Photo of Baluard Barceloneta in Barcelona, , ES
Photo of Baluard Barceloneta in Barcelona, , ES
Photo of Baluard Barceloneta in Barcelona, , ES
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Baluard Barceloneta


Baluard Barceloneta14.5
brunch • bread • pastry • cakes

Carrer De Provença
279, Barcelona 08037, ES
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  • Photo of Hugo Raymond
    2 years ago
    Pa de segòls & Pa de cereals - very good bread to be bought here
  • Photo of sophy s
    5 months ago
    food was great, there was no hassle, the staff were friendly and helpful with regards to the language barrier. 10/10
  • Photo of Michael U
    5 months ago
    Personally not the sort to stay at swanky hotels, but happy to benefit from the on-site dining options available to those who prioritize such things, it was for an early breakfast in Barcelona that a stop was made at Forn Baluard where an impressive Pastry display and pleasant seating awaits those with reservations at Hotel Praktik Bakery while those just visiting are invited to enjoy their food on either the patio or standing inside depending on availability. Conceptualized by Anna Bellsolà, her childhood raised in bakeries by bakers clearly giving her an education in and passion for great Bread and classic techniques that have since birthed both her original store and the one now incorporated into the boutique hotel, guests arriving at Hotel Praktik by either the street or elevator will quickly be struck by the sheer volume of daily options, nearly three-dozen styles of Bread offered in the Restaurant’s repertoire along with nearly as many sweet and savory smaller items available daily. Featuring counter-style ordering and quick lines, the whole process of ordering, paying and collecting goods easily completed in less than ten minutes even with a line that trickled out the door, it was with the space fairly busy on a Wednesday that two guests were offered seats on the patio where a rough-speaking smoker had unfortunately already taken up residence, the smell of cigarettes unfortunately compromising things a bit though first bites of the oven-warmed Ham and Brie Croissant still spoke of good things to come with the outside flaky and interior structure well maintained even though the buttery Viennoiserie had been sliced. Not known as a city for great Bread, the few historic bakeries of Barcelona mostly focusing on Desserts and Cakes with the artisan baking movement really only beginning to catch on in the last decade, it was with the Ham and Cheese saved for those more fond of savory breakfasts that attention next focused on two filled Croissants, the Almond unfortunately a bit too moist with filling that was neither Frangipane nor overly sweet but still too thick while the White Chocolate Marzipan option fared far better with airy pockets inside and plenty of creamy half-melted Chocolate Chips. Mostly impressed by the quality considering the volume, a wedge of Blueberry Coffee Cake slightly drier than those found Stateside but still pleasant with a lot of natural Fruit flavor, those looking for Forn Baluard’s standout items should take a look at those filled with Custard, the glazed Apricots atop a lightly browned Crust still nice and sour with soft flesh while the Pinenut Brioche was soft and eggy even on the ends, not to mention the middle which was saturated and topped with Toasted Pinenuts and the contrasting texture of Pearl Sugar.
  • Photo of markm52
    6 months ago
    We discovered this patisserie not far from our hotel and enjoyed breakfast and late lunch here. Delicious rolls and amazing pastries which made it hard to stop at one or two.. simply delicious and relaxed atmosphere as well! Yummo!
  • Photo of USGAB
    7 months ago
    We discovered Authentic Local a great Souvenirs shop where everything is locally designed & made. We asked there a place to eat something quick and good. They recommend us Baluard Barceloneta. We enjoyed the best sandwiches in Barcelona, a great bakery in a great atmosphere. Is different place!! Is a hotel and a Bakery.
  • Photo of Lapyang Joseph L
    7 months ago
    It is tucked in, away from the beach in Barceloneta. It has the greatest pastry. It seems to be busy all the time. It is about a 3 minute walk from the busy beach front street. Get a map and find this gem!
  • Photo of Milena W
    8 months ago
    it took a while till we have found it. there were a lot of people waiting in a line, but it was worth it. The coffee is great and the different sandwiches are just delicious.
  • Photo of Dan Lennart B
    8 months ago
    Look no further, if your looking for a great selection and excellent quality bread this is the place to come to, enjoy it in the shop with a great coffee or just pop in buy and take it home. There is also a variety of pastries, but again you are in a bakery, so here you come for the bread not pastry although not bad, there are other wonderful places for pastry,
  • Photo of kathy186402
    9 months ago
    Beautiful breads, pastries, cossiants, baguettes, the bakery was always busy from early in the morning until 9.00pm in the evening
  • Photo of Carolyn B
    9 months ago
    The bakery is feast for the eyes, a wonderful array of pastries. The chocolate croissant was the best. In fact everything that I ate here was delicious. I highly recommend a visit.
  • Photo of Litesq
    9 months ago
    Baluard is marvelous. Went every day and sometimes twice a day for a pastry and a coffee. There will be a line at most times, but don't let it deter you from their wonderful pastry and bread. English is limited.
  • Photo of Mimzeekool
    10 months ago
    Simply divine! The most tasty pastries and baguettes at reasonable prices. We tried this place out on the last 2 days of our four day visit and I really wish we had discovered it earlier. The stars of the show were the mandarin and berry tarts, delicious olive bread baguettes and the perfect latte. Add to this a friendly and speedy service, makes this place a must visit if in Barcelona. Next time I'm there, I will take an empty suite case to fill with the many varieties of artesian breads!
  • Photo of Ruth G
    10 months ago
    The bread they made is one of the best in Barcelona. I have taste different kind of bread and all of them are delicious. Particularly I like to buy the sandwich of vegetables with salmon or tuna. I prefer the one with salmon because has avocado. Everything is good, but I just would like they serve this kind of sandwich (bocadillos) with a Viena bread because is soft.
  • Photo of Virgil S
    10 months ago
    Everyone has a favorite restaurant or bar, but when it comes to bread it is a blood ritual!! In a city filled with many very, very good bakeries Baluard stands out as one of the Top 2 (IMHO) along with Turris. Both have major devotees of their breads, while Turris probably has an edge in a wider assortment of pastries. But since bread is the staple of life, I would give Baluard the edge because of the vast assortment of breads offered. Be prepared to wait, because regardless of when you get there, if they are open, there will be a line! And, it's worth the wait!
  • Photo of Bill H
    10 months ago
    Best bread I have found in Barcelona. Try the pizza when it comes fresh from the oven. Delish! Nice dining room, but reserved for adjacent hotel guests until after 10:30.
  • Photo of Megan P
    10 months ago
    We visited three times for takeout baked goods to supply our own breakfast at our rental. Excellent selection of breads and superior croissants (by comparison to other shops). They had an excellent looking salads and pizzas but we didn't manage to fit those in.
  • Photo of Lennontje
    a year ago
    We had a great breakfast at Baluard, and considering prices in Barcelona have gone up a lot, we found Baluard excellent value for money. We got two HUGE sandwiches with Spanish ham, two cafés con leche and 1 ensaïmada for 12€, but these sandwiches were really generous and could easily have been shared. Also, the bread was delicious. We'll definitely go back! P.S: Lovely staff too, friendly and helpful.
  • Photo of Childreytripper
    a year ago
    Went in early evening for a light meal. The pizza was delicious washed down with a good quality bottle of beer. There was a queue for the bread shop but not to sit down, warm atmosphere no rush to leave.
  • Photo of Aylin Y
    a year ago
    Delicious foods especially croissants and sandwiches but place to stay is little bit small and crowded. There is waiting queue. İt is popular place. İt is food for breakfast
  • Photo of Lamees S
    a year ago
    Fresh food, excellent customer service, & crowded place yet fast service which indicates how excellent they are
  • Photo of Lene R
    a year ago
    Last time I was in Barcelona, I enjoyed the Baluard bakery in Barceloneta. Therefore expectations where high when visiting this branch in another part of the city. Unfortunately I was a litte disappointed. The cake selection was not very large and consisted mostly of various types of croissants. The setting is very cafeteria-like. The coffee is averagely good. The prices are fair and the wifi works well.

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