Photo of Det Rene Brod in Copenhagen, , DK
Photo of Det Rene Brod in Copenhagen, , DK
Photo of Det Rene Brod in Copenhagen, , DK
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Det Rene Brod


bread • cakes • bakery • freshness

Rosenvængets Alle 17
Copenhagen 2100, DK
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  • Photo of hendrikkrueger
    7 months ago
    Great organic bakery. I usually visit the one on kronprinsessegade as it's close to work. Always get my breads from here. Wouldn't mind if they could change up the pastry selection once in a while. And could you not put orange zest in your romkugler?? Probably best priced organic bakery compared to e.g. Emmerys which is so overpriced. Det Rene brød is highly recommended by me!
  • Photo of Michael U
    7 months ago
    With Andersen Bakery shuttering both locations permanently on 6/28/17 and many other Copenhagen establishments closed on Sundays it was to Det Rene Brød at Godthåbsvej 45 in Frederiksberg that the bike was steered on July 2nd, a 7:00am arrival finding the place fairly busy for a city where few are frequent Church-goers, the clientele entirely local and several of them clearly regulars. Still a family owned business since opening in 1988, though now with a couple of locations around the city, Det Rene Brød roughly translates to “Pure Bread” and although quite similar to Lagkagehuset and Meyers Bageri there is something that immediately seems more ‘homey’ about the space, a rustic sort of charm in the way things are displayed and cute signs about the virtues of Coffee as well as patience. Offering both savory Breads and Pastries, an elderly Baker visible behind the counter manning an oven that renders the interior of the space quite warm, it was after scanning the goods a couple of times that the decision was made to invest in a total of six items, the price after tax just under $20USD and first bites of the seed-covered Grov Birkes impressive in just how much the Danish palate differs from America, the thin layer of Jam only slightly sweet and the overall flavor not dissimilar to the Sesame Steam Buns occasionally seen at Chinese Restaurants. Getting more sugary from here forward, though even something as simple as Icing seems to be made less sweet in Copenhagen, a second encounter with Jordbaerkage proved far more successful than the first thanks to darker Chocolate and fresher Berries while the Carrot Cake here was also better than Laura’s or Lagkagehuset thanks to an ample amount of grated Vegetables and Nuts, the lack of Frosting made up for by buttery Streusel teaming with Ginger, Cloves and other Spices. Told that it might be a good idea to let the Danish settle for a few more moments, the desire to eat it hot balanced by one of not wanting to lose any of the semi-solid Custard, it was after perhaps ten minutes that the laminated square was torn in half to find the center still jiggly, the Eggy custard again reminiscing a classic Dim Sum selection while the Hazelnuts offered a nice textural contrast despite not really affecting the flavor too much. Rounding out the visit with a Cinnamon Roll plus a chilled square best described as a Klondike Bar replacing Ice Cream with Marzipan, those looking for the best Kanelsnegl in the city need look no further than Det Rene Brød, the flattened coil allowing more surface area to come into contact with the heat and thus become more crispy while the laminated dough holds up well to a whole lot of Butter and Cinnamon plus a thin swirl of Icing.
  • Photo of paulann2014
    9 months ago
    We were in Copenhagen on a bank holiday and also it was cup final day. We walked out of the main tourist area and came across this place. The lovely assistant spoke excellent English and made us feel welcome. The coffee was great but the best bit was the pastries. We couldn't taste them all, but we so wanted to! Apparently the bakery is famous for being the best organic bakery in Copenhagen.
  • Photo of Elaine W
    9 months ago
    I stopped in on a rainy day for a pastry and demolished the cinnamon pastry that I randomly chose from the offerings. It was delicious and I wish I had bought a few more pastries to take with me.
  • Photo of KuklaDenver_Colorado
    We stayed nearby on our recent visit to Copenhagen. I even made the run here in my PJs to enjoy a sweet roll with my morning coffee. Chocolate covered croissants and pastries, flaky & sweet. Then we saw the small pizzas - yummy. The 'ambrosia' which are large muffins with fillings are fantastic. We chose potato and it was a treat! We also got loaves of bread on 3 occasions. Great for making our own open faced sandwiches or just enjoying by the slice.
  • Photo of Swepob
    a year ago
    Besökte butiken på Kronprinsessegade, liten lokal med enbart ett bord så tur det var ledigt. goda bakverk och rejäl kopp kaffe.
  • Photo of Em2603
    a year ago
    The most delicious kanel snegl, and everything else looked fantastic as well. Slightly out of the really busy touristy parts of town so prices are slightly cheaper too which is a bonus. Sad I found it on last day of my trip, otherwise would have returned for more buttery pastry cinnamon goodies!
  • Photo of Anne V
    2 years ago
    Awesome organic breakfast, we enjoyed rugbrød and croissants. We stayed locally and loved walking over for breakfast.
  • Photo of Hyles_gallii
    2 years ago
    This is the kind of bakery you usually only come across in your dreams. Friendly service, lots of locals, a great selection. Can't really give high enough praise to this place. Scones, wienerbrød, bread, choclate croissants. Divine.
  • Photo of bobjanh
    2 years ago
    Det Rene Brod has a number of outlets spread around Copenhagen. On the day we arrived chanced upon the outlet at Norrebrogade 176 looking to pick up breakfast supplies. As a coeliac I was delighted to find they had gf loaves and buns available. Even more delighted the next morning: it was delicious and retained its freshness well, not easily achieved with gf products. Returned to find they have freshly baked gf products available on Mondays and Friday's only. If you are a coeliac and/or need gf bread, do yourself a favour and seek out Det Rene Brod. You will not regret it.
  • Photo of Pkoch
    2 years ago
    Dette er en god bager - brødet smager godt og de har nogle fantastiske kager. Er helt pjattet med deres cheese cake. En tebirkes herfra er stor, smagfuld og utrolig lækker.
  • Photo of AnneKarinaSmed
    2 years ago
    Meget kedeligt udvalg og altid det samme sortiment. Deres rugbrød er fint, 3 slags og altid de samme. Kagerne er altid de samme og der er ikke meget at vælge imellem
  • Photo of César G
    2 years ago
    Un local muy tranquilo y agradable, con una bollería y panadería de gran calidad, y un personal muy amable. Precio razonable, sobre 40 coronas... Un té, chocolate o café, con una pieza de bollería
  • Photo of Jonas M
    3 years ago
    We spend many breakfasts esp. with friends here because of the great taste, freshness and atmosphere. Compared to other bakeries in CPH offers this one the best value - from salty to sweet, especially sweet ;-)
  • Photo of Cselch
    3 years ago
    Et besøg værd - på anden dagen er man stamkunde :) Købte Caffe Latte (32,-) og palæobolle - det kan anbefales. Prøv også Müslibrødet.
  • Photo of Erin G
    3 years ago
    Organic and fresh - the bread and selection here are excellent. I crave this bread. The kids love the kanelsnegls and hindbær snitte, while I think it might be the best frøsnapper in town. We also love the seeded dark rugbrød and the perfectly textured, chewy and delicious Verona Brød. Grab a cortado, enjoy a treat and take your loaf to go!
  • Photo of Pettynus
    3 years ago
    Avevamo l'ostello nei paraggi e stavamo giusto decidendo dove fare la prima colazione quando ci imbattiamo in questo panificio piccolo piccolo con del pane e delle paste molto invitanti in vetrina. Il personale è tutto giovanissimo, tre ragazze al servizio e un ragazzo al forno (forno a vista peraltro). All'interno ci sono tre tavolini alti per fermarsi a mangiare e la possibilità di ordinare anche caffè e bevande calde. La bellezza è la bontà delle paste fresche danesi è davvero impressionante. Ne abbiamo ordinate diverse per assaggiarne un po ed erano tutte buonissime!! Specialmente i frøsnapper! Altra cosa degna di nota: nella panetteria i clienti sono principalmente danesi! Assolutamente poco turistico. Prezzo medio per tre paste,cappuccino e caffè americano: 100 dkr.
  • Photo of Pkoch
    3 years ago
    Det er virkelig godt økologisk brød der bages her. Vil til enhver tid køre til Det Rene Brød efter brød og kager - og køre forbi mange andre bagerforretninger der ligger tættere på min bopæl end denne, men det er både tiden og pengene værd. Det er ikke en billig bager - ej heller i den dyreste ende , men det er super god kvalitet. Og jeg kan VARMT anbefale deres cheese cake, den er stærkt vanedannende. For ikke at glemme deres tebirkes, i en liga for sig selv.... Der er så vidt jeg husker - 2 borde i den ende hvor man kan nyde sin kage og kaffe og der er "bar" borde langs forretningen hvor man også kan sidde og så selvfølgelig udenfor på de gode dage.
  • Photo of Jens J
    3 years ago
    Good selection of organic bread and cakes. Coffe and tea available uncluding a cozy corner to sit down.
  • Photo of Simogul
    5 years ago
    Shame I found out this place so late although I have been a loyal customer of many good bakeries in Copenhagen, like Fransk Konditori, HC Andersen Konditori, Lagekagehuset, Sankt Peders bageri, and La Glace. The quality of Det Rene Brød is beyond all others, because it offers only organic and it takes care of both the look and the taste of the cakes and the bread. Additionally, the price level is very reasonable compare to all others mentioned above. If you are a local, make that extra walking or biking to get there - it has 4 different stores around CPH. If you are a traveler, keep this place as the last one you should try. It is easier to remember the best. Pssst. Remember to tick you find this useful if you find this useful.

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