Photo of Alexandra Park in Bath, , GB
Photo of Alexandra Park in Bath, , GB
Photo of Alexandra Park in Bath, , GB
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Alexandra Park


steep climb • bear flat • bowling green • stunning views of bath

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  • Photo of Muhamad Bukhair... S
    A nice place to visit, from here you see the best view of Bath. It is 30 minutes walk from city centre of bath
  • Photo of NewGuineaIslander
    4 months ago
    This is one of my favourite place to bring any visiting friends or family. It has such an amazing view of Bath and is even better at night! Although if you do want to go up at night I would recommend going before 10pm as they tend to lock the gates around that time. The view never gets old!
  • Photo of Kevin W
    4 months ago
    We had a personal driver, Danny, who picked us up from the airport and drive us to Bath. He recommended taking us to Alexandra Park. You could tell that he was very proud of his city, and the view from this park. He told us that the tour buses cannot come up to this spot. Boy what a view it is. He said the view is even better after the trees have lost their leaves, but it sure looked good to us!!!
  • Photo of andrewlgc
    4 months ago
    We were taken here by relatives for the views across Bath. Whilst there a steam engine hauled a train into Bath Spa Station and we had a grandstand view.
  • Photo of Vincenzo b
    4 months ago
    Is in a really good position overlooking all of Bath .It is clean and looked after amazing for walking running taking fotos.I love it
  • Photo of utdminiman
    4 months ago
    Great view of central bath especially at dusk when all the lights turn on. Made even better because of the trees blocking some of the uglier new builds out of sight
  • Photo of Bard999
    5 months ago
    Alexandra Park is at the top of Beechen Cliff, the wooded cliff that rises dramatically south of Bath and provides the backdrop to many viiews from the centre of the city and the Georgian streets that climb the hills - the edge of the Cotswolds - to the north. It's a very stiff climb on foot from the city despite zig-zags in the path easing the slope, but the reward is the classic view over the city that is reproduced endlessly in books and websites, and on postcards. Virtually all of Georgian Bath - and much else - is spread out in front of you, and you can easily spend an hour working out what you can see, and spotting Bath's iconic crescents, other buildings and parks. If the climb through the Beechen Cliff woods seems too much, you can drive up. The remainder of the park, on relatively flat ground behind the viewpoint, is unremarkable.
  • Photo of Ordinarilyepic
    6 months ago
    I could stand here for hours, taking in this scenic view of Bath for hours; the Victorian facades, the Roman originated and inspired city plans, the feeling of a luscious green, cultural oasis.
  • Photo of DoctorSKR
    6 months ago
    The fact that its not no a tourist map, makes it a delightful experience. The views from the park, which is one of the highest point within the vicinity of the bath railway station makes it a beautiful experience. There is a hidden play area right on top of the park if kids are getting tired of adults ogling at the bath skyline. Thick, huge and really old trees make is a ZEN like setting. And if you get the typical british can see the sky change colours like a fairytale story.
  • Photo of Adeline T
    6 months ago
    Originally I planned to take the Shakespeare Ave as I read from another website, saying that this is the easier path. But as i walked along the Holloway (very steep tar-road slope), I saw an arrow and a signboard showing "Alexandra Park" on the left side of the road. I followed the arrow and there were two paths, I asked a girl jogging there and she said the left path was a steeper path with many small steps but a quicker way to get there. The path on the right was less tough, not as steep but a longer way. I was in a hurried so i took the left path. Estimating from my google map, i thought it would take 30min to get there but i actually took just 10min to get to the first viewpoint! It was a bit of a hill climb but the view was fantastic!
  • Photo of nannychris57
    6 months ago
    this is one of the best places to take photos of this beutiful city you can get here quite easy by bus and a short hill climb
  • Photo of meahtravels
    7 months ago
    The park is located just outside the city centre. It was a scorching hot day of 28 degrees and we made it up to Alexandra park in about 30 minutes from the outskirts of the city. The walk was very steep but with some suitable walking shoes, you will be in good shape. The place wasn't signposted much around the city but we asked a local and he pointed out the correct direction for us. The options going up to Alexandra park was very limited such as a few tight staircases up or going up from a row of houses. When we got up there though, the view was very worth it. There wasn't many people around the top so it was probably a pretty hidden spot overlooking the city. We could see the whole of Bath at the top so the scene pretty much summed up the whole city. Worth a visit to complete your stay at Bath.
  • Photo of Rutti
    7 months ago
    This park is Outside the city centre. It has well kept grounds with trees and shrubs, but for me the greatest asset of this park are the stunning views looking down on the city of Bath. It's an unimpeded view of most of the famous buildings of Bath. You can take some excellent photos. It's uphill from the centre of Bath but within walking distance, or you can catch the bus to "Bear Flat" and walk the short distance from there.
  • Photo of Kim025Singapore
    7 months ago
    From the city, walk across the bridge over the track and cross the road. Go through a small tunnel at Angel place. There are two ways up, one is steep and the further entrance leads to a more gradual path up to the view point. One can see the Royal Cresent on a good day.
  • Photo of Peter J
    7 months ago
    We drove here and parked in the park as it is quite a trek - lots of it uphill - from the centre of Bath. The view is brilliant , but will be a lot better later on in the year when the leaves have dropped off the trees. If you walk down the narrow pathway ( Beechen cliff?) , there is a map which highlights many of the sights before you. Well worth a visit
  • Photo of witchwoodgrove
    7 months ago
    We had a little time left after touring Glastonbury/Wells/CheddarGorge with MadMax, so the guide took us to Alexandra Park for a breathtaking view of the city of Bath! One of the highlights of our tour!
  • Photo of IestynGeorge
    8 months ago
    Having been all over Bath uncountable times, I must confirm that views from Alexandra Park are the best in the city. Especially brilliant is to head up here at sunset, have yourself a little picnic and a drink and sit on the grass as the sun goes down. If you fancy a relaxing evening and a slog up the hill, check it out!
  • Photo of Siimsim
    8 months ago
    This park is out of the main city centre, we drive here which took about 15 mins from our hotel. The park is high up and you get amazing views of Bath city, we went in the day but it's probably very beautiful in the night with all the city lights. Highly recommended to visit here.
  • Photo of Amy P
    8 months ago
    Stunning views across the city. So peaceful even when it's busy. They park for kids is fab. Love taking the dogs for walks in the fields behind the park as well.
  • Photo of MrASM
    9 months ago
    Really tough drive up there, and the famous British lanes, then they made it extra annoying when you reach the Park, however you forgot all these nuisance when you see the views from up there, breathtaking, the whole town is at your foot, you can sit there for hours doing nothing, if your kids let you be, go for it, it really worth it.

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