Photo of Rue Cler Bijou in Paris, Fr, FR
Photo of Rue Cler Bijou in Paris, Fr, FR
Photo of Rue Cler Bijou in Paris, Fr, FR
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Rue Cler Bijou

Bed and Breakfast

Rue Cler Bijou34.5
rick steves • cheese shops • flower shops • pastries

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  • Photo of Nomadic Matt
    2 years ago
    Rue Cler is right near the Eiffel Tower and is one of the most famous street markets in Paris. It’s popular with locals and tourists who buy picnic supplies and eat on the grass near the tower. It’s one of my favorite street markets in the city. Get there early on Sundays to beat the crowds! Opening hours: M–F (all day), Sa–Su (mornings), some shops are closed on Mondays.
  • Photo of Charles-Antoine Beaulieu
    Petit rue avec resto
  • Photo of Bonniie Shamblin
    3 years ago
    Grand Leveque hotel
  • Photo of TrvlsEatsExplrs
    10 days ago
    This is one of the most amazing streets to visit that no one has ever heard of. It's only mentioned in a few guidebooks but the food and the walk down this small street in Paris near the Eiffel Tower is magical. Be prepared to buy a separate food group for several different locations as shop owner specialize in one or two alone. Buy some fruit, bread, cheese and wine all from different shops that have move their offerings onto the street for you to choose from. Amazing experience!
  • Photo of Michael H
    a month ago
    Lots of great family owned shops. Very fresh foods and flowers, along with street cafes. The street market area is a staple in the Rue Cler neighborhood.
  • Photo of Manuela L
    2 months ago
    This street has a warm atmosphere with many shops, flowershops in the street, many cosy restaurants, real old parisian ambiance, local grocers, no stress, you feel like to be in charming village; it's a pedestrian street without cars, so with many charm.
  • Photo of Sidney A
    2 months ago
    Going to Paris for the first time, we thought the "thing to do" was to picnic under the Eiffel Tower. While we were quite possibly the only people doing this in the frigid autumn air, Rue Cler was the perfect place to gather our fixings. It was a beautiful pedestrian street with shops and vendors of every food type. We got cheese, baguettes, veggies, fruit, meat, and of course wine.
  • Photo of claratwinding
    2 months ago
    A great area for seeing another non-tourist part of Paris. With small shops, restaurants/ cafes and a lot of bakeries, it's a good place for getting a break from all the tourists
  • Photo of Pat H
    3 months ago
    A visit to Rue Cler is well worth your time when on the way to the Eiffel Tower. The street itself is one of only 5 or 6 in Paris that must remain untouched by time and probably looks about the same as it did when a young Julia Child shopped here. It offers a variety of excellent shops for cheeses, pastries, breads, flowers, as well as several cafes and restaurants. We try to visit in the morning right after breakfast to see more of the activity of the day. Allow yourself time to browse in the shops and stop for a coffee or glass of wine before moving on to other sites.
  • Photo of Shore G
    3 months ago
    This looked like fun from other TA reviews, and it was. We came at t from the Invalides on our way home to Rue Dominique, so it was convenient for us. Stopped in the fabulous Mariage Tea shop, a florist, the grocery store, the beautiful cheese shop (that also has bread and wine to go with your cheese!), and then headed on home with our treasures. Recommend this for a fun hour between museums! Close to invalides or the Rodin museum, if you are there.
  • Photo of Robert S
    3 months ago
    The 7th arrondissement is a great district in Paris for a variety of reasons including Rue Cler since it is primarily residential and quiet at night. This street is a long standing shopping street with functioning shops intended for locals as well as tourists (but first for the local residents). TIP: It is well known that Paris in August many people vacate the city for their on vacation (as do many European cities): therefore, you accept that fact or come at different times. Over several decades of Parisian holidays, we have found April & October are very pleasant times to visit
  • Photo of wallylovesthetigers
    The street comes alive at night Many restaurants to choose from and the shop owners have stalls out the front for you to peruse and choose from all the local treats There is everything you can possibly want to eat and drink from take home packages or sit and enjoy dinner or even a few refreshing bevvies before Its all in this street
  • Photo of Jarroyo786
    4 months ago
    Eat your way around this delightful market, then go back and do it again. If only I had room for more! The fresh food was wonderful as was the pastry and baked food. We had breakfast and lunch there and don't pass by the produce stands-the raspberries are the finest you will ever have.
  • Photo of Marty_43
    4 months ago
    Loved this place, closer to our hotel and good cafe's , Bon Marche, breakfast is good and dinner, too. Staffs were great, too. They were so nice to accommodate us even we got there 30 minutes before closing. There are fromagerie, Boulangerie, flower shops, hotels, souveneir shops in this area. Will go back again soon.
  • Photo of 22Drifters
    5 months ago
    Everything you need for self catering is available in this one strret. Plus plenty of places to eat and drink.
  • Photo of Laura T
    5 months ago
    Located near the Eiffel Tower, we visited due to the many great tripadvisor reviews. However in August a lot of the shops/vendors were shut up for the summer and the street was really very short, so literally spent 5 minutes wandering up and back down. There were a few restaurants that looked nice but we were not wanting a sit down meal. We didn’t think the street any different to many of the others in Paris, yes the cobblestones look pretty but we saw livelier/just as authentic areas in the Latin Quarter. We had planned to visit the bakeries, cheese store, flower and fruit stalls, patisseries etc etc that I had read about….. But after looking for 2 minutes and only seeing a couple of fruit stalls we ended up popping into the Franprix to pick up bits for our picnic! Not as authentic but good enough for our picnic in the park. Approx 5 minutes walk from Parc du Champ de Mars.
  • Photo of Passioncookress
    5 months ago
    Some restaurants are tasty but all are way to expensive and this is caused due their distance to the Eiffel Tower. Also standard high price food stores are here. Only a few locations provide real fine ingredients.
  • Photo of Michael S
    5 months ago
    Our bike tour stopped here so we could have something to eat and take a quick break. We enjoyed it so much that we came back and few days later. There are a number of neat little shops and well as several good places to eat and people watch. A little touristy but yet has a local vibe to it. Well worth a stop.
  • Photo of A M
    5 months ago
    I hadn't visited this street that so many folks talk about. So, I made a point to go. It isn't a very long street. There were a variety of restaurants and shops. I didn't see anythingparticularly special about the commerce on the street. There is a decent Leader Price if anyone is looking for an inexpensive supermarket. Except for the latter, I would not feel the need to return.
  • Photo of k-rad007
    6 months ago
    Had the pleasure or staying just off Rue Cler. Visiting the patisseries, cheese and fresh produce shops each day was a highlight of our trip. The street contains a few restaurants, a couple of cheese shops, some grocers, fresh fruit and veg stalls, and liquor stores. This is a perfect spot to fill your basket for a picnic under the Eiffel Tower, which is just a few blocks away.
  • Photo of Feenixwest
    6 months ago
    For about three blocks this is an intense experience of food shopping. My favorite was the cheese shop of hundreds of kinds of cheeses beautifully displayed. Fun place to shop near the Eiffel Tower.
  • Photo of EUcivilization
    6 months ago
    With it's many shops this street is an ok place to see on the way to a touristic attraction. In itself is not much.
  • Photo of Damaris H
    6 months ago
    The area is vibrant with many shops and great restaurants. Our favorite places to eat were Amorino for gelato and Le Petit Cler for dinner. My daughter and I felt safe walking in the evenings (after 11 PM) returning from visiting the Eiffel Tower or the river cruise.

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