Photo of Sant Pau Recinte Modernista in Barcelona, , ES
Photo of Sant Pau Recinte Modernista in Barcelona, , ES
Photo of Sant Pau Recinte Modernista in Barcelona, , ES
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Sant Pau Recinte Modernista

Monument / Landmark

art nouveau • sagrada familia • hospital complex • administration building

Sant Antoni Maria Claret
167, Barcelona 08025, ES
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  • Photo of CindiRN4
    5 months ago
    I am a nurse so to see a hospital built in the 1400's wad pretty amazing and breathtaking. I couldn't imagine how drs and nurses could take care of patients in separate wards, in their own individual buildings. One thing for sure, the beauty of the place in all its intricacies would feel like working in a castle. It amazes me how this hospital as the set up is, would run until 2009... just incredible
  • Photo of Prasanth E
    5 months ago
    this is the BEST place to encounter engineering in Barcelona. We were there before the rebuilding when it was a working clinic. I might want to backpedal and see what they have reestablished.
  • Photo of Princessbella65
    5 months ago
    Because this is off the beaten tourist path it is well worth the visit. The buildings are beautiful and so well designed and as an attraction it is thoughtfully presented. The mosaics are amazing and are worth visiting for this feature alone.
  • Photo of gianpaolo r
    6 months ago
    A recently renovated hospital by a well renowned architect. Beautiful. Strongly recommended. Not all bulindgs were open as some were still under restauration.
  • Photo of Lauren H
    6 months ago
    Beautiful old hospital. I've been a few times, but always felt that the price of admission is a bit too high. I would recommend going on a day when admission is free or maybe when there's a concert.
  • Photo of Matthew M
    6 months ago
    this place is just becoming known...and is totally worth a few hours to walk this campus. unbelieveable fantasy/ modern architecture with astounding tile and mosiac works
  • Photo of Jane M
    6 months ago
    Loved this place - more Montaner, who was Gaudi's contemporary. Must have been amazing working or being a patient here and you can see that the theory of placing beautiful things and design in a hospital having a therapeutic effect must have been very 'modern' as a concept, but must have benefited numerous people! Fabulous!
  • Photo of david S
    6 months ago
    I visited this place in august 2017 and i have to say i really enjoyed my visit . The fee was 13 euro , the hosbital is easy to reach , it is near Sagrada Familia . I was impressed by the architecture , the details and the overall condition of the building . I sure do recommend visiting it .
  • Photo of springbank
    6 months ago
    Very near the Sagrada Família (visible from the southwest corner of the hospital, down Avenue Gaudi about 400 meters walking) you'll find this wounderful art-nouveau gem, the Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau. It feels worlds away from the tour groups and crowds. A must for every lover of Art Nouveau architecture that visit Barcelona. The subway station of line 5 which is called Sant Pau / Dos de Maig is the one that is closest to the main door. It was a fully functioning hospital until June 2009, when the new hospital opened next to it, before undergoing restoration for use as a museum and cultural center, which opened in late 2014. A “museum area” inside its walls. A lot of effort was put into its refurbishment, and nowadays, it’s part of the UNESCO world cultural heritage. Few years ago housing the ‘garden city Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau (one of Europe's oldest healthcare centres) for more than eight decades. Designed by the architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner, it was built between 1905 and 1930. It is said to be one of the iconic works of Catalonia's home-grown art nouveau, modernisme. The gardens and brilliant decor were meant to be therapeutic for the hospital patients. The old hospital of Sant Pau can be visited in a guided tour form (features different timetables with guides in different languages) or as free visit. Our English spoken tour guide were a bit difficult to understand and from time to time speaking too low and had to compete with the ongoing sounds installations. Unfortunately, the historical setup and use of the building’s individual parts can no longer be seen. Tours start at the main Administration Pavilion and include visits to the network of underground tunnels connecting pavilions and to the gardens where visitors can admire the beautiful fascinating domes, roofs, façades, sculptures and stained glass windows of the Hospital Sant Pau buildings. I was impressed by this beautiful & non touristy site.
  • Photo of JoriBouw
    6 months ago
    Dominech i Montaner is so underrated.. What a beautiful building! Renovated not to long ago, very well done! Definitely worth a visit. Easy to visit in combination with the Sagrada Familia!
  • Photo of DEJPrieto
    6 months ago
    Just five bloks from Sagrada Famiia, a very nice experience!!! The spirit of Gaudi´s BArcelona Style everywhere!!
  • Photo of Jon H
    6 months ago
    The remarkable architecture of this site is among the most engrossing we've visited. The architecture is a monumental celebration of the pioneering history of one of Europe’s oldest healthcare institutions. Reserve several hours on your schedule for this venue. You can even take a break at the cafe adjacent to the administration building and after your break return to the grounds for further exploration.
  • Photo of samsonite
    6 months ago
    This is a beautiful set of Modernist buildings and worth a visit, especially to see another architect's work other than Gaudi in the city. Seeing how art and light was utilized to help rehabilitate the sick seems revolutionary, especially when looking at the lack of aesthetic of modern hospitals. You will visit a series of buildings - administrative, recovery wards, surgical theatre, etc. Based on a previous reviewer's experience that a self tour was a little lacking on information, we purchased a guided tour. In hindsight, I would actually NOT recommend purchasing the guided tour, as it didn't provide much detail or information than you would find on your own. You don't access any other areas of the site than you wouldn't with a regular ticket (unlike what the website hints at). It's a crapshoot how good your tourguide is anywhere you go, but one of the challenges here is that most of the spaces are cavernous and echoing, so you literally cannot hear what the guide is saying in this case. They don't provide the earbud type tours like La Sagrada Familiar. Beyond that, the information he provided was slight. One other (silly but truthful and hopefully useful) recommendation is to make sure to map out "Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau" and not the "Hospital de Sant Pau." Small difference, but the latter is the current functioning hospital. They both utilize the same address, and yet to walk from the current hospital's entrance to the museum/old hospital entrance is a 1/2 mile walk around the block. Yes, a half mile. So, if you're taking the Metro, get off at L5 Sant Pau | Dos de Maig stop not the L4 Guinardo | Hospital de Sant Pau stop which takes you to the new functioning hospital side of the block.
  • Photo of holidayheaven4me
    6 months ago
    This is really a beautiful hospital. The outer front building looks quite modern & behind there are other various buildings which contain old wards. The colours of the ceilings & stain glass windows are fabulous. There statues of angels, gargoyles, mosiacs,mother & child etc. all on the rooftops, the buildings are lovely & you can picture the patients in the gardens & wards. Upstairs in the main building you get to take a photo of the Sagrada central from a distance. Worth visiting & it's on the hop on/off route. Or 15 mins walk from the Sagrada.
  • Photo of NLtrout
    6 months ago
    We only walking around the outside of this magnificent building but it is certainly worth a short visit, when you are in the area for the Sagarda Famillia, it is at the other end of the Ave Gaudi.
  • Photo of movieturtle
    6 months ago
    Don't spend the money on this and just observe from the outside. I mean if you are into tile, go in but 12 Euro is a lot for what you get. There is neat tile work and the outsides of the buildings are cool but there isn't much else to see. You can read the history on Google, there is nothing special about this visit particularly.
  • Photo of sueconvey
    6 months ago
    We've been to Barcelona quite a few times, but only recently got to hear about this stunning place. I urge you to go soon before the word gets out, at the moment you can stroll round in relative tranquility. The architecture is sublime, but what would you expect from the architect who designed the Palau de Musica? The thought and care taken with the design of this hospital is fantastic, it would do the soul good, as well as the body. Beautiful gardens to walk in too. A must see.
  • Photo of Livalambchop
    6 months ago
    We only saw this building from the outside (didn't have time to have a look inside) but it is such a magnificent building and hidden away, it's worth finding. It's located not too far from Sagrada Familia so worth just taking a 5 minute detour for.
  • Photo of sus67
    6 months ago
    Most people stop at the Sagrada Familia but if you head just a little further north, you get to this beautful set of buildings which were once a hospital. There are staff members around to help, ut you can wander around on your own and see the beautiful decorations and architecture.
  • Photo of Eddie P
    6 months ago
    A short walk up from Sagrada Familia along Avda de Gaudi takes you to this truly awesome building. The original main Hospital for Barcelona it is preserved in perfect condition, from the main building to all the separate wards (not all open)to the underground passages and the operating room all fascinating. Do not miss on your trip to Barcelona

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