Photo of Papiroeen in Copenhagen, , DK
Photo of Papiroeen in Copenhagen, , DK
Photo of Papiroeen in Copenhagen, , DK
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Monument / Landmark

street food • paper island • food trucks • pulled duck

Trangravsvej 8
Copenhagen 1436, DK
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  • Photo of Emilie Sabatier
    a year ago
    food market : samedi 12h 22h dimanche et lundi 12h 21h
  • Photo of Sandrine Val
    3 years ago
    Food market
  • Photo of blbttl74
    5 months ago
    The original function of the alternative use of this apace is slowly being subsumed by tourist overload and it appears to lack its original atmosphere and purpose. Eating here is no cheaper than many restaurants in the city. Given the environment and the facilities it shouldn't be as pricey as it is. I wouldn't bother again and I understand that it maybe on the move anyway.
  • Photo of Sambo_Johnson
    5 months ago
    We went here last Sunday, unsure of what to expect but were pleasantly surprised. It is very cool, and you can find food from all over the world. We had Brazilian, Danish, Mexican, and Asian all in one sitting. It was 16° and sunny so we got the deck chairs and enjoyed a cocktail outside. I HIGHLY recommend doing this, if the weather permits.
  • Photo of micahislegend
    5 months ago
    I enjoyed the variety of food offered at this location. Their are opportunities to sample from a few of the vendors before making a final decision, so you can make an educated choice on your meal, or get things from a few booths. Unfortunately, I believe the location is closing at the end of 2017, so hopefully all of these vendors will find a new place to continue Copenhagen Street Food.
  • Photo of gordokj
    5 months ago
    This place is a street food lovers paradise. Vendors housed in a warehouse display there specialties. Had the salmon smorrebord and local brew. Go outside grab a chair, soak in the sun and watch the boats cruise by. Access is easy via a pedestrian bridge crossing over to Paper Island. Enjoy!
  • Photo of janeandmo
    5 months ago
    Quite tricky to find your way in! Follow signs over bridge then walk all the way to the end and tie. Left after the car park. Good selection of street food vendors, lots of locals having early supper. Very nice to sit outside facing the north bank, quite crowded so happy to share a table. Luke's pork box with hot sauce and cone of fries was tasty. Mojito was dreadful, don't waste your money go for bottled beer! It's good for all ages, you get what you pay for.
  • Photo of markusmads
    5 months ago
    I had heard a lot about Papiroeen for a long time so expectations were high when scheduling a lunch date at this place. I can only say that I should have taken the opportunity to visit earlier - much earlier! Street food in so many shapes, variations and origins - simply amazing. Ambience is casual and totally down to earth. If in CPH you need to set aside time to try it out. The only negative I can come up with is the difficulty deciding on what to eat - so many options such a small belly 😉
  • Photo of Marta S
    5 months ago
    This is an amazing place that I could spend there a full day and still want to go the next day. Variety of food and drinks, great design and good music.
  • Photo of Life-travelers
    5 months ago
    Papiroen was one of our favorite stops in Copenhagen. This place is amazing, and if it is true what we heard, you better visit soon. There was lots of talk all around us about the future of Papiroen. It seems that some real estate mogul has plans to turn the area into high end condos & businesses. There were some die hards who believe that the popularity of Papiroen, and enough push by the locals might help keep the place in business. There is talk that they might just have to find another venue. Whether you refer to it as "Street Food Copenhagen" or "Papiroen," if your visiting Copenhagen any time soon, plan to eat here at least once! There is not only an unbelievable choice of food, all reasonably priced, the vibe and environment is amazing. There are almost too many vendors to count all under one roof - with a little spillage to the outside. But whether you are in the mood for Indian, Chinese, BBQ, local, or any other number of cuisines - it's here. As for deserts, there are also choices, but our favorite was the Creme Brûlée Donut with ice cream and chocolate sauce (large enough to share). Just watching the vendor prepare this was entertaining. You can take the water bus over to the Opera station from Nyhavn, or just walk over using the new Inderhavnsbroen bridge. However you get there, I think you will agree with us that it was well worth the trip.
  • Photo of MariaVictoria0918
    5 months ago
    This is very close to Nyhavn and coincidentally, our hotel. There are a wide selection of food to choose from and most specially beer! Try to come early, or before the rush of crowds arriving after work. There is seating inside called the Greenhouse that is by reservation only but there's plenty of tables and nooks inside the venue and also outside which we highly recommend specially when it is not raining.
  • Photo of isabel240261
    5 months ago
    Walked over the bridge to paper island for lunch. We had some excellent street food. Tables are available indoors or out. We ate outside enjoying the sun and watching boats go by.
  • Photo of Whitewaterluksus
    5 months ago
    Apparently this place closes in December, so try it while you. A great place for lunch, oh just a snack and drinks in the afternoon.
  • Photo of Jonathan G
    5 months ago
    Cool place, good food but like most things in Copenhagen it can be very expensive. I got the duck burger with vinegar fries and duck meat on top along with a water. It was $34 US. Although the place is fun and unfortunately they are closing it soon to build luxury flats. A shame they are not relocating since they have plenty of run down warehouses.
  • Photo of IndianGlobalVillager
    ... will be gone this December (they are going to build water-side apartments on the site) so go before it is too late. The quality of the food varies but the variety is global and the atmosphere and waterside setting are great! Pity the City council could not provide a more permanent home (as in Aarhus where a similar Street Food place has come up).
  • Photo of hemant k
    5 months ago
    Load of options to choose. Local, Korean, Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Brazilian, Turkish, Moroccan, Thai....and many more. Coffee, Donuts, cakes, Juice. Cheap place to hangout. Vegetarian and vegan food also available. Food and drink paradise. Must go place in Copenhagen.
  • Photo of carrieul
    5 months ago
    This is really a fun change of pace for dining while travelng. Just tell your group that you'll meet outside at the picnic tables with whatever anyone gets as there are tooooo many great choices to be limited by all getting the same thing. Really a fun concept and loved sitting outside looking at the water. They aren't open for breakfast so don't arrive before noon and they are open in the evening too and often have entertainment as well.
  • Photo of Vincy L
    5 months ago
    One of the best places to eat in CPH. Awesome vibe. Young crowd. Good food. Large selection of international cuisine to try. No wifi.
  • Photo of jmachuca
    5 months ago
    We went there after a tour to grab something to eat there's a lot variety of food and different choices
  • Photo of YS55visitor
    5 months ago
    Had some great pizza at papir oen. Really one of the best I've tasted - and that's saying a lot. I lived in NYC. I unfortunately dont remember the name. The concept was amazing, and you soaked up the atmosphere while you were sitting outside enjoying your food and drinks. I found inside in the actual food market a bit dark and tables were quite dirty. But outside in the sunshine was great :)
  • Photo of Jean-Paul v
    5 months ago
    This is where you go for Foodie experience. Took me three rounds to experience the whole amount of food carts. In the end decided for the crispy duck with rice. Accompanied with a local Danish brew. This is a place worth visiting.
  • Photo of Culinary-widow
    5 months ago
    Warehouse type building with tons of street food vendors. Vietnamese, burgers, sausages, Mexican Indian Moroccan etc. Thai There are places to sit indoors or out. On sunny days it is as PACKED as a mall at Christmas.

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