Photo of Iglesia de San Andres in Madrid, , ES
Photo of Iglesia de San Andres in Madrid, , ES
Photo of Iglesia de San Andres in Madrid, , ES
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Iglesia de San Andres


civil war • church • columns • alter

Plaza San Andres
1, Madrid, ES
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  • Photo of aquauomo
    4 months ago
    built in 1622 the small church lasted since and during the Moorish occupation. Most on the inside was destroyed and stolen during the Spanish Civil war, this is the reason the interior is mostly wood. You dont have to plan ahead and make a big detour, it is central, close to the other old tourist attractions in Madrid. I actually passed by it twice in 5 days. Stop by, it is worth it.
  • Photo of Jenyjournalist
    7 months ago
    Es la segunda vez que visito la iglesia, hoy por casualidad porque pasaba por la zona. La verdad es que es muy impresionante exteriormente.
  • Photo of michaelahr
    7 months ago
    I like churches so I visited this one because it is just next to the museum I wanted to visit too. Nothing extraordinary, wont miss anything if you dont go visit
  • Photo of Gianlu-Carla
    8 months ago
    Questa chiesa del centro cittadino merita sicuramente una visita specialmente per la sua bellissima cupola barocca.
  • Photo of mgonzalezcolomo
    8 months ago
    Iglesia muy bonita, situada cerca de la Latina. Recomendable visita. Los Cuadros y sus vidrieras muy Bonitas. Tambien la entrada al tempo, que hay un patio.
  • Photo of Ann-Gerd
    9 months ago
    Vi tog oss en dag och vandrade till olika kyrkor. Av en slump öppnade vi den bruna porten till Iglesia de San Andres. Och där, där hittade vi den vackraste interiören av de fyra vi besökte. Kyrkorummet är litet och "familjärt" och ger en vandrare ro.
  • Photo of Manuel1969Alicante
    9 months ago
    SAN ANDRÉS es una bonita iglesia del barrio de La Latina ,que posee una bella cúpula... además de los restos de San Isidro Labrador (Santo Patrón de la ciudad de Madrid).
  • Photo of Jorge S
    9 months ago
    Importante por albergar os restos mortais do santo padroeiro de Madrid. Fica ao lado de uma praceta interessante no bairro Latina. Tem uma cúpula em tijolo com estatuetas de santos.
  • Photo of Kuznetsov_Sergey
    Эта церковь находится на одноименной площади м является одной из самых старых в Мадриде, так как первая церковь на этом месте была построена еще в начале XIII-го века. Свой нынешний барочный вид церковь приобрела в конце XVII-го века. В ней похоронен «отец» испанской гитары Эспинель.
  • Photo of Manuel1969Alicante
    La iglesia de SAN ANDRÉS alberga una bella cúpula y el sepulcro de los restos del Santo Patrón San Isidro.
  • Photo of PierreBriere
    a year ago
    Si l'extérieur en briques n'est pas très attrayant, l'intérieur baroque est magnifique, notamment le chœur et la coupole.
  • Photo of JMGeneva
    a year ago
    There is nothing justifying the energy you'll loose while visiting this church.... So I'm afraid that the single possible recommendation is: just don't do it!
  • Photo of ピーターサム
    地下鉄ラ・ラティナー駅から西に歩くと聖アンドレ教会に到着します。1642年に建てられてバロック様式の教会です。ちなみに隣は、サン イシドロ博物館Museo de los Origenes (Museo de San Isidro))です。1936年にマドリード市内はスペイン市民戦争の悲惨な場所になり、大方の建物は消失してしまいましたが、サン・アンドレス教会も焼失しました。その中で唯一焼失を免れたのがこのサン・イシドロ教会です。
  • Photo of Boris B
    2 years ago
    Nice baroque church in La Latina quarter, hidden from the main route, but definitely worth a visit to admire lovely interior decorations. The addmision is free.
  • Photo of Matt S
    2 years ago
    We wandered into this church on our way to the much larger church of San Francisco del Grande. Wasn't expecting much but found a beautiful baroque style gem. Apparently it is much restored after heavy damage during the civil war, but don't let that put you off, well worth 15 minutes or so.
  • Photo of tradIndy
    2 years ago
    Although a relatively small church, San Andres is worth a peak. It almost feels greek with more portraits than statues. The altar has a solid feel with it's 8 Corinthianish columns.
  • Photo of permia
    3 years ago
    Great damage befell this church during past conflicts but significant restoration has given the grand interior we have today. The view along the nave to the fine altar area is most impressive. Lovely columns and stonework abound. The wonderful decorative dome suffuses the altar features with plentiful light. One impressive painting shows Our Lady ascending through the clouds surrounded by angels.
  • Photo of Stuart F
    3 years ago
    Laying directly between San Francisco El Grande and the Basilica de Nuestra Señora del Buen Consejo this smaller church has some wonderful artwork
  • Photo of Andrea T
    5 years ago
    We found this church, a royal church, while on our self-guided walking tour. What a find! You might visit many churches while visiting Madrid, but this one is impressive. The interior is beautiful. I would say the most beautiful interior of all the churches we visited in Madrid, although the exterior is unremarkable. Definitely worth finding.
  • Photo of BennyMalaga
    6 years ago
    The cupola is in an octagonal structure that has large windows, allowing much light to enter the church. The ground plan follows the Latin Cross, with a small crossing. The predominant colors in the church are gold, pink, and a dark grey. The altar is topped with a large arch that forms a semicircle. There is a large crucifix with the Christ created by Pedro de Mena and came from the 17th century. Behind the altar are sculptures of the Virgen del Carmen, San Andres, Santa Maria Madre de la Iglesia, and San Jose. Above these sculptures are paintings of the Apostles, and in the center is one of Christ. In 1995 this beautiful church was declared a Property of Cultural Interest. The Church of San Andres is one of the oldest churches in Madrid. In a compilation of laws in 1202, it is known that the church already existed at that time. However it existed before that because San Isidro used to go to this church and was buried in its cemetery there in 1130. At the end of the 15th century, the church served as the Royal Chapel for the Catholic Kings. The kings stayed at the nearby house of Don Pedro Laso de la Vega and a passage was created to connect the house and the church. In 1656 the main chapel was ruined and a new church was constructed with a different orientation from the original church. The Chapel of San Isidro Labrador was finished in 1699 and the architect was Jose de Villarreal. The style of the church was Baroque. The church was sacked and partially destroyed during the Civil War, so the church was restored after that in 1986, making the church look almost exactly as the original church, after a rigorous research.

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