Photo of Mundial Bar in Barcelona, Ba, ES
Photo of Mundial Bar in Barcelona, Ba, ES
Photo of Mundial Bar in Barcelona, Ba, ES
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Mundial Bar

Seafood Restaurant

Mundial Bar23.5
seafood • patatas bravas • clams • pulpo a la gallega

Plaça Sant Agustí Vell
1, Barcelona 08003, ES
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  • Photo of Laura Vana
    9 months ago
    Seafood tapas
  • Photo of Hugo Raymond
    3 years ago
  • Photo of T0mA64
    4 months ago
    Have been to Barcelona numerous times and this is some of the best tapas I’ve had. The bar is nothing to look at and you may be put off as it looks quite grubby and in need of fresh paint but the food is delicious In particular the tomato bread and the aubergine crisps with goats cheese and honey are delicious Unfortunately we couldn’t get some of the dishes on the menu as we ate late and they had run out If you are in the Born district you should try here
  • Photo of Bywalec
    6 months ago
    This place was recommended, so we tried it. Normally, I don't check the reviews on recommended establishments before we go there. But after the visit, before I write a review, I check only the worst reviews to see what was the worst complaint. And so, sure enough the bad ones on this restaurant are really bad. Why? I think we should keep in mind what kind of guest is reviewing and what are their expectations. We traveled extensively through Spain's small towns, villages as well as big cities. If one is a pasta eating Starbucks latte drinking city slicker, one is more likely to view the authentic atmosphere as and unfriendly tourist trap. But walk the Camino and you will find that some of the best culinary finds in Spain (Galicia, Castalia, Basque country) have an ambience that is a bit less polished. Bar Mundial was established in 1914 - that is not some start up. It pays tribute to the sport of boxing, and to some of the local legends, but while we were there a local Football star and several of his fans were celebrating. We have seen this in other towns - it seems that the local tapas bars welcome local celebrities. We ordered Bacalao very lightly battered and cooked (drenched) in light pimento and garlic infused olive oil, and a beautifully fresh, thickly cut sushi grade salmon salad with thick slices of goat cheese - a bit like very young camembert. Both dishes were of such generous proportions that they had to be shared (with pleasure). The Bacalao (cod) was cooked to perfection - tender and flaky, served without delay as soon as they were cooked. We ordered Bacalo in nearly every restaurant as a 2 x 2 factorial comparison. In other words we have a broad range of experience with this dish. We found some to be excellent and some tough (chewy) and some heavenly. This one was heavenly. The restaurant Patron (Francisco) is also one of the two chefs, and Flor is the only server (see the pictures). For desert, Flor recommended Crema de LLimona, which was intensely fragrant of fresh lime, and perfectly smooth covered with a thin layer of yellow gelatin. All around perfectly genuine local tapas bar, with fantastic food and great atmosphere. The opposite of a tourist trap - it was full of Spaniards with remarkably few tourists. (Sorry, no Starbucks coffee here).
  • Photo of Tomas H
    6 months ago
    I love this kind of small tapas bistros. They also got a great deal of Spanish red wine well worth to try, aside from all diffrent lager beers.
  • Photo of Claes N
    8 months ago
    We arrived just at opening time (7:30 pm) when the place was still empty. A bit grumpy service probably accordning to us being the first customers but very soon the place got crowded and the stimmung got very friendly. The walls are covered of photos of legendary boxers which gives a special air to the place. The food is, as at almost every restaurant in Barcelona, very good. We especially liked the padrones but it doesn’t really matter what you order you’ll get a taste experience you never had before.
  • Photo of ChrisMikeEllis
    9 months ago
    We had an excellent and hilariously bossy waitress. When we had gotten to ordering about 7 plates of tapas she said "It's enough!" because there wouldnt actually be anymore room on the table. As the plates kept on coming, and the table had less and less space, she came back with another couple of plates. We had a plate with 4 prawns on it so she pointed at it and went "two for you, two for you" and after we had split them she cleared the plate and added more food. It was a great experience. The food was excellent, the highlight was probably the padron peppers and the calcots. If you go in season you MUST get the calcots, a kind of onion found only in season, and sold as battered and deep fried tapas. Its delicious.
  • Photo of Maria F
    9 months ago
    I adore this place, it's small but very authentic, and the food is delicious. Especially the seafood is worth trying. Choose lots of different dishes to share!
  • Photo of Goulafre
    10 months ago
    In this lively area of town it is always a good stop for a beer with some chipirones fritos. Last time they painted the wall was probably 20 years ago but it is part of the special atmosphere.
  • Photo of Alex P
    10 months ago
    I've been coming to this place over the years to eat always great tapas and enjoy the local vibe and friendly service. Unfortunately our latest visit in April 2017 was very disappointing: the seafood was not fully fresh, the cheese was dry and even our "pan con tomate" was overly greasy. I really hope they just had an off day- as there are much better tapas to be found close by. That being said, the service was great, very fast and the sangrias were good.
  • Photo of coradaniella
    10 months ago
    Amazing seafood, cozy little bistro! Super fresh fish options, great shellfish, and the entrees we selected (the cuttlefish and monkfish) were superb... We loved this place! Definitely would go back.
  • Photo of Reviewer71
    a year ago
    Went for lunch, off-season, place almost empty. Service very fast but not very warm. Traditional tapas place in a lively part of the Born. We had shellfish, for two, with two waters and pan con tomate. About 30 euros. Way too much. There were perhaps 4 mussels per person, 3 or 4 navajas total and lots of shells still closed. I know you should not overcook shellfish, but these were almost raw (hence so many of them not opened yet). Here in Barcelona you can buy one kg of mussels for 4-5 euros. Overall not a memorable experience, overpriced.
  • Photo of Eduard X
    a year ago
    This is a must if you love traditional old style looking bars with excellent product at El Born neighbourhood. This place is often crowded and has an excellent atmosphere that makes you feel confortable. Tapas and desert are very remarkable. Service is correct, though a bit too fast as prioritazing the rotation of tables, rathernthan confortability and pleasure of enjoying the moment. But all in all a very recommendable choice.
  • Photo of Cvhd
    a year ago
    According to our guide, bar Mundial is amongst top 20 tapas bars in Barcelona. Our experience was top! We were lucky to have 2 seats besides the bar and choose clams and razor clams after starting with iberico ham. The shellfish was just delicious, fresh and with pure taste. Do not forget to order the small fried enchovies! We saw some chocolate moeulleux desert at the neighbours table and were tempted. Also delicious. We enjoyed tasty tapas in a lively small bar amongst spanish and it was just great!
  • Photo of Marc L
    a year ago
    I'm quite a fan of this bar. I used to come for its great tapas (any of them, meat or fish) at a reasonable price. This time I found it slightly different. Same crowd, equally busy, some outstanding tapas like clams or sirloin -bit unfortunately not all- and prices a bit higher. Will come back to double check anyway! Illustration: bravas for 6€ Labels: 2Eat, $$, #tapas, #mustgo
  • Photo of soder64
    a year ago
    A busy place, but Olga and company do their best to place exquisite seafood on the tables, faster than you could expect in a always crowded restaurant.
  • Photo of Richard V
    a year ago
    Most interesting tapas we had in Barcelona. Our waitress did not speak much English, so it was mostly broken Spanish. She brought us what she thought we might like. We liked everything, including the Galician octopus, which I thought I might not like. It was delicious, and not chewy at all. Relatively inexpensive and VERY local. Has been here since the beginning of the 1920's.
  • Photo of julh
    a year ago
    This bar is pretty trendy, with its retro feel linked to boxing in the bygone era. The huge mirror with the menu written on bearing down on the Franco-esque furnished bar and the hubbub of international conversation set you up for a good night. The food however was a little disappointing, we ate pulpo a la gallega and grilled squid both of which were not quite as tender as they should have been. The reason I am comfortable being critical as it was not cheap. The waitress, once we got past the initial brusque greeting was great. It was a shame about the food as the place is really great. This is definitely one were your old school teacher would have commented "bar mundial really should have done better than this". I hope they do.
  • Photo of louise-jeannells
    2 years ago
    This is a very cool place for great and unique cocktails! The music is great and the bar staff super friendly (they all speak English as well)! Would definitely go back next time I'm around
  • Photo of PhilClarke11
    2 years ago
    We went here on a recommendation and to give it its dues, the food is great. We had three dishes and bread between 2 which was plenty, All well cooked and all tasting fantastic. Reservations through for me. The place has an old school feel, like a battered old cafe which I like but it is cramped. Most importantly for me is the price, just a bit expensive for what it is. Still, very good food and you wouldn't go wrong going here.
  • Photo of Giorgio86
    2 years ago
    Great place for tasting traditional tapas, going beyond the most popular dishes you can find anywhere. Great value for price. Ideal for couples (not the most romantic place though) and small groups as the place available is limited. Amazing service and food quality. The waitresses are really experienced and give that warm feeling of family restaurant. Definitely recommended !!!
  • Photo of RalphJ26
    2 years ago
    Came here on a work trip with colleagues. All the food is fresh and freshly cooked. Clientele is a mix of tourists and locals which is always a good sign. Informal atmosphere, nothing pretentious just what it is.

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