Photo of Designmuseum Danmark in Copenhagen, , DK
Photo of Designmuseum Danmark in Copenhagen, , DK
Photo of Designmuseum Danmark in Copenhagen, , DK
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Designmuseum Danmark

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Designmuseum Danmark14
danish design • japanese influence • arne jacobsen • great design

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  • Photo of Maria Lopes
    3 years ago
    Great design shop! Best brand - Hay
  • Photo of Kathy53Usa
    4 months ago
    If you are interested in Danish design in the past, present and future ,this is your place. What a lovely layout in the museum to enjoy the various collection of furniture and fashion.
  • Photo of Dan B
    4 months ago
    I'm not trained in design or anything similar, sadly, but the Design Museum is a really well thought-out and a progressive insight into Danish design right across the ages. It starts out by highlighting the connections and influence of Japanese culture and style on Scandinavian design, when you realise this and see what inspired everything it makes a lot of sense but it's still really interesting to see the process. They also go through clothing, designers, artists and right through to urban planning which may sound a little 'dull' but Denmark are miles ahead in the world of keeping city centres fr the 'people' and you'll see this in Copenhagen as well. Really enjoyed it, small but busy and well-managed cafe with good coffee and snacks and a little garden area outside if it's sunny. They're also got lockers for your bags when you get there, and it appears quite accessible for all throughout.
  • Photo of Riitta K
    4 months ago
    I expected the museum to concentrate on Danish design but it had a lot of other Nordic items there also (not to forget the Chinese decorative Arts collection). I was actually happy to see how many Finnish designers' pieces they had. My favorite part was the fashion exhibition which spread through many centuries. The location is beautiful: 18th-century Rococo buildings that used to be Denmark's first hospital, surrounding a vast courtyard. The cafeteria is also very nice and you can sit outside in the lovely courtyard.
  • Photo of Edinburghelf
    4 months ago
    Loved this museum which had a fascinating Japanese exhibition when we visited as well as a beautiful display of 20th century haute couture velvet dresses. The best bits are of course the iconic Danish designed chairs, cutlery and bikes. The museum itself is beautifully laid out with a brilliant shop and cafe and very smart toilets!! Contrary to some of the reviews we found the labelling ok. It is sparse but everything that is written in Danish has an English version alongside it.
  • Photo of Lenny G
    4 months ago
    This lovely museum had more than we expected. In addition to th eextensive permanent collection of Danish design--chairs, fabrics, kitchenware--, the exhibition of haute couture and Japanese influence on Danish design offered new insights. Design is such an important element of Scandinavia, and this museum highlights it beautifully.
  • Photo of CamRanc
    4 months ago
    The museum has an impressive collection of danish furniture and of haute couture fashion pieces. We enjoyed seeing the evolution of design trends in Denmark, especially since we love Scandinavian home design. It is not for children however, as they might not find it very interesting.
  • Photo of Leah W
    4 months ago
    Large space focusing on design influences and designers of all kinds in Denmark. Wonderful examples of Danish design in all formats, and a wonderful gift shop with inventive games and toys. There's also a lovely cafe and a big back garden for relaxing.
  • Photo of DocDG
    4 months ago
    This museum is an interesting location for anyone wishing to understand more of the Danish Design of furniture, household items, clothing, even bicycles. The exhibit of 300 chairs was a bit overwhelming, but the display of evening gowns was luscious.
  • Photo of Jane M
    5 months ago
    If you are a lover of fashion past and present, love Scandi design in furniture and décor, or just simply want to flow through room after room of design icons, then this is the place for you! My husband and I went just before the lunch hour on a Thursday and had plenty of space to amble through the exhibits, enjoying and discussing. All the lovely staff speak excellent English, the room attendants are patient and knowledgeable and the prices are not high compared to any other capital city. I know the place is technically a museum entry etc etc - but while we were visiting, they were exhibiting the designer Eric Mortenson's many collections for Balmain - filling room after room with jaw dropping haute couture. However the icing on the cake was the garden where you can take your Pastry and Hot Chocolate and sit at the shabby chic garden tables amongst trees and bushes on a warm day. The choice at the Coffee Bar for snacks as well as light lunches was more than adequate and the prices (remember once more that you are in one of the major capital cities of the world) were actually cheaper than in nearby Nyhaven! And it is just nice to sit among the locals whenever you come away from home. Even without the Mortenson exhibition there is so much to see and wonder at, And the Museum is within a very short walking distance of the Royal Palace and the ChurchillPark with its amazing statues and fountains, its lake, the Military Fort and the lovely English Church. If you can't bear the Little Mermaid, make sure you see the breathtaking bronze polar bear mother and cubs on the waterfront. Thoroughly recommended!
  • Photo of CHKH0
    5 months ago
    A nice showcase of chairs designed by the Danes. Suggest to spend 2 to 3 hours there. There was an exhibition on Danish fashion design and the kids can colour a few designs on paper. They found it quite interesting.
  • Photo of Alphonsomimms
    5 months ago
    The influence of Japanese design on Danish design was the most interesting exhibit but the whole place, a former hospital was restful and soothing and well thought out. A very enjoyable visit.
  • Photo of Pii L
    5 months ago
    This is a nice museum and you get a taste of famous Danish design there. But this museum is a little bit old-fashioned. It is more exiting choice of lamps of Poulsen, Le Klint and others in design store Illums Bolighus in Stroget Street for instance.
  • Photo of Cristina_L123
    5 months ago
    This was the only museum in Copenhagen we visited. Worth it, good collection of different types of design, from furniture and posters to fashion and traffic signs. If you know the Design Museum in London, you can expect the same here.
  • Photo of shafocan
    5 months ago
    If you want to learn about the history of danish design this is the place to go. It also has a cool garden and a cafe where you can sit and relax. This place also offers different exhibitions and a cute bookshop.
  • Photo of Nithesh E
    5 months ago
    Nice museum to visit danish chairs , designer dress and japanse influence on danish architecture. I loved the section on danish chairs , it was simply awesome.
  • Photo of dswatts69
    5 months ago
    I love design and the history of fashion and interiors, so I really enjoyed this museum. Denmark, like Sweden, Norway and Finland is renowned for its design and this museum captures aspects of that strength. There is a room full of chairs, some great ceramics, lots of Japanese stuff and some amazing costumes from the past up to the present time. Excellent!
  • Photo of intrepid702016
    5 months ago
    This museum of Danish design from the early 20c to the present was a highlight of this trip to Copenhagen! A friend told us to put this on our must see list and it would make us wish we were Danish. And it did. It took us a bit of time to locate it - I could not find it in a popular Danish guidebook- but we goggled the map and had it lead us there. Rooms display all the Danish designs we remember from the 50 s and 60's. It was a history of the best Danish designs that are both beautiful, functional and well, modern looking. Even the 19th century things. There is a room displaying Danish designed chairs...these chairs are one of the reasons Denmark is famous world wide. Another room highlights household items including cutlery, dustpans, crockery, glassware...all beautifully simple yet functional. And another celebrating Danish fashion and fabric. We happily spent two hours wandering through the various displays. There was a senior rate and those under 26 or students with ID are free. Guided tours are available if pre oozed. Backpacks and handbags must be checked and there are two does not require the 20 k coin. Photos are permitted. Afterwards, there are lovely design shops to visit on the same street and many small local restaurants to grab a bite to eat.
  • Photo of MadamJosephine
    5 months ago
    Fabulous collection of all the Danish Design Icons and then some. Apart from the room of chairs, what really surprised was the huge collection of Balmain and Jean Louis Scherrer Haute Couture gowns by the Danish designer Erik Mortensen, who bequeathed them to the Museum. Well worth a 2 hour visit for the quirkiness of many of the exhibits, including bicycles, posters, Arts & Craft era furniture, 60's pop art and much more.
  • Photo of ZafirisH
    5 months ago
    Even if you are not a design freak this museum is a must. Very well curated exhibitions. I strongly recommend it.
  • Photo of kookati
    5 months ago
    It was like a danish kind of IKEA with the difference that you can't touch anywhere.😄 My personal favourite was the design chair department, but I didn't like the clothing department or the really old danish "design" department (meaning pottery etc.). It was ok museum, but I don't know if I would pay for the visit (on Wednesdays there is free entrance!)

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