Photo of Henrietta Park in Bath, , GB
Photo of Henrietta Park in Bath, , GB
Photo of Henrietta Park in Bath, , GB
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Henrietta Park


great pulteney street • winding paths • no dogs allowed • gated garden

Henrietta Road
Bath BA2 1EE, GB
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  • Photo of 102chrissie
    6 months ago
    Hooray - there are public loo's in this park (money in the slot entry), wooden benches and plenty of grass and trees. Just a small local park but very tranquil with a small memorial garden (no dogs admitted. in this part, except with the blind) and a small pond and a few seats. A lovely park to bring a picnic and bins provided or your rubbish. Just a 5 minute walk from Pulteney Bridge and down Henrietta Street. Enjoy!
  • Photo of Bard999
    7 months ago
    I've known Henrietta Park for longer than I care to remember. Just off Bath's grandest residential street, Great Pulteney Street (100 feet wide, dead straight and over 1000 ft long), it's a legacy of an early nineteenth-century economic slump which left Pulteney's Bathwick estate unfinished: a green space intended to be full of Georgian terraces. It's just far enough from the tourist hot-spots to be left mostly to locals, and a favourite for picnic lunches in good weather. Probably not worth a special visit, but it you happen to be in the area, unassumingly delightful.
  • Photo of Jim_atl
    7 months ago
    This small park was across the street from my B and B. It was good for a walk in a green area with old trees just outside the old city of Bath.
  • Photo of Lars W
    7 months ago
    It has to be one of the nicest parks in England! Small but well maintained. Used by locals for dog walks, sitting, excercising and just strolling. Dont miss it!
  • Photo of CoJil
    8 months ago
    This park is lovely--not too big and about a five minute walk to the center of Bath. It is near the footpath that goes along the river/canal which is a nice place to walk.
  • Photo of Chris D
    8 months ago
    This neighborhood garden is right around the corner from Henrietta House, where I stayed. It is a large neighborhood garden with beautiful arbored walks in a pond garden and plenty of trails for walking, running or strolling.
  • Photo of lmurphy247
    8 months ago
    We just took a leisurely walk through Henrietta Park when returning from a meal out. Ack to the lovely hotel Villa at Henrietta Park. It's lovely and attracted quite a few families. It was my first walk through the park,it was dusk. Seemed quite small.
  • Photo of cariad6
    8 months ago
    Walked through this park on the way back to Chestnut House, our B & B, as it's in the same vicinity. Very pleasant place to sit & read a paper/book or contemplate. Peaceful surroundings & well planted.
  • Photo of Andreea D
    8 months ago
    Ended up here by myself while on a walk late at night. The sky was starry and could even spot a few constellations. Everything was green, even at night, and a short walk away from the hotel and the other Bath attractions.
  • Photo of CJpratt
    9 months ago
    Our B&B was very close to the park so we walked thru it several times. It's so lush and green and quiet. A nice respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. I wouldn't go out of my way to visit it, but if you are near by go thru it. It will refresh you.
  • Photo of teacherCornwall
    9 months ago
    This garden is what you see in the photo, a very special place. Tame squirrels being fed by visitors, beautiful bird song and the fountain burbling into the pond, herbs to rub and smell, a peaceful place. Children will love it as long as they are well behaved as people sit here for a bit of peace. My blind friend loved it.
  • Photo of ian-engineer
    a year ago
    You can access this park across the river from the town centre . It is a quiet place off Henrietta Street , and at the moment has nice Spring flowers ....Bath is fortunate to have 3 nice parkland areas , and we began our walk today in Royal Victoria Park from the Bristol bus. We then went on to visit Henrietta Park , and continued to Sydney Gardens . It was a delight for the eye and the senses ....
  • Photo of pauliem1
    a year ago
    Great for a family picnic or just a quiet sit down on a busy day in the centre of Bath. I really like the seated area around the rectangular pond (picture).
  • Photo of TravellerInTime2017
    A good place to relax and spend the afternoon lazily strolling around imagining how Bathians of the 18 century might have gone about their day (when they were around) Preferred the Alexander's Park better. This is not grand but this gives you the unique opportunity of a pristine panoromic view of the whole of Bath from one spot. This is a well kept secret I think, as I couldnt find it in the tourist brochures; one of the waiters in a restaurant pointed me towards this.
  • Photo of gsw888
    a year ago
    Henrietta park is our favorite park in Bath. We always park our car around the park whenever we visit Bath then walk to the city center. The park has very nice walking path and quiet enough for relaxation. If you visit Bath on Sunday or bank holiday, parking here is free which is really nice! Driving in Bath high street is very tricky because you need take extra care not taking the bus lane otherwise you will be fined by the council!
  • Photo of HollyS18
    a year ago
    This is a beautiful garden at any time of the year; I have taken a stroll around the park numerous times and it always surprised me with a turn of beauty or a mischievous squirrel. There is an area of grass and trees for those who want a stroll through a hidden paradise just minutes from the bustling hub of Bath's centre. There is also a really beautiful planted garden centring around a fish pond. There are a couple of benches around it for a moment of calm or a private meeting (though probably no wifi). The toilets take coins which is something to be aware of if you need to spend a penny.
  • Photo of Sandie D
    a year ago
    We stayed at the Villa Magdala, which is opposite this attractive park. The trees in Autumn offer a truly magical view and photo opportunity.
  • Photo of Jim B
    a year ago
    This park was right behind our hotel/B&B: Henrietta House. Lots of beautiful old trees and a wide variety of paths to follow and not far from the middle of the city.
  • Photo of Claudina R
    a year ago
    It's great to walk around and make some new friends, specially those crazy for nuts! Squirrels were very friendly and you could tell they were used to human beings because they approached us without fear. Near the park there is a small church in ruins with a great cemetery. Don't miss it!
  • Photo of Ben D
    a year ago
    Henrietta Park is definitely a local's park. It's across the River Avon from all the touristy attractions in central Bath (the Bath Abbey, etc.) and tucked behind Great Pulteney Street. So unless you have a reason to go there, you wouldn't. So if you're looking for a park with grass and trees to just go and relax, this is a good choice.

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