Photo of La Folie Douce in Val d'Isère, , FR
Photo of La Folie Douce in Val d'Isère, , FR
Photo of La Folie Douce in Val d'Isère, , FR
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La Folie Douce

French Restaurant

apres ski • great atmosphere • folie douce • party atmosphere

Télécabine De La Daille
Val d'Isère 73150, FR
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  • Photo of Eddie T
    5 months ago
    Lively atmosphere, great music. Perfect to stop off at lunch. Didn't do any afternoon parties but can imagine its a quality venue to spend time in the afternoons at!
  • Photo of culturetravel125
    6 months ago
    Went for a drink and it turned into a massive party. Singers, dancers, sax, smoke, champagne, what more could you ask for after a day of skiing.
  • Photo of Georgina C
    7 months ago
    Folie is fun - same music every week and same format but it's reliable. Sometimes gets a bit too busy and hard to get a drink but mostly fine. Best to ignore all the ppl showing off as is inevitable.
  • Photo of Marion10166
    7 months ago
    Don't miss this treat for a fun afternoon!! Highly recommended - excellent entertainment!! It was great fun
  • Photo of Scott-Neo
    7 months ago
    If your idea of fun is watching rich Arabs and Russians by over priced bottles of fizz then this place will be right up your street. The best thing about La Folie Douce is it takes a load of people of the slopes, and its also quite a laugh watching them try and ski/board home later in the day.
  • Photo of VanceHarvey
    8 months ago
    Great place to go for Apres Ski in the mountains and is quite central to the main ski areas; there always seem to be 1000's there and is always very crowded whenever I have been. Great atmosphere and music thumping out - they have a fantastic bass system, with the occasional girls doing some acrobats on the ropes at the side. But do remember it all closes at 5pm, but one can ski down if one has the desire; there is also the gondola which goes from The Folie to near the buses at the bottom. You have to visit The Folie at least once if you go th Val D'Isere> Enjoy it :)
  • Photo of Lulu G
    9 months ago
    Amazing - the first of the follies. Definitely need a credit card that's not about to expire if you want any drinks and bring ID! Atmosphere amazing and definitely worth a visit.
  • Photo of BithiahBetty
    9 months ago
    Overpriced chips and drinks. Weird Cabaret show, very French. The show starts off with a fashion parade of the Folie Douce merchandise (after the show the shop is full of 15 year old shoppers -so the sales ploy obviously works). There are a couple of singers who have nice voices, in between the songs are "dances". The "dances" are strange- cabaret/burlesque -esque. "Sexy clowns" is certainly an interesting dance concept, as are men pretending to be horses with muzzles on getting spanked by women horseriders.. The silks and hoop acrobat was good though- fun to see the man on the other end of the rope go up and down the ladder to pull the lady on the hoop up and down in the air! After this there is a dj, dancing on tables and expensive drinks to buy, after some dodgy dancing we left . I personally preferred hearing George do cover versions of guitar rock songs in a small bar in Les Brevieres, but interesting to go to Folie Douce once, take out a bank loan before hand if you want to drink.
  • Photo of ClubGGG
    9 months ago
    But noisy and very expensive. They definitely have found a way to attract youngsters with money and know how to make you spend your dollars with loud music, live shows etc. The food is good and you can have a quick meal there too if requested. The best atmosphere is after skitime with the possibility to go down to la Daille with the 'eggs lift.' Lots of alcohol is consumed there, beware.
  • Photo of lauracalu
    9 months ago
    We went on Easter Sunday and I think the dancers were drunk, it was difficult to watch. The choreography and skills was like watching a teenage talent quest. Being the end of the season, perhaps motivation levels were low. The food was good at the restaurant, however, it was empty compared to other Folie's we've been too, so ambience was non-existent. Perhaps this had something to do with it being Easter Sunday. Having said all this, I probably would go back for a drink with friends.
  • Photo of xscreamsuk
    9 months ago
    Folie is in several parts. Posh restaurant at La Fruiterie. Self Service inside, and the BBQ outside. Most just go for the clubbing outside though and the cabaret which is like a dance club up a mountain in the afternoon. Not cheap for drinks, but for one afternoon it's worth it. Great atmosphere .
  • Photo of soph2221
    9 months ago
    What a gem, shame we only found it on the last day! Great entertainment, lots of dancing and singing!
  • Photo of RonG196
    9 months ago
    What a great place for a late (apres ski) lunch accompanied by fantasic live entertainment. Best to soak in the atmoshere with a few beers and/or glasses of wine to accompany a long lunch and skip the hazards of skiing back by returning to Val via the cable car which is handily placed next to the restaurant! Here along with reasonable but not stellar cuisine, you can watch the live aerobatics and great band while sitting in the sun by the ski slopes at the top of runs down to La Daille. Of course Folie Doche is not solely a lunchtime spot and a break from skiing can be taken here at any time of the day for coffee or a beer which can be equally entertaining.
  • Photo of gbangelski
    9 months ago
    Barnstorming apres ski.. Live music.. Lively atmosphere.. Table dancing.. Pricey but a right of passage..
  • Photo of Thomas I
    9 months ago
    We love this place. Hugely decadent but it seems that all generations love it. The nun girating to the music might offend a few but even my very Christian daughter saw amusement in it. It is experience but you have to do it at least once. With deep pockets if you go to the Fruitery but remember to reserve a table and one near to the stage. Don't forget to dance on the table when you have finished your meal ( very much encouraged).
  • Photo of GillainBray
    9 months ago
    Great place with lots of atmosphere. Great place whether you want lunch or just a hot chocolate to keep you going. Finish at the end of ski day for fantastic apres ski if that's what you are looking for
  • Photo of Amanda S
    9 months ago
    The La Folie Douce is great; you defiantly have to go while in Val D'Isere. The entertainment is fun, the food in general is good, though if getting the burgers (I would recommend) the queue is very long so be prepared to wait. We wait nearly two hours as we were at first told to go away as they were too busy. Drinks are expensive here, but are you kept entertained but the dancers. My one really criticism is that it get very cold and is in the shade for most the afternoon, make sure you bring lots of warm clothes.
  • Photo of Anne N
    9 months ago
    Went for a lunch a Friday afternoon - the sun was out and the atmosphere was booming. Lound music, happy, sunkissed people were dancing around. We had both lunch and drinks @ Folie Douce. The food was ok but the service was slow and rude. We had reserved a table and it took almost half an hour before we were seated. Due to end of the season, we could only choose among a very limited wine selection e.g. only one kind of white was offered. The place is more than enough and not a place I would return to twice in one week.
  • Photo of Peter M
    9 months ago
    After eating a burger at this place you will never experience such satisfaktion again. The two cooks take time and pride in the gourmet experience of preparing these three different burgers. You must have patiences but trust me it is a experience worth waiting for.
  • Photo of Oonagh H
    9 months ago
    What a vibrant place right on the slopes. Live music & a DJ this place was bouncing daily. Truly worth a visit. Aero acrobatics live singers. A great way to party on the slopes

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