Photo of Gorges de la Nesque in Monieux, , FR
Photo of Gorges de la Nesque in Monieux, , FR
Photo of Gorges de la Nesque in Monieux, , FR
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Gorges de la Nesque

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  • Photo of Thomas1939
    3 months ago
    The road is narrow, with almost no shoulder, but it is wide enough for two cars to pass easily. Some, however, pass faster than others. We were there in September, so there were still a lot of bicyclists vying for road space. The views are beautiful. However, I'd guess the river to be at least 500' lower, so one doesn't see as much raw beauty as if closer to it. Still, not seeing it is even less interesting.
  • Photo of Chris S
    7 months ago
    Rode through this gorge as part of a cycle sportive. Wow. What an amazing place. Don't go in a car, it's a waste of time. Ride through it. A hot sunny Sunday, no traffic, no noise. Just me and 15 miles of downhill roads. Perfection.
  • Photo of Martine B
    7 months ago
    The vistas of the Gorges de la Nesque are stunning - deep ravines, dramatic cliffs and lush greenery. Be warned that although the D942 is a road loved by cyclists, it is a white knuckle, 22km drive in the car. The road is very narrow and it seems hardly possible for 2 cars to pass each other. It isa "balcony road" with narrow "tunnels" carved out of the rocks and is ranked as one of the most dangerous roads in France. Fortunately, we did not encounter any cars approaching from the opposite direction.
  • Photo of Sighclone
    a year ago
    Modest climbs and splendid views - highly recommended. Roadways are smooth, minimal auto traffic, several good restaurants, and water stops...neat tunnels, too.
  • Photo of Robben16
    a year ago
    With a grade of no more than 5% and very little of that, this ride is a cake walk and always fun. We ascended the D5, which by itself was pretty cool, had lunch at a gourmet stop in Monieux, and descended the Gorge. Had we not stopped to take pictures and admire the scenery, it would be a fun downhill. However, I think uphill would have been a better way to go slowly and take it all in.
  • Photo of Michael C
    a year ago
    Started by going over the Mont Ventoux then through the Gorges de la Nesque. In Morgan cabriolet so thrilling drive. Great too for bikers or cyclists.
  • Photo of Vince816
    a year ago
    A beautiful route, not many cars and no trucks because the tunnels engraved in the rocks does not allow big trucks. Awesome senic views. I bike this route every year, starting from Villes Les Auzon over Sault to the Mont Ventoux. In total 110 km, worthwhile to try
  • Photo of Goycochea
    a year ago
    The route "Gorges de la Nesque" runs from Villes-sur-Auzon to Monieux. You can follow the D942 in Villes-sur-Auzon. We took our car as we did not have that much time. It is a nice road, predominantly occupied by cyclists. We stopped a few times to take a few pictures (some nice views on the Mont Ventoux and the gorges). Personally I think I would have enjoyed it more if I would have been able to take my bike. It is approximately 20 km of uphill and downhill (never flat) and the climbs are challenging but not too steep or endless. Perfect training exercise if you are planning to climb the Mont Ventoux.
  • Photo of MrsStitches
    a year ago
    very beautiful, full of crazy cyclists, but I hated every minute of it. Couldn't wait to get out of the gorge.
  • Photo of neilbgood
    2 years ago
    Cycled the Gorge on route to Mount Ventoux. Beautiful scenery with minimal traffic. Highly recommended route to the easier route up the Mount Ventoux. There is a panoramic photo spot too!
  • Photo of johnhouston2
    2 years ago
    This is one of my favourite drives in Europe, and I usually drive it after coming over Mont Ventoux. The scenery here is lovely and I can't help but smile at the efforts made (by the local council I assume) to neatly trim hundreds of pieces of privet that contrast completely with the rugged terrain. From a driving perspective this gorge is a much gentler drive that many other gorges in France, with the result that you can do it in a pretty relaxed manner. There are also more stopping opportunities. Top drive and highly recommended.
  • Photo of MJbLimbricht
    2 years ago
    This is a must see if You visit the Provence. Better than the Gorges du Verdon since it is not yet overran by tourists. Great scenery and views. Just get out there and enjoy!
  • Photo of Francoise1947
    2 years ago
    Excellent cycle ride. We did it both ways and enjoyed. It is not too hard for any averagely fit cyclist.
  • Photo of Leisurecyclist
    2 years ago
    A lovely quiet meander through beautiful peaceful scenery. We enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere and lovely views. Well worth timing your visit to enjoy lunch at Les Lavandes restaurant in Monied
  • Photo of madcatwoman
    2 years ago
    Lovely drive throughout this gorge. Views were great if not particularly varied. Wonderful watching the cyclists from the car! Loved the tunnels through the rocks.
  • Photo of Susannah H
    2 years ago
    Took a drive out to see this gorge. Compact with twisting roads and small tunnels. Good view points along the way and nice picnic areas.
  • Photo of Ken W
    2 years ago
    Very good leisurely ride. Great scenery and views, close to Ventoux and the surrounding cycling community.
  • Photo of Jan W
    3 years ago
    What a blast! we rode this on our motorcycles and - wow, wonderful scenery, wonderful twists and turns, rock formations and views in every direction - amazing
  • Photo of Julie C
    3 years ago
    Cycling through amazing Gorges de la Nesque. Breathtaking views and great fun with other cyclists.....totally recommend the experience.
  • Photo of XKSue
    3 years ago
    The tourist route from Villes sur Auzon to Sault is longer than the more direct route over the col on the road built to give to faster and easier access to Sault. It follows the old road which winds along the gorges of the Nesque deeply hollowed into the rock which rises cliff-like on each side. The road is quite narrow and can be slow as there are few opportunities to overtake and an RV or even a couple of bikes can make meeting or passing traffic quite difficult. There are a number of laybys along the route which have been chosen to allow you to enjoy the spectacular views into and across the gorges. It is possible to drive along the far side too, and this road has a number of interesting interpretation boards relating details of Resistance activity.

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