Photo of Templo de Debod in Madrid, , ES
Photo of Templo de Debod in Madrid, , ES
Photo of Templo de Debod in Madrid, , ES
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Templo de Debod

Historic Site

Templo de Debod24.5
egyptian temple • aswan dam • royal palace • abu simbel

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  • Photo of Caroline Stokes
    a year ago
  • Photo of Adriano Reis
    a year ago
    Egipician temple
  • Photo of karenedkarened
    4 months ago
    The temple is located in a park about 10-15 mins walk from the royal palace. It is quite far from the city center (approx half an hour's walk) so I would not recommend heading over solely to see it. The local walking tour guide recommended going at sunset, which happens behind the temple structures - hence photos of the temple at sunset would be a dark image against a colourful background. At the park, there is a vantage point which overlooks a part of the city with the royal palace and the cathedral in the skyline. Entry is free. There are grassy areas to do picnics at.
  • Photo of jpolojillin
    4 months ago
    Nice strolling area. Great views from this egyptian temple and near the city, with many things to do our see. Go for the sunset, Ateneo and Debod are the best places
  • Photo of Scott E
    4 months ago
    Stopped to check out this ancient Egyptian piece one morning, a little bit of a hike to get to but definitely worth it. Really neat to see something like this in Spain - the garden area itself offered a nice view around the city. Not sure if you can go inside, seemed closed while we were there. Nonetheless, still worth going!
  • Photo of Haniali
    4 months ago
    once you visit this place you will have the Egyptian atmosphere well centered the temple is not huge as the ones in Egypt but a good visit
  • Photo of abcKaty
    4 months ago
    I liked the place and monument, quite different apart from the rest of the city. Since it's not exactly in the center, it's not so crowded either.
  • Photo of Emmy C
    4 months ago
    We visited here in the day and did not think it was all the spectacular, however we came on TripAdvisor to see that visiting in the evening was much preferred. We returned on our last night in the City and although it was very busy, it was a lovely atmosphere and a magical way to end our trip. The temple really shines at night time and you can take some epic photo's!
  • Photo of Anna J
    4 months ago
    I was so excited to visit the Temple de Debod after speaking with other people and viewing pictures on the internet, I timed it perfectly so that i could watch sunset there but when we got there i was so disappointed, it looks nothing like the photos, there was no water around it, the temple itself was closed, there was a notice that was only written in Spanish which in this day and age where most of the world speak English was silly, we asked a few people why there was no water to which no one knew the answer. Extremely disappointing, and a waste of our time!
  • Photo of SASA S
    4 months ago
    We visited the temple during the last hours of our trip to Madrid and I'm happy we did, because it was one of the highlights for me. Where else can you see an Egyptian Temple apart from Egypt itself!? The view from the hill is spectacular!
  • Photo of justjans
    4 months ago
    It's free to visit the temple, but you might have to cue a while as they only allow 30 people inside at one time. Once you get in, you appreciate the low numbers. You are allowed to stay 30 minutes and I guess we queued for that long and looked around for about 20. The temple was donated to Spain in 1968 for their help in preserving treasures that would have been lost when the Aswan Dam was built. It's now situated in a very pretty park with some lovely views. Most rooms were open and the water was back in the pools surrounding it.
  • Photo of Earlady707
    4 months ago
    The temple was closed for maintenance but the park is lovely and good for a stroll or picnic. It is and easy 5 minute walk to the Royal Palace, and is a stop on the hop on hop off bus
  • Photo of UliJanOgau
    4 months ago
    The Templo de Debod is an old Egyptian style temple right in the heart of Madrid. Old stones... 30 people can see the inside at a time. Around the building there is a great view to the royal castle. Best thing is a visit in the evening, or during the day a trip with the nearby cable cat to Casa de Campo.
  • Photo of Rachel S
    4 months ago
    Fab ancient monument in landscaped park, with good views - Nice attached pond/lake available to paddle in - great to cool down when it gets too much!
  • Photo of LissetteAM
    4 months ago
    Is one of those places that look beautiful in pictures specially at sunset but it's actually a place for teenagers to Hangout too horse and drink in the middle of the afternoon and a lot of inappropriate public displays of affection, what bother me was that I was hoping for a really peaceful place and to go there and admired it. It was crowded with the locals and they have turn it into this public bar/motel. And also they were having some troubles with the temple so it was closed and it's supposed to be surrounded by water but there wasn't any is not a good experience, if you're looking to have a drink with your friends and you are like 15 go ahead but if you are a Tourist or someone a little bit older or someone with family I wouldn't recommended at all.
  • Photo of Eugene P
    4 months ago
    Nice to walk around and view the Egyptian temple. There is also a good view of the cathedral from a corner of the park
  • Photo of HolidayGirl0481
    4 months ago
    The Temple was closed both days when we visited due to an ongoing problem (which was written in Spanish and I think may have been due to the air con). However there are still plenty of great photo opportunities outside & great views over the city to be seen. Well worth a visit.
  • Photo of HCM1225
    4 months ago
    Templo de Debod is a replica, so kind of cool to see but nothing spectacular. If it's a nice day and you're in the area the park is nice to walk through and it has a pretty view and I assume would be nice at sunset. Could be worth a visit after Royal Palace of Madrid. You can also head north and hit up Casa Paco Tortillas for a local tortillas restaurant, pretty solid, and then go to El Corte Ingles and check out some local groceries (olive oil, saffron, snacks etc... or shop.
  • Photo of copticvoice
    4 months ago
    If you have done with the must see attractions in Madrid then you could spare 20 minutes wondering around this place. I walked to it from Plaza de Espania.
  • Photo of Aastha R
    4 months ago
    This egyptian temple is one of the prettiest landmarks of madrid and the best time to view it is during sunset, with the temple shadow being reflected in the water. Its marvelous and worth spending some time at this beauty. You can also take a walk along the park next to it and walk down to plaza España as well!!
  • Photo of Pat K
    4 months ago
    Amazing Tomb in the centre of Madrid. Don't miss this fabulous piece of history, When visiting Madrid.
  • Photo of nayaliquezadaa
    4 months ago
    Made a long line in the heat to get in. The security guards were not too friendly. There were only about 3 or 4 rooms open to view (1 was closed off). And the hieroglyphics were very hard to see, even with the light buttons provided. But it was free and informational.

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