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Finnkino Plevna


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Finnkino Plevna has 20 Tips

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  • Photo of Michael B
    5 months ago
    Who would have guessed that you could get authentic German cuisine and beer in the middle of a Finnish city. Well look no further as Plevna is your source for German food and drink in the heartland of Finland. It's always a pleasure to eat here and I have personally been here dozens of times during my frequent visits to Tampere region.
  • Photo of pepics
    a year ago
    Many theaters (10), good seats, high-tech sound and vision, newest hollywood mainstream movies, flexible ticket buying options. Their online pages are, however, are the worst I've seen for awhile.
  • Photo of Andruta I
    2 years ago
    I went there twice so far and the cinema is quite good. There will be a long queue for the popcorn though.
  • Photo of Okil
    2 years ago
    My favourite pub in Tampere. Their microbrewery beers are the best in Tampere, maybe even in whole Finland. Food is a bit pricy considering it's basic German beergarten style but definitely won't leave you hungry. The setting of the place is very and I often come here with just one friend or sometimes twenty.
  • Photo of prkl08
    3 years ago
    We visit this place 2-3 times / month. Movies they show are same as you see in any country. Prices for 3D movies during a weekend are ridicilous. Prices on sweets/drinks/chips are also ridicilous. A bottle of water is 2,80€, when you buy a 6-pack of that same water for 2.70€ in a shop. Pretty much brainless to buy anything here - go to proper candy stores / shops near by and get your sweets there. The staff is nice and place is clean - not during weekend evening though, because it's uber busy those days and cleaning does not seem to work properly that time. Which amazes me more, because you pay 14€ for a ticket... Only reason we come here is cheaper tickets from Stockmans "crazy days"...
  • Photo of Michael B
    3 years ago
    If protein is your desire this is the place in Tampere. Sausages and Chops galore. Lots of tasty German inspired dishes that are sure to fill you up. This is also a brewery that has a generous selection of beers which are also pleasant.
  • Photo of pajulankustaa
    3 years ago
    The selection of films is wide, but most of the movies that are shown here are Hollywood stuff. In the weekends the place is very crowded. Personally, I prefer the independent cinema (Niagara) but sometimes go to Plevna, too.
  • Photo of Jenny A
    3 years ago
    This cinema is in the old Fnlayson area in an old factory building. So the anvironment is unique. It's the biggest cinema in Tampere, with several screens and the biggest one is quite large. They also have nice variation of snacks (very expensive though, but again, so is everything in Finland...). The toilets are also unique, with movie stars on the doors :D.
  • Photo of phantazma
    3 years ago
    Epic movie theather complex in the heart of Tampere. Plenty of movies and people. Good services close-by. Excellent parking in house.
  • Photo of Joel J
    3 years ago
    Dishes are huge, be warned :) Food is far from healthy, but is alcohol healthy? They make their own beer there, so taste those as well. Place is great for bigger parties.
  • Photo of OTlohja
    3 years ago
    Good beer with good friends in Plevna. They had their way of having Octoberfest, visible only in the dresses of waitresses. Plevna has its own brewery, good beer. Good central location.
  • Photo of Merel8
    3 years ago
    The cinema here is nice, the chairs and comfortable and the staff is nice. The tickets are really expensive but that's Finland. Strangely this cinema is more expensive that the other Finnkino cinema: Cine Atlas. It takes 5-10 minutes to walk to cine atlas from Plevna. I wanted to see the film Gone Girl in Plevna, 1 ticket was 13 euros and 11 euros in Plevna. So we decided to walk to Plevna.
  • Photo of nandamartinelli
    3 years ago
    Nice place, good local food, good prices. I recommend the beer soup as a starter, which is really tasteful.
  • Photo of Teemunmatkat
    3 years ago
    Plevna is a movie theatre with 10 screens. You can see your favourite movies there. There is toilets named by famous actors.
  • Photo of X9857BVpaulb
    3 years ago
    Pleva is a must visit pub in Tampere. Lots of fantastic beers brewed in house and interesting Finnish dishes like Black sausage and Reindeer (stewed in stout) with mashed potatoes. Friendly wait staff but it can get busy and loud. Still, once you're in it - you can't forget it.
  • Photo of keef1988
    4 years ago
    The theater is in an old historic building which is why it feels so old and small inside. However the actual audio and video is great, which is what really matters. They also have lockers in the lobby for hire (1euro) so if you have a big bag or jacket you can put it there instead of on the floor.
  • Photo of Tommi-73
    4 years ago
    The atmosphere is very nice, the waitresses are dressed accordingly, the food is excellent, a big plus is their own brewery. You get to choose from a small taste size to a big one. In the weekends you better have a reservation!
  • Photo of Joaopa
    4 years ago
    Great food and nice beer. Nice place to eat out and try the local beer :) I liked the whole experience - all 50 characters worth of it...
  • Photo of Gunnersen
    4 years ago
    Nice place for beer. Situated in an old factory. They make their own beer but have also many other types.
  • Photo of Vuilnisman
    5 years ago
    The restaurant is situated in an old textile factory, which gives it a special atmosphere. Plevna has it's own brewery and offers a wide variety of special beers. The service is friendly and adequate. So far, so good. The cuisine is Finnish. The food however is no more than reasonable.

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