Photo of Restaurant Astier in Paris, Îl, FR
Photo of Restaurant Astier in Paris, Îl, FR
Photo of Restaurant Astier in Paris, Îl, FR
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Restaurant Astier


Restaurant Astier24
cheese plate • rabbit • herring • scallops

44 Rue Jean-pierre Timbaud
Paris 75011, FR
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  • Photo of Nomadic Matt
    2 years ago
    Located right next to Jeanne A, Restaurant Astier serves classic French cuisine. It’s not cheap, but the food is delicious and the cheese plate at the end of the meal is the best I’ve ever tasted. As my waiter said, “Have no regrets”.
  • Photo of Charlotte Peter
    2 years ago
    Cheese yum go here
  • Photo of caroistaa
    3 months ago
    This was quite possibly one of the worst dining experiences I have ever had, and most certainly the worst during my week in Paris. While my friend and I had reservations, we were seated right by the door that didn’t close and the restaurant’s coat rack (meaning that, yes, a coat fell on me as the restaurant got more and more crowded). There were also a lot of fruit flies in our corner, not sure about the whole restaurant. Despite this, the bathroom was very decent. The appetizer of tomato soup and cod tar tar was lovely. For the main, I got the salmon that lacked any flavor, was cold, and undercooked. The curry emulsion it was in was merely cold froth with no curry flavor at all, while the zucchini noodles were quite good. While an emulsion is whipped, it should contain some flavoring. The cheese plate was the reason why we came, and while most of the cheeses were good, it was over-priced even for Paris at 16€ per person. It is also only one cheese plate for the entire restaurant, and it is brought from table to table. This makes it quite unsanitary (especially considering the fruit flies). For dessert, we got the strawberry soup as per the waiter’s recommendation. This was the most interesting dessert I have ever had: syrupy strawberries (from a can?) with what seemed like a can of seltzer poured on top, with strawberry ice cream (essentially inedible as it melted with the seltzer) and fresh tarragon. When we paid, our waiter asked how everything was. I explained that we were freezing, my salmon was not very good, and the dessert was horrendous. Rather than apologize (even if the apology would have been insincere in his mind) briefly and move on, the waiter rudely told me that I should have spoken up before. While I can see his point, he never asked us how the dessert was, and, as winter is coming, he and his staff should simply not have anyone seated where coats can fall on them and right by the door. This is common sense. I know that Paris is not a “service-culture,” but the vast majority of people in the restaurant were tourists and in order to maintain business, it is important to treat all customers with respect. I would recommend buying a baguette and a wheel of Brie cheese to bring to a park before coming to Astier, but that's just me.
  • Photo of arnos.grove
    4 months ago
    Smashing traditional French restaurant. We enjoyed superb food on the €35 menu, a great mix of tastes and perfect sized portions that left us full but not on our knees! That said, if we’d have done the cheese board... A lovely atmosphere and excellent service - even down to some gentle ribbing of my hopeless French (which was still appreciated and responded to in kind - merci)! Don’t hesitate to visit.
  • Photo of Emma C
    4 months ago
    The quality of the food here was astounding. We actively seek good food and like to splash out a little on holidays and this place delivered. We decided not to opt for the set menu (but this is good value at 35 euros for 3 courses or 45 euros for 4 courses). We shared the chicken and fennel ravioli as a starter, followed by the veal and pork, then the raspberry & lemon tart as well as the poached peach. The starter and two mains were divine, with all the flavours complementing each other to perfection. The tart was very nice, but I wouldn't say it was exceptional. The poached peach was actually ordered by mistake as we read it as poached pear and neither of us really like peach. However, this was honestly one of the best desserts we have ever had anywhere and is one of the best mistakes we've ever made when it comes to food - I cannot recommend it enough, even if you don't like peaches. Astier is not a cheap eat, but the quality of the food more than justifies the price (our meal came to 98 euros which included the starter, two mains, two desserts & two 250ml glasses of wine) which is actually quite reasonable in my opinion! Definitely give this place a visit if you value great service and exceptional food.
  • Photo of Sophie W
    5 months ago
    We went to this restaurant on recommendation from the hotel we were staying at. It was really amazing and by far the best restaurant we ate at. The restaurant itself was very traditional french which was perfect. The staff were very helpful, attentive and kind. The food was excellent - really delicious. I had the 'suggestion' which was guinea fowl and it was gorgeous. I definitely recommend this restaurant!
  • Photo of YumBrum
    5 months ago
    This is a welcoming bistro but do book ahead to reserve a table. We went for the 45 Euro 4 course option. Good selection of wines by bottle and glass. For me the flavours that they were advertising in their dishes weren't bold enough but for most people's palates it would be spot on. For example I had salmon with a red curry foam but you couldn't taste any curry flavours in the foam. But the salmon was cooked absolutely perfectly. Similarly my husband had veal kidneys with ginger-again I couldn't taste the ginger but the kidneys were cooked perfectly. Go hungry to this restaurant. For the starter if pickled herring they bring you a huge dish to help yourself from. The cheese course is amazing. Again they bring a huge tray to your table and leave it with you to help yourself. Then they put the boot in with the size of the rum baba pudding... So in summary if you like bold, strong flavours then you will be disappointed but if you like very well cooked, good sized portions in a very friendly bistro you won't leave feeling short changed. We will definitely go back.
  • Photo of larrybY851ZE
    5 months ago
    This restaurant specializes in a slow cooked lamb shoulder that is moist, tasty and perfeclty done. The staff were friendly and helpful. The waiter made a good wine recommendation for my meal. The plateau de fromage was outstanding and they actually left it at my table for me to have at it as I wished! I had a Baba au Rhum for dessert that was huge and could have been for two people. I highly recommend this place.
  • Photo of rangerzx3
    5 months ago
    Of all the restaurants we ate at, this was our favorite! Fantastic food for the money! We actually ate here twice (despite the hundreds of restaurants in Paris)! The cheese tray was awesome too! Great French cuisine! Excellent service as well!
  • Photo of cwclausen
    5 months ago
    An really original old French bistro All the way, from the amazing food to the good service and interior. This place is a must to try If you are in Paris!
  • Photo of free-heelinUT
    6 months ago
    We spent a week in Paris and ate dinner here one night. Compared to meals we had at other restaurants we felt the food was average. There was nothing particularly memorable about the dishes we had. I would have enjoyed a small cheese plate with 2 or 3 cheeses for dessert that is available at almost every other restaurant. Unfortunately the only option here is the gimmicky all you can eat option for 16 € per person which is more than I wanted. There are definitely restaurants around that provide higher quality food for the same price.
  • Photo of jjp333
    6 months ago
    We made a reservation although at 7:45 we may not have needed one. That being said they had a table set up for us and we were taken to it right away. The food was really excellent, I had the veal which may have been the best I had in Paris. The service was very friendly if a bit slow at then end of the meal, pretty darn minor. We read all about the cheese plate, and thought we would end up getting it, it seems to be a part of the reason that people go to the restaurant! There were so many great looking desserts we ended up getting coffee and splitting the lemon and raspberry tart. We saw the cheese plate as we were leaving, it looked spectacular!
  • Photo of clinhard
    6 months ago
    WOW!! I don't know where to start! Astier was certainly the BEST meal that I had in Paris, and was truly an unforgettable dining experience! I discovered their restaurant on a food blog and decided to dine with some friends. When we arrived at the restaurant, we learned that they are also Michelin-rated which was a happy accident! And after dining there, I can see why they are Michelin-rated! Such an honor to dine here!! Every minute of our visit was absolutely flawless. We were greeted by every member of the staff when we walked in, and seated upstairs at a cozy table for 4. Our server spoke English very well, was very friendly, and helpful during the ordering process. We enjoyed some delicious sparking Rose, their martinis are INCREDIBLE, and our entire meal was impeccable!! My fiance and I ordered the Chickpea Vegetable Socca Pie which was SO tasty and unique, and we shared the Chef Special Beef Rib! OH MY GOD. One of the best if not the best steak I have ever had!!! It was cooked perfectly per the Chef, SO flavorful, perfectly seasoned, just flawless!! With a side of roasted vegetables and potatoes au gratin! I was in HEAVEN during this meal. It was so unforgettable and perfect, I can't even describe it. I will come back to Paris just to dine at Astier! I would highly recommend to anyone who wants a genuine French bistro experience! They are Michelin-rated for a reason!! The best restaurant in Paris hands down!
  • Photo of Paul G
    6 months ago
    We ate at Astier quite early in the evening and had a great meal. The staff were very friendly and spoke excellent English. The food was typically Parisian, very tasty and well presented. I had pigeon which was cooked perfectly and my wife had slow cooked lamb which was also fantastic. The cheese is definitely something worth saving some room for! The bill was certainly not expensive for the quality of food that we experienced and we'll definitely visit Astier again.
  • Photo of Patrice L
    6 months ago
    After a very hectic first day of our honeymoon (bags lost and the usual jet lag), Astier was the perfect first dinner of the trip! I had read about Astier from David Lebovitz’s reviews and had been dreaming about the epic cheese plate. We were there a bit early due to travel exhaustion (7:30) and had our pick of inside or outside seating. We sat inside (great decor) and opted for wine by the glass (server recommendation for each course) instead of a bottle. The wines were as delicious as the food. My husband’s egg and foie gras foamed dish was mind blowing. All the food was delicious, as were the wines. But, THE CHEESE PLATE. If you love French cheese and want the opportunity to try as many as you can, you need to go to Astier. They bring you the cheese board and you can cut as many pieces as you want. There were about 15 cheeses (maybe more) on the board and all were spectacular. I will gladly return!
  • Photo of raherold
    7 months ago
    Good food but poor management. We sat outside and, when another guest complained about a smoking cigarette in a floor ashtray next to them, a waiter moved the ashtray next to us. I said no thanks and he angrily moved the ashes to the street dumpster. I went to Astier for the cheese but unfortunately ended up not getting it. Astier requires everyone at the table to order a main course before providing the cheese for EUR 16. We wanted a light dinner and only planned to share one starter and one main. The waitress informed us that, in this case, the cheese would cost a ridiculous EUR 32. So we ordered two mains instead and were too full after to sample the cheese. The owner needs to figure out how to charge more fairly for the cheese. It doesn't take a genius to adopt per person pricing or per cheese pricing, like most other Paris restaurants. Meanwhile pork cheeks and beets were very tasty, though the sauce was a little too heavy and sweet from an excess of honey. Veal kidneys were fresh and tasty. Too bad an otherwise nice dinner was compromised by cigarette smoke and an idiotic, rip-off pricing practice. I can't recommend this place.
  • Photo of Travelingtheworld61
    My new favorite restaurant in Paris! Have eaten in numerous places over the last 20 years and this has become one of my new favorites. We were able to get last minute reservations for dinner. Two words! CHEESE BOARD! When you order the cheese board, you can only get it with the prix fix menu. We wondered why we couldn’t order a starter, salad and cheese plate and found out when we it came! It had at least 20 different kinds of cheese and they were full size wheels. They left the basket platter at your table and it was all you can eat!! I am a cheese lover so I tasted every single one and it was fantastic!! And only €16! I am dreaming of their chicken quenelle! Also loved their Baba soaked in rum. The steak was almost raw though when ordered medium and had to be sent back. Can’t wait to go back!!
  • Photo of Reman-sco
    7 months ago
    Our 4th visit to Astier and I doubt we will return. It has declined over the years in terms of quality and cost. It is now I would guess well marked on the tourist guides and might explain the declining food being served and the price hike. There is very little local/ repeat custom, allowing them to churn put poor food It is now €16 pp for the cheese board. Whilst the selection is extensive the cost is prohibitive. Even if it was possible to share between 2 it would be acceptable, but if you share a tasting with the other dinner they charge € 32!!! The wines are 50% more than similar establishments.
  • Photo of Jennifer S
    8 months ago
    Astier did not disappoint, such a wonderful meal and service. We chose the chicken and tenderloin entrees and followed up with the cheese tray... everything was divine! Merci!!
  • Photo of groverbark
    8 months ago
    Overrated. The food was mediocre. It was nothing special in terms of selection, taste, or uniqueness. And the prices were relatively higher than Most good restaurants specializing in French food. The cheese platter was a bit of a con game so we avoided. The prices were not comparable to other restaurants. The Astier appeared to be popular with tourists so if you like that sort of place you will feel satisfied. The waitress did the best job she could given the ridiculous number of tables she had to attend to.
  • Photo of jak609
    8 months ago
    This was my first visit and I wasn't impressed. The restaurant was small but quite nicely laid out. The staff were pleasant and helpful. I ordered the chicken meal which turned out to be some sort of chicken mousse type fillet.. It was like microwaved, chicken flavoured, scrambled egg. The white mushroom sauce it came in was lovely and the dish was served with a kind of fried rice. All for €21. I ate the mushrooms and sauce with bread. It's not a meal I would eat again but definitely an experience.
  • Photo of Angelino R
    8 months ago
    Very honest dinner and good selection of wines, we tried the cheap Chenin which is light and fragrant and the Muscadet, more grassy and pungent. The muscadet accompanied our foie grass nicely, the sugars where enough. The fillet of beef was amazing and so was the succulent short ribs, served in a cast iron skillet with French carrots and a rich but light sauce. We also tried the chicken and the fish. Both were great. Honest real French food. Dealers are also good, the pineapple was spicy and fragrant, the chocolate pie rich and velvety and the baba, so very French. I intended to take a photo of the deserts. But I lost the plot when they arrived... VERY Recommended!

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