresh before our Castle Tour.
  • Photo of CherylanneOntario
    4 months ago
    A walk along here was beautiful and although it was a cold and windy day, the scenery was worth the walk.
  • Photo of CazsTravellingFeet
    4 months ago
    A great street to wander up with wonderful sights. Busy, lots of buses and tourists stopping to take photos (i.e. me).
  • Photo of pepper031
    4 months ago
    in contrast to the old town princes street has many off the high street shops we are all familar with also has a lovely green area and plenty to see and do
  • Photo of Vikrant J
    4 months ago
    Nice walking and shopping stretch with excellent view across the road. Few options of cafes, pubs or a place to sit and gasp on the stretch. It's a mid-range shop stretch with a parallel stretch at the rear, Queens Street, which is also for shopping with high range shops and less busy.
  • Photo of ninabramfitt
    4 months ago
    The usual shop can be found on this street. Wait for the green man when crossing the roads as the trams go against the traffic lights so you must wait.
  • Photo of Pamela M
    4 months ago
    On one side of the road all shops found in any large city. On other side beautiful gardens, which was once a loch. Take the steps up to the old town from there and stop to look at the views on your way up.
  • Photo of ChinadollRVC
    4 months ago
    Princes Street is a bustling metropolitan street in the heart of Edinburgh. In addition to being filled with chain stores such as H&M and Zara's, it's also a gateway to Old Town, which is just across the bridges linking both sides of the city. From Scott's Monument, it's just a hop, skip and a jump to Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Mile and Waverley Train Station. It's also a great meeting place foe friends staying in different parts of the city.
  • Photo of Dren W
    4 months ago
    Having visited here before and always wanted to get a good photo we returned again.... no fountain just a dam big muddy hole a d tower crane in the middle
  • Photo of Thomas L
    4 months ago
    We came here on Saturday to go shopping. There are a wide assortment of shops on the street. The streets are a little dirty and it is very, very busy.
  • Photo of Terrib51
    4 months ago
    My favorite attraction in Edinburgh. So much to see. The great view of the castle and many monuments to photograph.
  • Photo of Daniel O
    4 months ago
    This is a nice site to stop off at on the way to another destination. The gardens are pretty with wonderful floral arrangements (see photos) and views of the castle on the hill. Across the street there are many stores. We stopped by here on the way to the great restaurants on Rose Street.
  • Photo of Sandra C
    4 months ago
    Where do you start for shopping? End to end shopping, if you like that kind of thing. Lots of people but worth a visit if not just to window shop

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