Photo of Forno a Legna in Copenhagen, , DK
Photo of Forno a Legna in Copenhagen, , DK
Photo of Forno a Legna in Copenhagen, , DK
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Forno a Legna

Italian Restaurant

Forno a Legna14
italian pizza • ham • best pizza • take away

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  • Photo of Tony Rasmussen
    3 years ago
    Simply the best pizza in town!
  • Photo of Carlii00
    4 months ago
    The pizzas are okay, there's no flavor sensation on the menu, they are all pretty basic. There's no good seating inside, it's mostly for takeouts, and the place is just loud. Am waiting time is about 30-45 min, no matter when during the day you arrive. Considering the long waiting time and the basic pizzas, I prefer going elsewhere for my pizzas
  • Photo of Ballerina0269
    5 months ago
    My friend and I had heard from our acquaintances that this was an excellent place for pizza. It actually is not a restaurant as such but rather a take out deli and pizzeria with counters inside for eating there, plus outside tables and chairs for summer weather. We ordered our pizzas and took our drinks from a refrigerated glass case inside. Our pizzas were ready after 20 minutes, served in a "take away cardboard" pizza box. There were utensils to be had, but most people ate with their hands. The drinks came in bottles, with beer available. One could also have a bottle of wine. I'm sure one got a glass for the wine. The pizzas had a thin crust as to be expected and both of our chosen fillings were delicious. When we went to pay our bill the place was filled with people ordering or waiting for their pizzas. PS. There are no waiters as in a restaurant; one picks up his/her pizza when your number is called out. And one cleans up after himself. .
  • Photo of BartvK
    5 months ago
    It is very popular restaurant in Frederiksberg. At rush hour it is very crowded and you have to wait for more than 30 minutes. But it is worth the waiting, because the pizza's are excellent: crispy, fresh and not overloaded with cheese. So be patient and enjoy the pizza!
  • Photo of Lele82716
    5 months ago
    I often encounter many Danes who cannot familiarize themselves or accustom themselves to this place...and that´s because they are not Italian and they do not fully get the essence of this beautiful thing (I do feel for them a little, but hey not everyone is perfect). I visit this place at least twice a month because the pizza is great and the people here are super friendly. Sure, if you happen to go there in peak time it does take a bit of time to get served (i.e. between 6pm and 8pm) but there is always next door´s to check out and get maybe a nice plate of Parma ham and few olives while you wait in the meantime! I took my parents here from Italy and they loved it! For me this is the best pizza in Copenhagen.
  • Photo of Mikail B
    6 months ago
    Although dough is a little bit crunchy, pizza is very good. They present their pizza in a take away box but you can eat there. A lot of options are there. Reasonable price is according to Copenhagen. Only problem is that there is not English menu.
  • Photo of Cheryl L
    7 months ago
    This pizza was excellent and the price was really great. A pie, a soda and a beer totaled about $13USD. We were in Copenhagen for only a couple days and were looking for pizza as good as we found in Italy. This fit the bill perfectly. As well, the restaurant was busy with a lot of take-out customers and local diners. No doubt it is a favorite of the local residents. We would highly recommend Forno a Legna.
  • Photo of cdgobel
    8 months ago
    We ordered a couple of pizzas by phone and were told they would be ready within 30minutes. We turned up half an hour later and ended up waiting atleast another 30 minutes for our order. I understand that they prepare and cook a batch of pizzas at a time; unfortunately, they then box and wait to stack several batches of pizzas before handing them out to all the waiting customers. Ours were one of the first pizzas from the first batch out of the oven and therefore stacked at the bottom of the growing tower of boxes which had to reach the ceiling before being handed out to the customers. So, by the time we got our pizzas, they were less than lukewarm. Really disappointing. The pizzas are prepared in front of the customers and, as someone who doesn't eat meat, I did struggle to watch the cooks grab handfuls of ham or pepperoni for the meat pizzas before grabbing cheese and vegetables for the vegetarian pizzas. So whilst I can forgive the long waiting time, a change of gloves would definitely be more respectful and more hygienic!
  • Photo of debylissy
    8 months ago
    This place is very good! We went for the bolognese pizza and we're not disappointed. Lovely thin crispy base and nice amount of cheese - enough but not a thick layer. Plenty of topping and bags of flavour. It's a no frills little place offering tasty pizza at a good price (generally between 55 to 60 per pizza)
  • Photo of Bogdan S
    9 months ago
    Been there a lot of times I love it !!! Prices are normal and you actually get what u will love ..... good food is so rare ..... go there now
  • Photo of Idite
    a year ago
    They do a decent job with the dough — it's thin, tasty and crusty on the bottom, thanks to the firewood oven. The toppings are okay, not bad. This pizza is one of the best I've had in Copenhagen so far. However it's not perfect or ideal or heavenly like some describe here. It's a very good option for lunch or a bite to grab when too lazy to cook dinner. If you are okay with waiting for 30 min, that is :)
  • Photo of Luigi C
    a year ago
    With a wood oven I expect more. This pizza is far below the italian quality and standards. The quality of ingredients is very low and the taste is not exceptional, plus it is always crowded and you need to wait. However this is ok and acceptable considering you are in Denmark.
  • Photo of Lele82716
    a year ago
    From the atmosphere to the food...this place, to me, feels like home. Carlo is always smiling and guiding his staff. A must if in Copenhagen and definitely a place which is always full because the pizza for price and quality is the best!
  • Photo of psycogreg7
    a year ago
    Pizza 4 formaggi was quite nice. My friend got a Romana, and it was tasty as well. Italian beers are a bit expensive for their quality, which is not that high, but I assume it's costly to serve them in cph. Overall a good place
  • Photo of Maria L
    a year ago
    Hard to find better pizza. Expect to wait 45-60 minuts for it, but its worth it. Nr.14 is a really good choice for people not familiar with italian pizzas
  • Photo of ErzseBetBath
    a year ago
    Fast and Tasty. The owner is sooo kind, funny and he is a good 'pizzaiolo'. The best Pizza in town...I'm italian and I have to say it's not like the original, but just a few details would make this pizza really similar to our beloved italian pizza. A great surprise in Copenhagen.
  • Photo of cph-hlb
    a year ago
    Great take out place for pizza although the style of bread has change - it is not thin and crisp - but about 0,5 cm. There is s good selection - but note that the wait is approx 30-40 min on busy days. They have indoor and outdoor sitting - but I would recommend taking the pizza to the nearby park. Also the indoor sitting is not great
  • Photo of pidemath
    a year ago
    The best pizza in Danmark. You have to wait 45 minutes but is the best italian pizza you can find here. Good and friendly service in a always crowded pizzeria. Great quality for price.
  • Photo of Kevin B
    a year ago
    This is really just a take away pizza joint with a few tables inside and outside on the street. It may not look like much but the pizza is truly great. They clearly use very good ingredients and some of the combinations of toppings are quite traditional, others a little more experimental. All of them work well. Be warned, it will likely be busy whenever you go but the pizzas come thin and fast. A real Copenhagen treat at great prices too.
  • Photo of Davisy1980
    a year ago
    We got take away pizza from during our stay in Copenhagen. I would have to stay it was some of the best take away pizza i have had in awhile and will be going back next time i am in Copenhagen.
  • Photo of Berta P
    2 years ago
    Been here several times and all their pizzas are great! Probably the best pizzas in the city, and cheap!! You might have to wait for almost an hour on the busiest nights, but normally you get your pizza within 20-30min.

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