Photo of Great Pulteney Street in Bath, , GB
Photo of Great Pulteney Street in Bath, , GB
Photo of Great Pulteney Street in Bath, , GB
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Great Pulteney Street

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holburne museum • horse drawn • pretty street • georgian street

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  • Photo of V581ZSdonb
    4 months ago
    Great Pulteney Street is the result of 18th Century property speculation.....and thank goodness My Pulteney speculated, for the result is quite beautiful including the bridge that links this street to the City of Bath across the river Avon. The street is 1,000 feet (or nearly half a kilometre) long and lined both sides by sedate but beautiful Georgian facades.
  • Photo of eltelstafford
    4 months ago
    A street that must have been great in the old days before cars. You can only imagine what it must have been like when horse and carriage's were the order of the day. It has great architecture and a great hotel called 15 Pulteney a must for a drink, dinner to eat or stay at.
  • Photo of underthebluesky92
    4 months ago
    Watched to sun rise over this area while on a hike, this area is just after crossing the bridge and river Avon. If you like looking at how-did-build this type structures it's very interesting.
  • Photo of William S
    4 months ago
    There is an old time feel here, especially with the unique bridge at one end. There is also a brilliant little Restaurant called Antica that serves great Italian food at very reasonable prices.
  • Photo of Stephen C
    5 months ago
    It is a street to wander along, five minutes from the Abbey and still full of professional firm like accountants etc. Just an impressive street of which there are so many in Bath.
  • Photo of Teresa D
    5 months ago
    We spent two nights in two different rooms. Both rooms were fabulous and the staff were extremely helpful and kind. Rachel in particular was so kind and looked after every detail. We highly recommend Great Pulteney Street for your Bath visit you won't be disappointed. In addition, we enjoyed drinks in the bar and dinner in the restaurant, both resulted in a lovely experience with top notch service! Lovely people and lovely well appointed accommodations await you!
  • Photo of davidglobetrotter
    5 months ago
    In Georgian times ...having an address in Great Pulteney Street was the ultimate status symbol....wide, elegant, impressive. It is within 5-10 minutes walk from the town center ...and well worth it, especially on a bright sunny day.
  • Photo of MYDOGISFINN
    5 months ago
    You dont really need to go into any visitor attractions in Bath as there is so much to see just walking around. Where else in England would you find such unspoilt streets. Bath is not clogged with traffic like so many tourist towns. Great Pulteney Street is a real gem of Georgian architecture. Look out for the octagonal Victoria pillarbox.
  • Photo of SouthOfSmWh
    6 months ago
    This is a much quieter wider street than the remainder of the tourist attractions and definitely worth the walk although the residents might wish you didn't!
  • Photo of yahootraveler64
    6 months ago
    Some sections under reno. Not much to see but a pleasant walk from Paultney Bridge to the Holburne Museum.
  • Photo of gilly144
    6 months ago
    Love the area the shop are brilliant the area is splendid the city of bath would come back again and again
  • Photo of PattiP_01
    7 months ago
    We stayed in Johnston street, just off this major beautiful street. It is so easy to imagine the ladies and gentlemen of the Regency era parading along this street. Interesting to look up and compare minor changes and differences in the buildings. Loved it.x
  • Photo of paulI1567HN
    7 months ago
    Stayed in a hotel in this street and found it an excellent location which was close to all the sights in Bath,very clean and tidy and easy to find on satnav
  • Photo of China_Chiel
    7 months ago
    We stayed in Sydney Mews which meant we walked along Great Pultney Street almost every day. It's an amazing double sided vista of fine architecture (but look closely along the mid level line of stone and see if you can spot those that hae subsided slightly over the years!). There are some nice high end hotel / restaurants embedded along the street too. Take a stroll along and imagine yourself promenading in the days of Jane Austen, it's easy to cast your mind back when immersed in such fine period architecture.
  • Photo of teresa8200
    7 months ago
    Walking down this wide avenue with honey-colored buildings om either side with symmetrical facades feels like you strayed into a movie set. The perspective is visually pleasing. You can imagine ladies in their gowns and finery and gentlemen in their morning suits taking their constitutional.
  • Photo of Geff R
    7 months ago
    A great place to stop for a while if in Bath. Nice olds shops and lots to see. A pleasant walk with all you need for a leasurely few hours.
  • Photo of moleBath
    8 months ago
    For the best experience visiyt early evening on a sunny day.Walk down towards the Holbourne museum and read the plaques on the walls.A bit of Jane Austen reading is a great peparation
  • Photo of PhyllidaNorwich
    8 months ago
    So many independent stores nestling on this bridge that is reminiscent of those over the canals in Venice
  • Photo of Rutti
    8 months ago
    Great Pulteney Street is a grand Street, Georgian houses lining wide pavements and a broad vista down to the Holbourne museum. Pulteney Bridge is famous in Bath, and this Street which leads off it compliments it beautifully. At the bridge end is Laura Fountain, and at the other the Holbourne. Jane Austen lived around the corner. There is a "sedan chair", famous Bath mode of transport outside a hotel half way down the street.
  • Photo of nellielim
    8 months ago
    This is a thoroughfare that starts from Bathwick on the east side of the River Avon via the Pulteney Bridge to the city of Bath. It is the widest and grandest road in Bath. Notable residents here include Jane Austen and William Wilberforce.

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