Photo of Le Bouillon Chartier in Paris, , FR
Photo of Le Bouillon Chartier in Paris, , FR
Photo of Le Bouillon Chartier in Paris, , FR
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Le Bouillon Chartier

French Restaurant

Le Bouillon Chartier23.5
escargot • bouillon • french food • paper table

7 Rue Du Faubourg Montmartre
Paris 75009, FR
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  • Photo of erhan beldan
    7 months ago
  • Photo of Isabel Lord
    3 years ago
    Classic French (no fuss, and cheap!)
  • Photo of giganticgreen
    3 months ago
    We had our dinner here on the last night in Paris. We had to wait a couple of minutes because about 10 people were already in line. When we finally got seated, we were surprised by how big the entire restaurant is, with practically all seats taken. We told ourselves, "Man, that means this place must be good!" And it was indeed. While everybody ordered steak, we ordered duck, escargot, and pasta. The duck and escargot were great, but the pasta was a bit bland. The price of their food items were affordable and lower than the other restaurants we've eaten during the entire trip. The ambiance was good too.
  • Photo of Gregory V
    3 months ago
    The restaurant is always extremely busy, there was a huge queue. Very good atmosphere and excellent service. The food was tasty enough. Really good prices.
  • Photo of Pinkittyrose
    3 months ago
    We were recommended to go to this traditional restaurant which according to many people is one of the pioneers of French food. It was nice, just a regular menu not bad for the price but nothing wow, the service was kind of slow; so if you are just looking for a restaurant with good quality-to-price ratio, this is your choice!
  • Photo of TemaMagicFlute
    3 months ago
    We like the place, though it takes some manoeuvring to get the most of it. First, come at the right hours, which is after 2 pm for lunch or around 6 pm for dinner; at 6 pm you just stroll in and get both a nice table and the waiter’s attention. At 7 pm you end up in long lines, near the toilettes and less attention (alas, from the kitchen, service is mostly perfect). Secondly, choose the right stuff on the menu. Avoid lamb chops, confit de canard and the likes, as they too often are made in bunches and kept warm, ending up being close to inedible (which is, of course, indefensible, but then the Bouillion Chartier is more an historic institution than a great restaurant), so go instead for food that either has to be done to order or can stand being kept warm, such as the beouf bourgigniog, le steack haché (burger), saucisse de francfort (hotdog) and the likes. Sadly, even the chips are substandard, a la McDonald’s, in this capital of les Pommes Frites (sorry Belgium). Cést la vie, and we still keep coming back as the price is right, the mousse au chocolat is oh-la-la and, well, after all, it is Chartier where you go more for the entertainment than for the food
  • Photo of Rojogamu
    3 months ago
    We were recommended to go to this classical restaurant, which according to many people is one of the pioneers of French food. It was just a regular menu, nothing impressive, the service was kind of slow; so if you are just looking a restaurant to eat a daily menu it can be your choice.
  • Photo of MikeSyd-132
    3 months ago
    Great ambiance, good food and surprisingly good value. I have been a couple of times. As they generally don't take bookings you will queue - sometimes a short one but more likely longer. But it's worth a wait. Traditional dishes at a good price. Many locals used to come but I guess as the queues got longer and the food maybe was rushed a little... Anyway if you are a couple, chances are you will be seated at a table for 4 but it's cool as you will face your other and choose to chat or not. Everything is easy and relatively fast, a well oiled machine run by a mama. Ordered is written on the table and other quirks. Along with a great bathroom lol I love it
  • Photo of Rosie M
    3 months ago
    Beyond average!like dining in a canteen. Baffled by the queues, perhaps it's meant to be a true Parisian experience but we wished we had stopped at McDonald's next door.
  • Photo of FrederickCook
    3 months ago
    If you have never been to the Le Bouillion Chartier, then you have never really ever visited "The City of Light"
  • Photo of francois t
    3 months ago
    Very french, stunning restaurant The food is simple, and good value but good quality Waiters go fast and are good advice
  • Photo of Suzanne B
    3 months ago
    Full of atmosphere and very affordable, this is a great place for lunch or dinner. It still looks like the working class restaurant it has always been. Good food. But be sure to state exactly what you want to drink, or you'll find yourself with the most expensive wine available.
  • Photo of chezkim
    3 months ago
    It's really crowded and the food here doesn't reach out to the perfection. But it is really good enough place to experience Parisien gastronomy.
  • Photo of Sophia128
    3 months ago
    Locals frequent this resto. Not too pricey. Good Food and Wine. Courteous and excellent staff. Service was fast. Highly recommended. Had entrecôte and duck. Generous serving.
  • Photo of Anamaria K
    3 months ago
    Must visit place in Paris. Always a great experience, worth to wait in the queue. High quality food, low prices. Getting the feeling of the old good times. Lovely & authentic! One of the favourite places of local Parisians.
  • Photo of Wanderlust1029
    3 months ago
    Tender rump steak for only 11.30€ in this lovely/very busy place. I don't think you could find a tender steak for that price, specially in Paris. We went on a Wednesday evening for dinner. There was a queue but we only waited for a few minutes. I was amazed at the restaurant decor, it was very lovely. We were given seats at the second floor, and the view was even lovelier. The restaurant was full with customers. We ordered pave de rumsteack grille and pave de rumsteack au poivre. Both meats were tender. Our orders arrived very fast, about 2mins after we order. So I thought, because they have too many customers, they probably prepared the food ahead like in fast food chains. The servers were friendly but they were very busy, they walk fast all the time. I ordered profiterole for dessert and it was a bad decision. It was not delicious at all. The bread tasted old, the ice cream was tasteless, and there was too much chocolate on top.
  • Photo of voyageur_dedeiste
    3 months ago
    Food is good, service is very fast and you can eat and be out from there in 15 minutes if you're in a hurry, but it became a little too turistic (with merchandising sold on the exit, as in a Music Hall theatre). Actually, this is a 2mise en scène" that goes over and over every day. Dommage, because the place worths a visit.
  • Photo of deise a
    3 months ago
    If you are looking for a cheap place to try all the typical french food, then this is the place. They offer many varieties for a fair price. For all I know, this is one of the oldest restaurants in Paris, very traditional and even local people love to eat there. Be prepared to wait about 20-30 minutes in the line if you arrive there after 7pm. The service was good, I really liked the way the waiter wrote our orders on the table and calculated the bill with no calculator. Indeed a good place to go.
  • Photo of Hedonicus
    3 months ago
    Charter is most decidedly its own thing. The place is vast. The menu is large. The waiters are brisk, if not brusque. But the food is good, often very good, and the prices are astoundingly low. It is a great place to experiment with French cooking, if you don't feel comfortable with it yet, or to get a fine mid-level meal if you do. The wines are very fairly priced, and you will seldom be disappointed if you get their vin du moment. The desserts are truly extraordinary, with a whipped cream so good they offer it by the cup. Don't expect the waiter to discuss each dish with you and don't expect wonders of French cuisine, but you can look forward to a delightful meal on its own terms. Afterwards, if you have ever wanted to try sometimes exotic French liqueurs, you will find them at fractions of the typical price, and a nice way to cap the experience. -
  • Photo of BlakeTravels
    3 months ago
    I highly recommend visiting this restaurant while in Paris. The food is excellent, the service is superb, and the prices are incredible. When ordering wine, I suggest ordering a pichet instead of a bottle: house wine is excellent, no need to pay a bottle premium.
  • Photo of Bonny O
    3 months ago
    came here with a group of gf's to celebrate a birthday. was forced to order 4 main courses even though we didn't really want to. I'm guessing it may be a thing in france to order one dish per person? no sharing? anyway, had the a little bit of everything.. waiter recommended an avocado with shrimp appetizer... it was subpar... had the duck, spaghetti bolognese, steak, and fish. again decent at best.... best part of the meal was the sangria! service could've been better. waiter seemed angry at times and was rushing our meal along! while the restaurant is HUGE they do not want to waste any space. they were seating random couples together.... meaning a 4 person table was filled with 2 random couples eating dinner!
  • Photo of Miamiswiss
    3 months ago
    Even Parisians flock to this cantina that offers typical French food for a very reasonable price. No reservations accepted. Don't get scared by long lines. It's well worth the wait.

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