Photo of Langvik Congress Wellness Hotel in Kirkkonummi, , FI
Photo of Langvik Congress Wellness Hotel in Kirkkonummi, , FI
Photo of Langvik Congress Wellness Hotel in Kirkkonummi, , FI
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Langvik Congress Wellness Hotel


spa area is • nice spa • traditional finnish sauna • relaxing weekend

Tanskarlantie 9
Kirkkonummi 02420, FI
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Langvik Congress Wellness Hotel has 20 Tips

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  • Photo of Juha M
    3 months ago
    Longvik is a conference and spa hotel to the west from Helsinki. It's owned by Russian oligarc family listed on US/EU trade ban but if that's not a problem for you it's a great place for relaxation. The building used to be a training center of a bank before renovation so it looks and feels a bit like Springfield High, very long corridors and labyrinth layout. We stayed in a room called Meeting suite which turned out to be a modern spacious meeting room with a pulldown bed. Apparently smaller suites are much nicer and cozier. Spa area is a strange mixture of old 70'ies architecture and ultra modern design. These layers give it an interesting retro look, and the cool wet-bar area with loud lounge music seems to be a hangout for young adults pre-mating ceremonies. My 50+ habitus didn't really fit in... And very same was my first impression on Saturday night restaurant experience: DJ playing loud groove and trendy crowd, mostly couples. Luckily the service and food was excellent. I warmly recommend the tasting menu; with exciting ingredients and tastes like wildboar and reindeer. Wine package to complete the holistic experience was very good value for money. Following morning, on Sunday, a brunch was included to the room price, a nice surprise.
  • Photo of Madelon N
    3 months ago
    The hotel has spacious rooms and a nice small spa with cosy sofas around an indoor bonfire. The food in the restaurant is good quality, but overpriced. The breakfast is very good with fresh products and a wide range of options. Unfortunately, we had a very positive experience in this hotel. When our room was cleaned, clothing which was on the desk opposite of the bed went missing. Furthermore, a pink cloth to clean the toilet (!) was on the desk. We were only away from the room for an hour and a half, so the room hadn't been cleaned long ago when we found out. We reported this case immediately to the hotel reception. When we came back to the room again, we found a bag on the floor, which contained many cleaning cloths. This is very strange and unprofessional to do. Again we reported this to the reception. Two cleaning ladies came to the room, and asked if they could check if my clothing was in the bed, by making the bed again. Seeing how the housekeeping is making the bed, shows they are not doing this carefully. All the blankets were put on the table opposite of the bed, where were my personal items. They didn't check what was there, and didn't see that there was also a cup of water, which fell down. Seeing the procedure, I'm convinced that my clothing was picked up while collecting the sheets. When I was in shower, three people came to the room to inquire about what happened and they said to check all the laundry. Reception staff came back later and said all laundry was checked, but my clothing was not found. The hotel didn't offer any compensation. Only after I asked, we received two spa vouchers. My overall experience in this hotel is very negative, because personal items went missing after the room was cleaned. Furthermore, not only once, but even twice, cleaning stuff was left in our room. We expected far more professional behaviour from this type of hotel in this price range. This experience laid a dark shadow over our weekend together. If you ever stay in this hotel, make sure that you pack all your belongings inside of your suitcase before leaving the room.
  • Photo of Jarmo K
    4 months ago
    Långvik is situated in the metropoly area, about 40 minutes from the city of Helsinki. Still you can feel like beeing in middle of nature and near the sea. The confrence center and hotel area is quite large and in good shape. Meetingrooms are modern and fuctioned very well. The hotelroom was spacy, modern and with nice view to the garden and the beach. Room was very quiet and the bed was comfortable. There is also a gym, 22-meter long swimming pool, jacuzzi and saunas in the first floor. The breakfast was good and well organised. The restaurant offered nice dinner at night, too. I can really recommend this place.
  • Photo of Emmi L
    4 months ago
    Långvik Congress center looks fresh (except the Russian slash Chinese styled plastic flowers on the revolving doors) and the location is absolutely gorgeous with it's nature trail, beach and sport equipments. What I disliked, why I'm giving 3 stars instead of 4, was the menu; it could be so much better with a small effort. Why not to offer multiple kind of small tapas plates á 5€ instead of a plate of crisps for 6€? You would then suggest visitors to choose like 4-6 tapas plates for two people. Theme could be archipelago and Finland for example. You could have at least 2 fresh salads in your menu, price could be 15-17€. And not always a Caesar salad. By that effort you would tempt more customers, incl. locals to come for a lunch or a drink and "accidentally" use extra euros to have something small from the menu.
  • Photo of Camilla L
    5 months ago
    We visited on a sunny Saturday. The hotel was fully booked and we did notice that during the evening meal at the restaurant and when visiting the spa. We had to wait for quite a while to get a space in the two small jaccuzzis. The spa in general was small, but enjoyable. Very clean and the sauna was great. There was a steam room as well but we didn't go there. After going to the spa I had a facial treatment at the wellness centre. I had the 30min face mask and it was heavenly. The lady who did the mask was lovely and my skin felt great afterwards. For the evening we had a table booked at the restaurant. The concierge recommended booking a table and she was right - there were basically no empty tables there. The food was amazing. We had the Iberico Pork and the Marbled Fillet Beef. Both were absolutely amazing, we enjoyed them immensely. For desert we had the rhubarb with yoghurt sorbet and the "Petit sweet" . These were great as well. The only negative were the waiting times. We ordered wine and did not receive them until we had waited a good 30-40min. For the mains we waited 45-50min. The staff were very apologetic and did mention that they were very busy. We didn't mind as we weren't in a particular hurry, but we could tell that other diners weren't too happy. The breakfast was good. There were many things to choose between and it was all very fresh. Only thing we weren't too impressed with was the juice - not fresh pressed as we expexted from this type of establishment. The room was lovely and spacious. The bed was great - not too firm or soft. No complaints at all when it comes to the room! In general a great stay. We would definitely stay again. The highlights were the food and the face mask at the spa.
  • Photo of Mikakorh
    6 months ago
    Midsummer stay for two. Bonfire was nice and breakfast to our taste. Wellness area a dissappointment compared to finnish competitors. Room was not cleaned when we arrived at 4:30pm. Bar lady made a wicked mojito though... so so overall.
  • Photo of Martijn B
    6 months ago
    Location has everything you need to facilitate a conference. The food is above the standard, really really impressive what they are able to serve, also for larger groups. All in a beautiful environment. Highly recommend!
  • Photo of Thomas D
    6 months ago
    Långvik was better than expected. The rooms were fresh and clean. Breakfast, lunch and dinner was tasty and the spa and other activities (sauna, beach volleyball and gym) were great. I recommend a relaxing weekend at Långvik.
  • Photo of Jokumatkailija
    6 months ago
    A relaxing close to nature place for a nice getaway. Little update needed in some areas but its a little bit charming that its so '80s in some parts. Tasting menu in the restaurant is worth the money. Great wines.
  • Photo of Guy D
    7 months ago
    I have visited the hotel on 2 occasions, both for business travel with congress/meetings. I'm generally pleased with the hotel, but it's got some small issues. + positive * neutral - negative Room: + Large and spacious with comfortable bed and choice of 2 pillows, high and low. + Separate lounge chair and spacious desk - The room has only mood lightning, which combined with dark brown furniture makes the room pretty gloomy. I like my rooms bright and the lack of a main overhead light bothered me. Bathroom: + Clean and modern + Excellent shower. Consistent warm water, spacious cabin and excellent water pressure. Make sure to put the towel on the floor, as you will face some water seeping in the bathroom - but not a big issue. Extra: + Generally good Wifi, with good speed. In room 244 at the end of the corridor, I was facing some issues with the connection being worse when lying in bed. - The iron is unfortunately useless. It’s called a smoothing iron and does nothing on a shirt. Being on a business trip this is an issue. A steam iron would be better here. I resolved it by running a towel under the water and using that to moisten my shirt. The inclusion of a spray bottle in the room would be a workaround (while not ideal). Spa: + Finally a swimming pool which is true to its picture. It's large and not faked in size by funny camera angles. + Slippers and bathrobes are included and can be found in the hotel room + Nice Sauna, Jacuzzi, … I didn't go for the extended Spa, but was already quite pleased with the standard amenities. Food: + Nice breakfast with a good selection * The coffee was not up to my taste * Lunch/Dinner was ok, not exceptional Surroundings: + It's pretty around here. It's got some great views with an excellent location next to the bay. There is a path going behind the hotel into the forest, which makes for a nice walk. + Room 244 has a nice view on the bay. * There is however nothing else around here, so count on sticking to the place itself - which is not a bad thing. Service: + Staff is helpful, friendly and speaks fluent English. All-in-all, a solid, good hotel - I'd recommend it for business meetings.
  • Photo of EkiTaurus
    8 months ago
    The hotel is flat and wide. The air inside many parts of the premises has an odour of mould and other moisture related problems. After spending a couple hours in the movie theatre/auditorium several people in our party were suffering from respirational problems. Much of the central parts of the hotel have been refurnished well in a nordic style and the lunch buffet was of good quality and suitable for a business meeting.
  • Photo of frozen69
    10 months ago
    Q long hall to room. Helpful staff. Spa good . Sleeping silence okey ! Saunas and shower world good. Fireplace nice idea at pool lobby and restaurant. Tasteful breakfast and no busy area. New gym. Maybe choose also next time to visit.
  • Photo of holodeck6
    10 months ago
    Good things: - The hotel looks modern and somewhat luxurious (good materials) - Live music at the dinner was pretty good (two guys with guitars) - Beds and pillows are very comfortable - TV picture quality is good (although the TV is poorly placed in the room) - Our room was spacious - Staff was friendly and check-in/checkout was smooth - Breakfast was ok Bad things: - Many of the lockers in the men's locker room simply didn't work (tried 6 until I gave up) - Rooms are quite cold because of the air conditioning settings - Shower at the room's bathroom sucks. Water isn't hot enough and the water pressure is very weak. - There are only two small jacuzzis at the spa and the water temperature isn't high enough. When you turn on the bubbles, you get cold water which makes you freeze in a supposedly heated jacuzzi. Imagine that! - The swimming pool sucks. It's mainly for people who want to swim long distances (typical swimming hall pool type). Minimum depth is 1.2 meters so it's unsuitable for most children. - Showers at the spa area suck. Hard to operate. Too many knobs. Stay on for way too short period of time. - Sparkling wine was whopping 17 euros per glass at the spa. - Food at the dinner looked nice but didn't taste like anything or tasted bad. Hugely overpriced menu. - Spa area is a maze. It's hard to find your way around there when you first get there. - Air temperature at the spa is too low. You start freezing as soon as you get out of the jacuzzi. - Mixed sauna is brightly lit So as a hotel, it's okayish but as a spa it's a terrible disappointment (the worst we have ever visited). Won't be coming here again.
  • Photo of jpmakila
    a year ago
    This hotel is nice if you like to arrange a congress or a meeting in a peaceful and beautiful place. Good meeting rooms for small and big groups. Nice hotel rooms. Wellness center and spa. Very popular nowadays.
  • Photo of jmtarga
    a year ago
    We had a seminar there ( this was not the first time we have been there ) and all conditions to work are great . All conditions are also great if you want a nice and quiet ( very quiet evening ) Food ( dinner is very nice and the service was excellent ( we have been very spoiled by the lady who served us ) Lunch was not really my preferred style .. stay in line like at school . Anyway I would recommend this even for a quiet stay in holidays time
  • Photo of timoroso
    a year ago
    We went to Långvik for a relaxing weekend getaway and got what we wanted. There were no screaming children or adults behaving badly. The hotel and spa were peaceful and comfortable. Yet, we were left with the feeling that although there was nothing much to complain about, there was nothing that exceeded our expectations either. It was all very predictable and we did not feel they had gone the extra mile in trying to provide something memorable, a true experience. One particular area for improvement is the food. The breakfast was OK but not the kind of wellness breakfast we were expecting based on the description. Lots of meat and eggs. The dinner was fine but not remarkable, and my fish in particular was too salty. The wine selection should have been a little wider or at least more interesting. Overall I felt it was good if not great value.
  • Photo of Kai H
    a year ago
    Långvik is a perfect chill out location to visit for a relaxing stay. Nice nature, nice spa, program/packages for grown ups, cinema etc. I really recommend this, and its probably the best spa location in the Helsinki city vicinity. Why not five stars? Actually dont know. Probably need to visit again during summer and I will give it full points :)
  • Photo of Leena S
    a year ago
    This is a really elegant spa hotel in the midst of beautiful nature. The building itself is huge, but instead of feeling cold and empty if feels airy and spacious. Rooms and bathrooms are stylish.The spa is not big, but it has all you need. There were only 2 things that I found not to be perfect. First of all, in a spa hotel like this, there was not body lotion available in the rooms. Secondly, the staff felt almost impolite. We met numerous maintenance persons in the corridors and none of them said hello to us. We found it quite strange.
  • Photo of Vuopalat
    a year ago
    If you are a small team, I recommend the separate sauna cottage that creates nice, cosy athmosphere and where you can order food, have sauna and still have a professional meeting. Långvik also has facilities for bigger groups but the main building is quite impersonal, even though practical. Main restaurant offers good breakfast and buffet lunch. Rooms in the hotel are modern and functional but in some parts of the the relatively old building one might get some respiratory symptoms if you are very allergic. Location is quite optimal, a short distance from Helsinki and Espoo, just so that you feel really out-of-office.
  • Photo of yoto1
    a year ago
    As mentioned on the topic, didn't choose the hotel by myself. I had visited the hotel previously, but never stayed overnight. I think this is one of the secrets not many people know. This is actually quite luxorious. I just loved the lobby. Average sized rooms, but nevertheless very nice. Great restaurant balcony with great views. Also excellent spa! Still a lot I wasn't able to try during this stay.

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