Photo of Burger and Fries in Paris, , FR
Photo of Burger and Fries in Paris, , FR
Photo of Burger and Fries in Paris, , FR
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Burger and Fries

American Restaurant

bread • fries • burger • house sauce

1 Boulevard De Bonne Nouvelle
Paris 75002, FR
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  • Photo of 129Iodine
    6 months ago
    Went to Burgers and Fries because it was rated pretty well. It was an average burger place. The veggie burger was good and my wife had a regular cheese burger which she said was okay. The fries were a little greasy.
  • Photo of RichGi
    7 months ago
    This was the first and last burger joint I visited on this trip - which was quite fitting. Great location, just across from the Porte St Denis as a view. Burgers were great, really tasty and raw onions as a topping - mmm, love it! Unlimited soda refills was a great bonus too. Definitely recommended.
  • Photo of BelNica
    7 months ago
    Nice fresh burgers. Would recommend this if you're looking for a quick bite. Way better alternative for McDo or other fastfood giants.
  • Photo of bigdavus
    7 months ago
    the taste is ok but the size of the burger for the price is ruining the experience, French fries are ok taste
  • Photo of Suzie R
    8 months ago
    I actually was off the beaten path when I ran across this place after visiting the Opera House. Quick and quite good. Lots of fresh food, burgers were juicy and fries hot.
  • Photo of Derek J
    9 months ago
    One of the best fast food burgers I have had in a long time! The service and food were equally commendable! Especially nice was the young lady who served us and straight away recognised we were Scottish, a personal touch!
  • Photo of leonihanlon88
    9 months ago
    Food was great and fresh. Quick service and the staff were only happy to help as my French was a bit rusty! Definitely worth visiting if you are nearby.
  • Photo of MrP6552
    10 months ago
    Had the double cheeseburger with fries. Place resembles 'Five Guys' alot, but less options. However if you call em 'Five Guys' the staff are quick to point out that they arent the same. Staff was friendly, you can even get a beer with you food to if you wish. Burger, fries and drink cost around the 10 euro mark
  • Photo of terminatordk21
    10 months ago
    Burgers,fries,cheese everything is delicious. Veggie option is better than many other places even if there is no patty inside. Friendly staff, clean place and cheaper than many other options. Will definitely recommend for a quick lunch burger place.
  • Photo of MrsFebruary22
    a year ago
    We were doing Paris on a budget so had to eat at mainly the mainstream branded cafes and restaurants. We came in here for a burger one lunchtime and were able to share a portion of fried between us. It's cute in here, has seating upstairs and is very clean. It was quiet when we came, so the guy upstairs was cleaning thoroughly. The service was quick and the food was nice.
  • Photo of Brian S
    a year ago
    Great tasting burgers, buns and ingredients tasted so fresh and goooood! Its nice to have a well made burger these days in thebworld of fast and bland chain stores. Only wish we'd dared to come here at the start of our trip, do yourself a davour and if you're nearby make sure to grab a burger with fries from here!!
  • Photo of Everythinginit
    a year ago
    This place has gotten better! The buns, fries, and cheese have changed for the better! Also, they've been changing the house sauce and it's even better now, too. Good job guys! I recently went and had the Cheeseburger with grilled onions, with fries and a soda. It was perfect and just what I needed. If you want a delicious burger and hot crispy fries, that's not over priced like all of paris, go here!
  • Photo of HeimlichVigilantes
    These are some nice burgers with potato buns and good fries. Their "veggie" option is an absolute joke : just some pickles stuffed in a bun... but you pay the price for a piece of meat. In 2016 you can come up with something better such as a lentil burger or a Portobello mushroom.
  • Photo of Gracy H
    a year ago
    The menu includes self-serve soda and a huge portion of fries. The homemade sauce was lovely. The burger however was average at most. The buns and vegetables were fresh, but the patties on the other hand thin and tasteless. Good value though
  • Photo of AbRe_12
    a year ago
    The bread and the meat were fresh. Excellent sauce. The team was very friendly and responsive. Good adress for a quick lunch.
  • Photo of Borys Z
    a year ago
    Spotted place from tourbus, we left bus at next stop as kids were hungry. Some good burgers and great fries. Free drinks refills. Nice, hipster looking place with crazy devices to let you know once your food is ready. If you are around go and check it, way better that usual fastfood.
  • Photo of Sara A
    2 years ago
    Paris has many different types of burger places, but nothing in the middle between expensive, trendy and McDonalds. The best thing about burger and fries is the concept along with its food. you feel like IN n OUT and Shake Shack, I feel its a great new concept for the Parisian food scene and the milkshakes are really good. The taste of the burger is amazing yet the fries could be better.
  • Photo of Alireza A
    2 years ago
    Not a great burger, it could have had more sauce and more taste, it is a cool restaurant only if you're in the area, avoid going there if you're far. Too average to go back again.
  • Photo of FoodStache
    2 years ago
    So they say Burger and Fries is the French In-n-Out... Finally made it to try it and got a bit disappointed by the burger, the steak being tiny and hence not quite juicy, compared to the likes of PNY, B&M or Starvin' Joe... The bread and toppings were good though and the fries are great. All together it's a good cheap option but in my opinion, it doesn't replace the proper burger experience you can get at the above mentioned places.
  • Photo of Patricia Rosa S
    2 years ago
    I was interested to go and check it out as it looks so good and cute in picture. Place is indeed cute with an american ambiance to it, and it is also pretty spacious. I like the fries as they has the crunch to it but the burger was nothing memorable. Would I go there again for a burger? maybe, but its definitely not my first choice!

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