Photo of Marché aux fleurs - Ile de la Cité in Paris, , FR
Photo of Marché aux fleurs - Ile de la Cité in Paris, , FR
Photo of Marché aux fleurs - Ile de la Cité in Paris, , FR
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Marché aux fleurs - Ile de la Cité

Tourist Attraction

flower market • reine elizabeth • notre dame cathedral • birds

Place Louis Lépine
Paris 75000, FR
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Marché aux fleurs - Ile de la Cité has 20 Tips

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  • Photo of Hannah A
    6 months ago
    If it's not out of your way, do pay the little flower market a visit... but even as a major flower fanatic, I won't be going out of my way to return. I think the idea of a little flower market on the Ile de la Cite was more romantic than the reality.
  • Photo of Summer S
    9 months ago
    We visited it on Sunday, where it is also a bird market, and while at first we were excited to see and hear all those birds, it quickly became clear that money is well weighed over animal welfare. Way too many birds are crammed into tiny tiny cages, with no room to fly or move very much. Many birds looked stressed and I noticed multiple that were clearly sick without treatment. Makes me sad to watch. The flower market looked very nice though.
  • Photo of Anna L
    9 months ago
    There were so many plant and flower varieties, a lovely place to stroll through and have a look. Unfortunately not allowed to take any photos though. Still a relaxing place to go through and be amongst nature.
  • Photo of PhotosByJamieJ
    a year ago
    This was a pleasant surprise wandering along the Seine. I definitely recommend a stop. The soaps are quite exquisite.
  • Photo of Thomas V
    a year ago
    This very colorful flower market is a pleasant diversion when visiting the many sites on Ile de la Cite. The also sell plants. Very popular, good prices.
  • Photo of Skampnyc
    a year ago
    The Marche aux fleurs features gorgeous flowers at ridiculously good prices. But the best day to go -- in my opinion -- is Sunday for the Marche aux Oiseaux. Birds of every color of the rainbow, small and large are on offer along with all the accessories you'd need to start your own small aviary. Even if you're not thinking of trying to get a live bird through customs, join the Parisians who are looking and shopping for their own pet birds or flowers to their balcony gardens.
  • Photo of Patricia G
    a year ago
    Beautiful Flower Houses - great and nice people, always helping for good ideas for your home decor with plants or flowers. And beside flowers or plants you find also really special presents/gifts for good friends (decoration, parfums, candles etc.). Really a great place to visit...
  • Photo of juneling
    a year ago
    Fed up of heading towards the Big destination stuff of Paris, it was nice to come across this little green patch. Didn't buy anything but enjoyed looking and taking photaes.
  • Photo of Bobby44881
    a year ago
    We went a long way out of our way to go here. If you have a couple of hours and like flowers, you ought to try to go. Otherwise, I'd forget it.
  • Photo of starzchris
    a year ago
    So many flowers and could have been any decade in the past.impressed by the orchids and the turn of the century water fountain.
  • Photo of FJM383
    2 years ago
    A day at the Fresh Market-Wow, a must do! the fresh flowers, fish, cheeses and pastries are a sight to behold. Friendly fruit vendors and tastings galore. My specialty was the seafood and cheese stalls-always a bargain and haggling galore!! One of my fondest memories will be walking the 1000 stalls edged up and down this unique area.
  • Photo of Nathalie A
    2 years ago
    A relaxing walk when visiting Ile de La Cite. Lots of colors and flowers and small house gadgets! Some shop owners are very nice, others don't let you take pictures.
  • Photo of Rumples
    2 years ago
    This lovely flower market brings color and pleasant scents to Paris throughout the year. The stalls here sell inside and outside greenery, including flowers, potted plants and small trees; souvenirs, such as coffee cups and stuffed animals; garden ornaments; watering cans; seeds; vases; and the list goes on. I especially like to come here during my frequent stays in Paris to look at the beautiful orchids. If I'm in the area on a Sunday, I make it a point to stop by because of the bird market held only on that day. Little birds, such as finches and canaries, sing in cages and larger ones, including roosters, strut in big enclosures. Potted flowers are also featured then. I've always found the market to be quite crowded on Sundays with far fewer people the rest of the week, except for June 7, 2014. That's when Queen Elisabeth II visited for the renaming of the market after her (Marche Aux Fleurs Reine Elizabeth II), because of the role the British played in helping to liberate the country during World War II and because this is one of her favorite spots in Paris. I joined hundreds of others that day to catch a glimpse of the queen. This market is between Notre Dame Cathedral and Sainte-Chapelle by Quai da la Corse, which runs along the Seine. It is easy to reach via Metro line 4. getting off at Cite. An exit here leads directly to the market.
  • Photo of JanetJackson62
    2 years ago
    Went out of my way to visit the market again on a cold Sunday and wasn't disappointed. The chatter of the canaries, finches and small parrots was really uplifting. Not a place to go on Sunday if you don't like the idea of caged birds, but this is very much part of Paris life with children visiting to choose their pet or buy food or toys for them. Just round the corner from Notre Dame and the Sainte Chapelle.
  • Photo of johnandlizb
    2 years ago
    We visited on the morning when the birds were there. They all seemed well looked after and happy. It was interesting to see this going on and to look round the flower market as well.
  • Photo of KLE2013
    2 years ago
    Dating from the early 19th century, this colorful flower market on the Ile de la Cite is a lovely place for a brief detour when visiting Notre Dame Cathedral or the Conciergerie. Open year round from 8am-7pm Monday to Saturday, the fragrance and photographic options of the brilliant blooms make a visit worthwhile. We were told that an exotic bird market is held at the siteonSundays.
  • Photo of Mary F
    2 years ago
    just a busy street in the middle of paris full of local flowers and more. Quite charming. Buy your picnic here :)
  • Photo of Ryan6969
    2 years ago
    I'm sure the people that work here don't give a hoot on what is said. This is not a tourist attraction but rather a place of work for these people and life goes on around them. We stumbled apron this market on our way back for Notre Dame, and had a lovely time as the locals carried on.
  • Photo of Naomi B
    2 years ago
    Wouldn't go out of my way to go here as it was much smaller than expected, but worth a stop if you're nearby with some time to kill. We visited in October, soon after opening time and on a weekday, so not sure if this affected things. We did enjoy the casual stroll through and found a few interesting little gifts for home. Note not all the stall holders are happy for you to take photos.
  • Photo of Kelly A
    2 years ago
    Maybe it was because of the time of year we went, but there felt to be more knick-knacky things than flowers. We strolled through taking only about 5 minutes. Nothing memorable.

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