Photo of Museu d'Historia de Barcelona - MUHBA in Barcelona, , ES
Photo of Museu d'Historia de Barcelona - MUHBA in Barcelona, , ES
Photo of Museu d'Historia de Barcelona - MUHBA in Barcelona, , ES
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Museu d'Historia de Barcelona - MUHBA

History Museum

Museu d'Historia de Barcelona - MUHBA24.5
roman ruins • roman times • audio guide • wine making

Placa Del Rei
S/n, Barcelona 08002, ES
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Museu d'Historia de Barcelona - MUHBA has 22 Tips

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  • Photo of Fiona McGinnes
    2 years ago
    History Museum
  • Photo of Eefje Sterke
    2 years ago
    Gratis map voor Romeinse route
  • Photo of bluestocking78
    4 months ago
    Beautifully presented Roman and early Christian excavations which are far more extensive than I would have imagined. Truly a wow. You are literally walking around practically under the Cathedral. Lighting is excellent. Explanations are great.
  • Photo of maria j
    4 months ago
    This museum takes you on a tour of 2000 years of Barcelona's history. You descend 2000 years to recently discovered Roman remains, and see an old launderette with it's own sink and drain, next to which is a dye 'factory'. There is a early viognier processor with wine fermentation vessels still in situ, There are paths where ancient citizens walked, and a road just wide enough for carts. The ruins were my favourite part of this museum, but further on and up, more recent history is demonstrated and illustrated.
  • Photo of gourmetaddiction
    4 months ago
    My kids (under 7) loved it, we did it 3 times in a row , they really enjoyed walking through the ruins.
  • Photo of Ms_R33480
    4 months ago
    Located in seriess of beautiful buildings the museum has various exhibits. The Roman archeological ruins are very interesting and have good explanations. Another memorable exhibit at the end of the museum is the Printing and Engraving Exhibition, worth the time to see in some detail and read the explanations even if one is not interested in Printing. The museum has free lockers so you can leve your belognings while you explore the various buildings.
  • Photo of Steph-Mpls
    4 months ago
    This is a great little museum. Don't miss it if you are in Barcelona and have any interest in archeology and Barcelona's Roman history. In the basement of the museum, they have preserved the foundations of a large section of Roman ruins. You walk on top of the foundations and view them through a plexi-glass-like substance. It is very creative and engaging presentation of the material. This is my second visit to Barcelona and to this museum. Well worth a visit!
  • Photo of Steve-S-0604
    4 months ago
    Very good restoration of the ruins, from inside the ancient city. Note that it is quite hot down there, even with some ventilation. Then upstairs for the rest of the exhibition, which is largely focused on the religious history. Overall, we found the matters covered were a little narrow, compared to history museums that we hade been to elsewhere in Europe.
  • Photo of Malcolm M
    5 months ago
    At a loss to fill your time, the Museum is well worth a visit. Free admission every first Wednesday of the month. Cool, calm atmosphere. Well worth the visit.
  • Photo of Maclean93
    5 months ago
    This is worth a visit while in Barcelona. It is fascinating to see the foundation of the ancient city and it is free entry.
  • Photo of Ong T
    5 months ago
    The museum is organized and informative for those who want to understand the history of the city. It has historical value from ancient to modern time. It is strategically located (near Gothic quarter) and reasonably priced - so I feel it deserves more tourists. A slight disappointment is the permanent exhibition is totally without English and no audio guide coverage.
  • Photo of Olivia B
    5 months ago
    Great way to (literally) see the origins of the city. You go into a lift and are transported back to roman times, where you can walk along some of the original roads that ran through the old city and see some of the foundations of the buildings.
  • Photo of Jess M
    5 months ago
    This museum walks you directly through the middle of Barcelona's underground Roman ruins, and an audioguide (included in admission) provides information about ruins at each stop. Admission is free at certain times during the week, so be sure to look up the details before you go - however, the 7 euro entry fee is still completely worth it. Another interesting fact - the plaza in front of the museum is where executions of Spanish Inquisition took place - there's cafe space there now.
  • Photo of ES442
    5 months ago
    I don't know why this museum isn't on every list of "musts" to do in Barcelona. It's so incredible. You get to go below the streets of medieval Barcelona to see the older Roman city of Barcino. You can do this museum at your own speed -- you can spend time reading the great informative materials and listening to the audioguide or you can zip through and just see the Roman city that hides beneath Barcelona. I would say it's worth seeing even if you're not a huge history buff. Really amazing. And some fun stories - such as how the laundries obtained their supplies such as ammonia.
  • Photo of William O
    5 months ago
    I have one simple suggestion for MUHBA - get one of your staff to Rome to visit the La Domus Romane di Palazzo Valentina to look and learn. They are doing the same type of thing, but do it so, so much better. Both sites have the same approach, you go underground and look at excavated ruins, but MUHBA takes a very traditional approach of giving you an audioguide which provides you with a pretty dry description of what went on at each location. OK as far as it goes, but after a while it gets a bit samey. What it lacks is what the Domus people give you - they actually light up certain parts of the excavation as you listen to the description so you can actually see which bit they are referring to. And the voiceover actually tells a story to get you involved. All of my group also felt the air con could have been turned up a bit more, it was a little uncomfortable down there. The other thing MUHBA could do is have a review of its website, which I found to be really confusing and old fashioned. All of this might sound like I hate the place but I don't, I just think its a matter of MUHBA deciding what it wants to be. At the moment it is more a site with historical interest rather than a tourist attraction actively seeking visitors. Perhaps they just want it that way.
  • Photo of LJR1979
    5 months ago
    We went on a Sunday and enjoyed exploring the ruins underground. While you don't get the free audio guide there is information that tells you what each site was. Thoroughly enjoyed.
  • Photo of Craig P
    5 months ago
    This is a great museum with access to Roman remains under Plaça del Rei, close to the Cathedral. Entrance fee is a very reasonable seven Euros. A lift takes you underground and walkways take you over the ruins. The audio guide makes the self tour very straightforward and gives plenty of interesting facts about life in ancient Barcino.
  • Photo of martinagajd
    5 months ago
    This museum provides interesting archaelogical site which will show you a different Barcelona- Roman Barcelona, Barcino founded by Emperor Augustus. You will see remains of workshops and factories where wine was made and stored.
  • Photo of robhud32
    5 months ago
    The history museum is very interesting to discover how barcelona was like in roman times with underground roman ruins!
  • Photo of RDLMN
    5 months ago
    This museum is definitely worth a visit. The lift takes you 'back in time'. As you exit the lift you are transported back to a roman town. You follow a walk way through the roman ruins listening to an audio guide. It really is fascinating. The ruins are extensive and you will spend a long time beneath the ground. Back up above, their is an exhibition of pictures and books but I didn't really look around them all as it wasn't interesting for me. There was no queuing to enter the museum and I believe it is free after a certain time on Sundays.
  • Photo of swansfromBoston
    5 months ago
    My son age 17 wanted to see the historic museum and it turned out to be a fascinating visit and explained the Roman influence as well as how advanced the city was. Learned a lot about the history of Barcelona in 2 hours. The audiotour was good but not excellent.
  • Photo of sus67
    5 months ago
    This museum, practically next to the Cathedral, is a good place to visit. There is a video shown at the very beginning of the visit which gives a good overview of how Barcelona developed. The Roman ruins in the basement are remarkable well preserved and worth spending time in.

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