Photo of Restaurant Melee in Copenhagen, , DK
Photo of Restaurant Melee in Copenhagen, , DK
Photo of Restaurant Melee in Copenhagen, , DK
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Restaurant Melee

French Restaurant

onglet • potatoes • lobster bisque • serrano ham

Martensens Alle 16 1828
Copenhagen, DK
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  • Photo of Jane P
    4 months ago
    Warm welcome, great service, loved the food. So only reason for not giving the full 5 star is; the chairs, just awful to sit on for hours. Also I could wish for dessert but options was really limited.
  • Photo of sadder
    5 months ago
    I tried this restaurant and found it very good. the location is small, and the temperature became quite high. but the atmosphere was friendly. I liked the starter (cabbage and egg!) and the main dish (ex file), but the dessert (plum cake) was mediocre.
  • Photo of Martine A
    9 months ago
    We enjoyed a very pleasant dinner at Melée. No fuss - not with the service, not with the food, just classic well prepared dishes with really good ingredients put in front of you without the sales pitch/explanation. Very good wine. Busy but cosy bistro atmosphere.
  • Photo of WizardofOzDK
    a year ago
    On the recommendation of a friend I booked this restaurant for a reunion with former work mates and it turned out to be a real winner. About 30m from Gammel Kongevej smack bang in the centre of Frederiksberg. Friendly staff who interact with the guest and take care of your every need, but the real treat comes when the food is placed on the table. We all went for the pan fried foie gras with apple & beetroot which was absolutely amazing. The main was the onglet, a sort of stir fried of medium rare filet beef, bone marrow, potatoes and shallots. It was the first time I've tried anything like it and with the wines recommendations by the waiter to match, the entire meal winner!
  • Photo of Leif K
    a year ago
    Been to Melee several times, so when we could book New Year dinner to go, we did that. We picked up early afternoon before heading for New year concert, so back in the house for 6 pm, we had champagne and the snacks, waffles with crabmeat, rilettes and small round quiche Lorraine, followed by lobster bisque, baked cod, and short ribs slow cooked in the bag. Chocolate cake, all of it with good flavour and very easy to prepare, with clear instructions. Well done
  • Photo of Leif K
    a year ago
    We have been at Melee several times and has always enjoyed it, so we had invited 2 of our best friends for an evening meal, and we where very satisfied and maybe more important our friends has not stopped talking about the meal. Snack platter with superb salami and serrano ham, lobster bisque, brill, Nyretappe/ Hanging steak which is a cheaper cut, but has an amazing flavour and texture, in France its called onglet ( try it ) and sticky toffee pudding. Served in a very busy restaurant with excellent wine that our waiter Mathias explained very well. Once again well done we will be back
  • Photo of Bart T
    a year ago
    A little restaurant, down to earth. They serve well prepared dishes with a modern twist. Good food for a decent price.
  • Photo of SverreBM
    a year ago
    We visited this restaurant on the recommendation of one of Norway's most famous chefs. It was good, but didn't quite live up to our expectations. First of all - we knew this was not a very formal place, but it was a lot more informal than expected. We're talking waiters in shorts and sneakers. It's also pretty small, with tiny tables, and gets rather cramped and noisy. Dressed informally but nice for dinner we felt rather overdressed in this place. With the cramped, noisy atmosphere it was also not ideal for a night out for a couple. At least you'd have to be more hip and urban than us to enjoy it. The food we had was good. The starter I had, pasta with bakskuld (danish dried, smoked flatfish) was great and creative. The main courses we had were good and well made, but rather simple and lacking in creativity. We expected something great, but got something that was merely good. The presentation - courses came served on the skillet - also seemed rather gimmicky, and was inconvenient with the tiny tables. All in all, the experience was a bit disappointing, but coming from very high expectations. If you're looking for something hip and noisy and like your food good but very simple then this might be the place for you. The wine selection seemed to be good, but we did unfortunately not sample it on this occasion.
  • Photo of A TripAdvisor Member
    Melee is my favorite restaurant in Frederiksberg, I have been here several times and love their onglet and good taste in different interesting wines. You can sit outside and enjoy the quiet street and the light bulbs in different colors or enjoy the vibrant atmosphere inside. You can either choose the full menu (and eat all night) but many people go here just to have a main course and a glass of wine, which is wonderful (and affordable). The food is high quality, the waiters are friendly, relaxed and professional. Go, you will not regret it!
  • Photo of Dobbz-Dk
    a year ago
    Simply just great food, not fancy but amazing taste. Large wine menu, with something for everybody. this place is in my top 3 of places to go in copenhagen.
  • Photo of Hans T
    2 years ago
    We had our young son with us, And he was not in The mood for long meal. During The meal We had 3 different waiters, And they were all very Nice And understanding. Due to them This restaurant would have gotten a good score Even if The Food wasn't Great. Luckily for us the Food was AS good AS The service. The patei, rilette, cantarel sausage And waffel from The snack meny was Lovely. The pan seared fois gras with green tomatoes amazing. We also had a very tasty pasta with smoked fish And calves heart in tomato sauce. Highly recommended
  • Photo of Lakshmi M
    2 years ago
    A cosy French restaurant with great food and the an atmosphere of the typical Danish hygge. The stew and the steak were excellent and a must try!
  • Photo of Jennifer552
    2 years ago
    Could not have been happier eating delicious French food in a casual setting in Copenhagen. :)) Started with in-season white asparagus in a truffle cream sauce with a ton of grated truffles (see photo). We sampled a brill entree with a butter sauce and tender spring veggies, and onglet with baby leeks and new potatoes in a sauce to die for! Finished off with a marzipan cake, rhubarb compote and homemade vanilla ice cream. Service was friendly and spot on.
  • Photo of David P
    2 years ago
    A truly wonderful find in an expensive city. Michelin bib but deserves a star. Friendly, unpretentious, all courses excellent. Lobster, brill, rhubarb tarte....Could have happily gone back several times to sample everything.
  • Photo of Halgrim
    2 years ago
    Surprisingly busy bistro in Frederiksberg not far from the city. Atmosphere was relaxed and cosy and kind of French, but the place was very cramped with tables too close to each other. Service was slow and not particularly friendly, and the food was fairly basic - good, but not great. We were not overly impressed and will not be coming back.
  • Photo of Bregenholt99
    2 years ago
    Melee is like the QB's favorite go-to tight-end with secure hands and a lot of yardage on the ground...always an option when the fancy play is off, A small place with a tight and friendly atmosphere a limited but delicious menu and a wine card to match it. It is high value for money, it never fails for a boys night out.
  • Photo of ChrisHus
    2 years ago
    Quick service, even on a crowded Friday evening. Friendly waiter with a "cheeky" touch created lots of laughter. Value for money!
  • Photo of CymroStockholm
    2 years ago
    The on onglet dish is one of my favourite dishes anywhere ... Had it each time I've been. Great starters to share and good wine. Simply tasty meals from good quality ingredients... No need to complicate things... Worth the slight detour from the centre of Copenhagen.
  • Photo of Olejakob
    2 years ago
    This is a great restaurant with French inspired food. Relaxed but competent staff, cosy ambience and a small but attractive menu with fixed and daily specials. There are cheaper places but price performance is reasonable. Was a bit disappointed to be charged for tap water considering we spent quite a bit on wine.
  • Photo of Kim L
    2 years ago
    Intimate place which serves traditional French cuisine, Good simple Food and a proper glass wine. Good service and very cozy.

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