Photo of Henri Le Roux Caramelier-Chocolatier in Paris, , FR
Photo of Henri Le Roux Caramelier-Chocolatier in Paris, , FR
Photo of Henri Le Roux Caramelier-Chocolatier in Paris, , FR
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Henri Le Roux Caramelier-Chocolatier

French Restaurant

Henri Le Roux Caramelier-Chocolatier24.5
butter • taste

1 Rue De Bourbon Le Chateau
Paris 75006, FR
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Henri Le Roux Caramelier-Chocolatier has 22 Tips

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  • Photo of Kiddý Ámundadóttir
    The best salted caramel in Paris
  • Photo of Claire Asbury
    3 years ago
    Invented Salted Caramel!!!!!
  • Photo of K t
    9 months ago
    サンドミニク通り店に行かせてもらいました。帰国前にお土産として購入。1缶200gが16.8€で、それほど高くなくお土産としては最適でした。数量も5個1セットから購入できます。味は抹茶と普通のキャラメルを試食させてもらいましたが濃厚です。 味は普通に美味しいですが、特別おいしいという訳ではないです。パッケージやブランドイメージで女性に好まれるのではないかと思います。
  • Photo of Holly F
    a year ago
    After trying numerous chocolatiers from several internet recommendation lists, my husband and I finally made it to Henri le Roux. It was a great decision. We both felt that the chocolate here was much better than the other places we went to. And the caramels! Let's just say that's the only souvenirs we brought back!
  • Photo of WeLike2Play
    a year ago
    Without experiencing it yourself, my description is bound to sound like hyperbole... But as much as possible, take into account that we as a family are not easily impressed. And I generally do not enjoy candy or sweets. But this is hands down the best candy I have ever had anywhere. If I could eat one salt butter caramel from Henri Le Roux every night after dinner for the rest of my life, I would be okay with never having any other kind of dessert again.
  • Photo of jjbalella
    2 years ago
    Went to this chocolate shop multiple times. Even brought some home. Delicious. Friendly staff, convenient, and easy to find.
  • Photo of FLtravel0330
    2 years ago
    Stopped here and tasted the caramels. We wanted to eat 10 of them right then and there. A fun place to stop in and get a treat. Bought a bag to take back to US for treats at Christmas. Lots of other goodies but had already bought.
  • Photo of Mady M
    2 years ago
    Liked the minimalist look and chic theme. Caramels were very tasty. Service was not very helpful. Caramels were very overpriced for the product, although were good. Overall, because of the €,80 per caramel price, I would not return.
  • Photo of BobbyIND
    3 years ago
    Just round the corner from where we stayed at St Germain. The butter caramel was really good. But that's all we had. Sure the other stuff must be good too.
  • Photo of pla7891
    3 years ago
    i was greeted by a trainee chocolatier when i entered the shop, who kindly gave me numerous samples of caramels and chocolates. the chocolates were fantastically smooth, perfectly balanced and simply delightful. with a city of numerous competing chocolatiers, i think Henri Le Roux is one of the best.
  • Photo of Tora05
    3 years ago
    One of the best chocolates I have ever eaten in my life.....Delicate, creative, and high quality taste.. It is addictive.....
  • Photo of Paris4LDMD
    3 years ago
    I can't speak to the chocolates, but we've been here a number of times, and the caramels are out of this world. The pate de fruits are amazing too, in vibrant, seasonal flavors that will change how you think about fruit candy. If they have marron glacé or confit, don't think twice. We preferred the marron confit, but both were delectable. The service is excellent and not at all intrusive.
  • Photo of Kara T
    3 years ago
    My husband and I stopped by this Chocolatier on our walk through St. germain des pres to pick up some chocolates as gifts. I had read about this world famous shop and it didn't disappoint. There was one employee and he was helping a kind Parisian woman and her husband that assured us these were the best chocolates in Paris. She and her husband make a limited amount of trips to the city from the country just to pick up chocolates. The ration them so they don't run out between visits. She recommended the chocolate Carmel and they were delicious. We bought 2 boxes of 8 pieces for our parents as gifts and the employee was kind enough to let us sample over 5 types of chocolate. Simply amazing.
  • Photo of NYCHeadhunter
    3 years ago
    The story of M. LeRoux is as important as the product itself.....the creation of his salted caramel is remarkable; I am back only a few days and have already gone through their website to create an order for more....Seeing the Eiffel Tower twinkling at night, experiencing the wonder of the Orsay, and eating M. LeRoux's caramels!! The diversity of caramels was fascinating (similar to how one feels when trying the range of macarons from Pierre Herme); but his "CBS"..salted caramel is on a whole different ethereal level.
  • Photo of ejmtravels
    4 years ago
    If you like chocolate and you like caramels, what's not to like?, then this is the place for you. Expensive yes but soooo delicious. Save up, allow a little splurge and indulgence and buy. You can always walk it off in a city such as Paris were walking is de rigeur. Also a great souvenir/gift for that person for whom you can never think up something suitable to give.
  • Photo of Panyjohn
    4 years ago
    Best dark chocolate I've ever had. Slightly sour, in a good way, and not overly bitter. They say the cocoa is made from rare cocoa beans found in the heart of the Venezualian Rainforest. We tried the signature Yuzu Macha chocolate. Was great, and very unique, but not our personal favourite, still worth to try though. We will definately bring some chocolates back home.
  • Photo of Ichooseparis
    4 years ago
    Lovely small shop, kind workers who patiently tried to explain flavors in English. Delicate hand made milk or dark chocolate Christmas tree lollipops with tiny gold stars - we brought home lots for stocking stuffers and gift tie-ons! Their fruit jelly squares have fabulous flavor. Medium priced as French chocolatiers go and nice quality.
  • Photo of itktravels
    4 years ago
    Like the reviewer below, we did not try the chocolate but the caramels. And wow - they are incredible. I have never had caramels that were mixed with other flavors. These were sweet but not overly so and just melted in your mouth. They were a perfect treat for the middle of the day. And they are right down the street from a great wine shop. In your walks around Saint Germain, definitely pop in here and treat yourself to the best caramels. The staff was also very helpful and recommended some flavors.
  • Photo of Beachgalxo
    4 years ago
    I must admit that I didn't try the chocolate so I can't comment on it. But, the caramels...oh my they are out of this world. I went back to purchase three bags to take home. Yes, they are a little pricey but so worth it. If you're in the area, stop by and just try one!
  • Photo of MGoBlue99
    4 years ago
    We read some raves about Henri Leroux in my pre-vacation research, so we decided to stop by to pick up Paris gifts for back home. The shop is small and was only staffed by one person when we visited (and she didn’t speak English, so we couldn’t really ask a lot of questions). We stuck with the famous caramels, and also bought some chocolate bars. They come in dozens of different flavors. We also bought some chocolate discs. Our favorites were the salted caramels (excellent) and the dark chocolate hazelnut bars. We didn’t care for the orange chocolate or the green tea chocolate bars. We ate the chocolates for months after the vacation, and brought back good memories. The prices are very expensive (about $9 USD per small bar), but it was a nice splurge.
  • Photo of JanetR54
    4 years ago
    You can find caramels in most chocolate shops, but this is definitely the best. Bought a bag full before leaving Paris to give to family. Definitely recommend to stop in for a little taste of fabulous.
  • Photo of Julia G
    5 years ago
    If you're a fan of caramels be sure to find this wonderful little shop on a side street off Rue de Buci in the 6th arrondissement in Paris. There are salted caramels, flavored caramels and various chocolate caramels. All of them are outstanding. Apparently, this is the Parisian outpost of a larger store in Brittany.

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