Photo of Catedral de Barcelona in Barcelona, , ES
Photo of Catedral de Barcelona in Barcelona, , ES
Photo of Catedral de Barcelona in Barcelona, , ES
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Catedral de Barcelona


Catedral de Barcelona34.5
beautiful cathedral • side chapels • white geese • santa eulalia

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  • Photo of Eunseok Lee
    a year ago
    바르셀로나 대성당 고딕지구
  • Photo of Maja Odovic
    a year ago
    Barri Gothic
  • Photo of Eefje Sterke
    2 years ago
    Belangrijkste kerk aartsbisdom Barcelona
  • Photo of owsphil
    2 months ago
    Whilst the Cathedral is impressive and access is free (apart from tower) when we visited the exterior view was spoiled by an array of kiosk units in the square. Whether religious or not, and whatever your denomination, it is worth stepping inside and spending a few quiet moments. Unfortunately some areas of the interior are spoiled by electronic displays on suspended television / monitors. Most surprising to myself was the fact that within the interior courtyard there is a sizable pond of Goldfish and also that Geese are kept.
  • Photo of Craig E
    2 months ago
    A beautiful cathedral in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. Stunning chapels inside with very intricate design. The view of Barcelona from the roof is also impressive. Would have preferred to walk to the top but the only option is a lift, which is a shame. This Cathedral probably gets forgotten about a lot with Sagrada Familia being here, but I believe it's a must visit and beautiful :)
  • Photo of tweston
    2 months ago
    Striking gothic architecture and quant surrounding neighborhood. Lovely and historic but dwarfed in significance by La Sagria Familia
  • Photo of ricmatlou1
    2 months ago
    I am glad we visited but you do have to battle your way through 100s of tourists stopping to take photos, we just wanted to sit and soak up the the peace and quiet but no chance of that!!
  • Photo of A TripAdvisor Member
    Best place! Nice nice Good to be witch a family... Next vacation we came back for sure! Love this city!!!
  • Photo of Sian P
    2 months ago
    This is such a beautiful cathedral. I would visit this cathedral next time I visit Barcelona. You dont have to pay to go inside. The architecture is awesome! A must see.
  • Photo of bluestocking78
    2 months ago
    The cloister is peaceful and serene, the cathedral impressive. Don't miss the rooftop elevator, included in your admission ticket. As others have noted, shoulders and knees must be covered. Street vendors are selling wraps at the entrance should you need one.
  • Photo of csarsby
    2 months ago
    It is magnificent from the outside, but is also really stunning on the inside. It is pretty here and there was also a small museum and gift shop inside.
  • Photo of Ben C
    2 months ago
    The cathedral was beautiful inside and definitely a must as it is free entry. Make sure when you enter the cathedral to head to the far left corner where you will find a member of staff sitting. Although it is not very clearly signed for a small price of €3 per person you can take a lift to the roof and get amazing views of the city including the Sagrada familia. We were there last week and because it is not very well advertised there were only 4 of us on the roof. inside the cathedral is also amazing the details in the architecture is amazing and the courtyard inside containing 13 white geese is lovely.
  • Photo of Jess M
    2 months ago
    I'm not religious but can appreciate a good cathedral. Entrance is free at certain times but even when it's not, it was only about 6 euros. There are loads of cute little nooks and crannys and make sure you don't miss the lift to take you up to the roof! There is a lovely little courtyard which has a fountain you can drink from. They also have geese! The only reason I've given it 4 and not 5 was due to the two beggars out the front. One was basically sitting in the entrance and the other was right in our face and even when we said no, they didn't go away. The security guard did nothing either. I have no issues supporting the needy but not when it's shoved in my face!
  • Photo of CoopyCob
    2 months ago
    The Cathedral is beautiful but similar to most Gothic Cathedrals. Our favorite part was the street artists outside the Cathedral. They were very talented and very entertaining. There was always something going on. Loved it!
  • Photo of psmith4203
    2 months ago
    Our experience at this beautiful cathedral was marred by several things. First, the "gatekeeper" was incredibly rude. He barked out orders to people willing to pay €7 each to go inside. The ticket agent was equally rude. When we asked where we might find the restrooms, we were given extremely vague information. After walking about in the general area indicated for about 5 minutes, we finally found the restrooms and there was a charge of 50 centims for entry. So, just to emphasize this point.....we just paid €14 for my husband and I to enter the cathedral, and now they want another €1 for us to use the restroom?!?!?! When did the church start charging for entry? If this was a guided tour, I could somewhat justify charging, but this was just for access for a self-guided tour.....and no audio guide!!! So, if you plan to visit the Barcelona Cathedral, keep you wallet handy, as you will pay for everything.....including using the restroom!
  • Photo of Michael P
    2 months ago
    A beautiful cathedral not to be missed. If you like old churches, this should please you. The mass schedule is posted. Admission is 7 euros. Well, the history of this beautiful church and the roof top is waiting for you.
  • Photo of Aafia
    2 months ago
    This impressive Gothic church built between the 13th and 14th centuries is located in the middle of the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. The building is stunning both inside and out, including the magnificent cloister, home to 13 geese. At nightime, the church is beautifully lit up. While we were walking in the vicinity of the Basilica, we were lucky to stumble upon street performers singing beautiful arias.
  • Photo of belmorte
    2 months ago
    Don't miss Barcelona cathedral in the gothic quarter with its hidden cloister and iconic 13 white geese commemorating the martydom of St. Eulalia. It's a lovely tranquil spot away from the hustle of Las Ramblas. Take the elevator to the roof for a unusual view of the city (you'll be able to spot the Sangrada Familia from there).
  • Photo of McK5nz
    2 months ago
    Amazing but no sleevless tops and legs must be covered, no shorts. Bring a scarf or the likes to tie around your waist or you will have to buy one there.
  • Photo of Sharon S
    2 months ago
    A beautiful place to stop by for some pictures, history and beautiful architecture. Come during daylight hours and roam the city of Barcelona.
  • Photo of StephenCr0ss
    2 months ago
    Check the hours of entry and what they charge (€7) ....sometimes. Much of the time it's free it should be if you wish to pray. Do not be intimidated by the "door men" who attempt to insist you stay an hour. It's beautiful inside and great to reflect in a place of tranquility and beauty.
  • Photo of Swwalton
    2 months ago
    This active church was closed to the public on Sunday morning, understandable. We were able to visit the garden areas just around the corner. Its an impressive facility. Easy to walk to.
  • Photo of Carol19580916
    2 months ago
    Whoa, whoa whoa and whoa, this is Excellant, this is well worth a visit and time spent here, enjoy ,

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