Photo of Burger Anarchy in Odense, , DK
Photo of Burger Anarchy in Odense, , DK
Photo of Burger Anarchy in Odense, , DK
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Burger Anarchy

Modern European Restaurant

Burger Anarchy14.5
fries • burger • sliders • lamb

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  • Photo of Amy Coulson
    2 years ago
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  • Photo of Sindri T
    4 months ago
    Nice location, good idea for Burger place, nice menu, but really overrated. They are missing some crusial things: first it's the service, me and my friends had ordered a table, but we had to wait 30 minutes before we could sit down. My wife is pregnant, so she asked if she could get her burger "well done", then suddenly everybody in our group got well done burger... Second thing: The toilets were very dirty and the tables were sticky... This was my second time there, and I wanted to give it a chance, the first time I went to BA, I liked the french fries really much, and the burgers were okay.. but now the only thing that I liked was the beer I bought..
  • Photo of Jakob S
    4 months ago
    We had a great lunch at Burger Anarchy. We chose sliders, 3 small burgers with different ingredients. I got a milkshake with Oreos, yum 😃
  • Photo of Marta S
    4 months ago
    Good quality burgers, fancy ingredients. The restaurant can be busy so make sure to book the table, especially if more than 2 are going.
  • Photo of Ester G
    4 months ago
    Came for lunch on a Sunday. There were many guests in the restaurant. We had one kids burger and 3 others. They were all very good and tasty with very good meat and fish. The two teenagers were very satisfied with their choices. The waiting time was a little longer than in a fast-food burger bar, but it was worth the waiting time.
  • Photo of IndianGlobalVillager
    Nice location with sitting out area in front, great beer and good burgers. So why am I not giving them a top rating? Because they are trying too hard to be trendy! Fair enough if that's what turns them on ... but the customer then becomes less important. I had to wait ten minutes to be served a beer while standing at the bar - the staff clearly cannot grasp that this is very annoying when it is obvious that they are not attending to anything urgent. Then there was the distracting self-indulgent interior decor - OK I suppose each to his own. But how can they justify charging for little pots of dips when the burgers and sides are already pretty expensive? 'Anarchy' is hardly the word that comes to mind ...
  • Photo of AndersChoy
    5 months ago
    When the news buzz wears out its always interesting to see if the owners can keep up and continue a success. And this case the success is still on. Great and creative burgers from top quality ingredients gives the basic for burgers at real restaurant prices. The slider menu is always a winner. Very nice beers and milkshakes to compliment. Smooth service and fast serving. The restaurant is active on social media and has lots of activities. A good signal that things are happening and that the owners want to make an effort to keep the heat up!
  • Photo of sollabogga
    5 months ago
    great food and perfect service👌 its very well decorated and a fun place to have dinner😀 we had a wonderfull time and the orice is very fair. I couldn't recomend it enough!
  • Photo of Eddie M
    6 months ago
    Simpel menu card but still enough for all burger pallets Food was well prepared and plated Fries with cheese were good
  • Photo of JoeRiva
    6 months ago
    Very nice and cool place. We sat outside, our dog was allowed. Menu made it hard for us to choice. Unfortunately we were there on a saturday so our daughter could choose the Mr Chang. The katniss everdeen (wild boar/mushroom), dexter morgan (truffle mayo), rictus erectus were great. Absolute go to place.
  • Photo of Rosiana S. F
    6 months ago
    My sister ordered a burger with wildboar and mushrooms fillings.. oh wow.. not just like what weimagin and saw on the menucard. But itwas really2 tasty. I ordered almost the side dishes, the skinny fries, the onion rings, the coleslaw and the salad. Oh wow.. no cheating on the ingredients. It's real potatoes for the skinny fries and also real onions for the onionrings, nicely battered and well fried! Yum! The dressing of the salad is so unlike the ready made from the bottle. It was so tasty, I love the salads. The ginger ale sellections were great, all and all.. gastronomically well done! It suits a super foodie like me :)
  • Photo of Eglė D
    6 months ago
    Everyone knows what to expect from a burger place, but so nicely and high ranked Spot should do better. Acctually the Dexter Morgan - exquizit. Really great. Well prepped beef, almost AL sangue - perfect. But Cersei missed her prawns. The menu says prawns - plural. We were lucky to find a small one. The bathroom was messy, the baby highchair all sticky. And it was far from the busy part of the day..
  • Photo of Linawati S
    6 months ago
    I am not a burger mania. But I saw a picture of a burger with mushrooms jutting out of it, I ordered. It's called Katniss Vildsvin, a burger meat consisted of minced wild boar clamped in a bread with some greens and mushrooms. Interesting! The meat was tender. The taste: perfect. Savoury but not salty. We also ordered side dishes: fried onion rings, coleslaw, some greens prepared on different bowls. Oh, and the french fries is excellent: freshly cut from real potato and freshly fried. I did not expect to find a gastronomical dishes in Odense, but I did. And it was superb. Worth to try.
  • Photo of Þór Breiðfjörð K
    Gourmet burgers that you have never seen before. Gutsy hip place but a bit pricey. If you want a great burger in Odense, this is the place.
  • Photo of Kristian G
    6 months ago
    Went with the family for early dinner. We had both burgers, sliders, fries and onion rings. Burgers are really well composed, but slider buns were over-done and cracker-like. Fries are really good, but ours needed alot of extra salt. Onion rings are the top. The mayo could need more flavour, and is not based on vingar heavy mayo. Staff was very helpful, but forgot a few things along the way. All in all - go for it! (If you like burgers outside normal standards).
  • Photo of Christoph R
    7 months ago
    This is third visit at Burger Anarchy which has clear become my favourite burger place in Odense. The selection is big enough to try new ones
  • Photo of Rob W
    7 months ago
    My son and I were hungry for a burger on our first day in Odense. As Americans, we know a good burger when we get one. Burger Anarchy didn't disappoint. It is tucked into a great location with a beautiful atmosphere, both inside and out. Friendly staff, good beer, great burger. Couldn't have been happier with our decision to eat here.
  • Photo of Erica Q
    7 months ago
    My friends have been raving about this place for the last two years, and I finally made it there. I am non-dairy vegetarian, but that was not a problem here. They fixed me up with a veggie Katniss Everdeen that I proceeded to inhale. So. Good. It is a popular place and reservations are recommended especially if you have a large group (like we did). The staff wasn't super friendly towards us when we first arrived, I'm guessing due to our group size, but they eventually mellowed out a bit.
  • Photo of TPuyleart
    7 months ago
    These are big burgers and well prepared. We ordered the sliders, which is three different small burgers. All were excellent. Good selection of drinks and beers. Service was excellent and we did not have to wait an extended period for our food. Waitress was very nice and helpful with English menus etc. We have had a it of a quest this year to find a good burger while living abroad and these made the top 5 list.
  • Photo of Sabīne V
    8 months ago
    Me and my fiance have visited this place twice. First time the service was unwelcoming, as the waitress asked - How can I help you? Is it me or is this question just super weird and self-explanatory for a burger restaurant? Other than the weird question, she looked at us as if we couldn't afford eating there for some reason, so I guess she had a bad day or something. Anyways, let's turn to the food itself. The burgers are really unique and the taste journey is amazing. The shrimp burger was not the best thing ever eaten, but it still was worth trying. They have a nice choice of beer and drinks. The second time we went there, I took Mai Tai, which was served in a lovely jar - made as it should be. We ordered sliders - 3 small burgers for tasting that we shared. The one with strawberries was to die for! I would suggest ordering one combo of sliders per person and you are stuffed for the night. The downside of all this was that you have to pay separately for the dips, as they don't come with the fries. Also, we would say that the burgers were overpriced.
  • Photo of Kostas V
    8 months ago
    Nice burgers, cool beer and crispy fries. Nice tastes overall. Recommended. Consider prices around 25€/person.

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