Photo of The Circus in Bath, , GB
Photo of The Circus in Bath, , GB
Photo of The Circus in Bath, , GB
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The Circus


royal crescent • georgian architecture • john wood • amazing architecture

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  • Photo of Chiplet1
    4 months ago
    We were bowled over by the quality of the food. The portions are large. We had the mussels as a starter which were excellent and then the steak for my husband and I had the fish, brill which was large for me. I’d visit it’s worth it!
  • Photo of gabrielciuchi
    4 months ago
    As you go up the hill, from any parallel street, you end at the top, and see this imposing majestic round building at the top. Take a walk, 10 minutes from the very center.
  • Photo of pasowine
    4 months ago
    The Circus is on every guide book to visit - and certainly it is a nice piece of architecture to view. In its time it was no doubt quite a place. Even today it is quite well kept and with the small park in the circle itself with the condos surrounding it, it provides a nice respite from the crowds and noise of downtown Bath. However, we visited it after the Royal Crescent, which was so much more impressive.
  • Photo of Cleocat1
    4 months ago
    It was really interesting to see The Circus and find out who lived there. It would have been even better to have gone inside one of the apartments.
  • Photo of tchell2016
    4 months ago
    We walked Bath and this was a short walk from the centre of town,slightly up hill,well worth the view and on the way to the Royal park.
  • Photo of midwestbandit
    4 months ago
    Cool architecture, definitely not something someone from the United States is likely to have seen. Cool buildings and old trees.
  • Photo of Freckle_Eye
    4 months ago
    Unlike the Crescent, the Circus has some gorgeous detailing all around and is yet again perfect picture territory. No need to spend long here is an en route type of place.
  • Photo of Muhamad Bukhair... S
    The Circus is historic circle of upscale townhouses in the city of Bath, Somerset, England. Designed by the prominent architect John Wood, the Elder, it was begun in 1754, completed in 1768, and is regarded as a preeminent example of Georgian architecture. Very close to royal crescent..
  • Photo of David E
    4 months ago
    Bath, the most over rated Tourist Trap in the Universe. Totally dominated by the greed of the BANES the Local Authority. You get nothing for what you pay for. Take your money elsewhere and spend it more wisely.
  • Photo of ankita1010
    4 months ago
    The Circus is on the upward slope up the Gay street. It's indeed one of a kind with its unique circular shape and pretty yellow facade. There is nice green patch with trees at the centre of the Circus where you could just relax for a bit.
  • Photo of Aaron L
    4 months ago
    Interesting circle of houses but that's it. Fairly quiet but better places to see and do in bath including the pub for some cider!
  • Photo of Peter S
    5 months ago
    This was part of an organised bus tour of Bath and this formed part of the tour. This type of design was typical throughout Bath which is well maintained and a credit to Bath.
  • Photo of Mary A
    5 months ago
    A quick walk around the area especially on a nice day was pleasant. Had a few facts from our bus tour which made it more interesting.
  • Photo of Martyn T
    5 months ago
    A landmark of Bath and worth a look if you are near. However, I personally don't think it's a must-see. Still, if you are on your way up to a museum, you may find yourself passing through anyway.
  • Photo of Hojomoro
    5 months ago
    This was my fourth visit to Bath and I figured I should probably go and see the Circus. It was interesting but it's not a must see in my opinion.
  • Photo of Stephen C
    5 months ago
    This is so close to the Crescent that you will see it if you are walking the area. Marvel at the well preserved buildings and architecture.
  • Photo of howiet1971
    5 months ago
    Hard to rate as this is literally just buildings in a circle surrounding a green with a beautiful large tree in the middle.... That being said, as "buildings in a circle surrounding a green with a beautiful large tree in the middle" go, this is stunning, so it has been given 5 stars. Walk through here on your way to the The Royal Crescent.
  • Photo of NewGuineaIslander
    5 months ago
    The Circus is a great representation of Bath and its beautiful architecture. It is a must see! When visiting it is also worth visiting The Crescent and Victoria Park and its beautiful gardens. This is one of my favourite parts of Bath
  • Photo of Tania-Tats
    5 months ago
    We had to walk uphill to get to the circus but the views were well worth it! The Circus had s great architecture so great place to take some pictures with amazing views.
  • Photo of 923Dan
    5 months ago
    Another of Bath's wonders of Georgian buildings. Pretty houses worth a very large fortune! Still, you can walk through and admire the view for free!

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