Photo of Cafe Norden in Copenhagen, , DK
Photo of Cafe Norden in Copenhagen, , DK
Photo of Cafe Norden in Copenhagen, , DK
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Cafe Norden


Cafe Norden14
brunch • cakes • tomato soup • salads

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  • Photo of Michelle Santbergen
    Voor ontbijt/lunch
  • Photo of Tamedscot
    6 months ago
    Normally I love sitting at this cafe with its fantastic position on Copenhagens Østergade where you can enjoy some good food, people watch at the same time and if your really really lucky also the rarely seen Danish sun. But this visit was just not good. On finding an unoccupied table that still had dirty plates and cups on it and next to a recently vacated one which also was not clean we quickly decided what we wanted and I proceeded up to the bar to give my order ( you order at the bar here and then the food is brought to your table, good to know ! ) thinking that at some point somebody would arrive and clean the tables ..... well it never happened, I ended up moving the dirty plates on our table to the already fairly overflowing table next to us and even when our food was served and other tables around us got served nobody seemed to see this mountain of dirty dishes. A visit to the toilets was also much the same theme with the floor overflowing with water, used paper towels and no hand soap! On complaining to the manager we were met with a big smile and a shrug of the shoulders. This was not a busy day..... let's hope they get there act together before the summer season starts as this is a place I usually enjoy !
  • Photo of Russell D
    6 months ago
    Ceaser Salad not the greatest. Milkshakes lovely as is other food. However the restaurant is spacious with a good atmosphere.
  • Photo of 1stdancer
    6 months ago
    We popped into this cafe after a morning walk around Copenhagen on our last day of our weekend. It is very central and has an amazing first floor section with fabulous window seats invitingly set out with plump cushions. As with everything here it wasn't cheap but our coffee and cookie were a welcome pit stop . I noticed the couple next to us had a platter of nachos which was huge so I can vouch as others have done that the portions are immense. May I also mention another reason that I am so impressed with this cafe. I realised on reaching the airport that I had lost a very valued and sentimental charm bracelet and decided to phone the cafe just in case it had been found there. To my absolute delight someone (big thank you to them) had handed it in and I was told by Bryan that they would send it back to me. I have now received it and am overjoyed that I have it back. So thank you to Bryan and if we ever return I will most definitely visit Cafe Norden again.
  • Photo of IrishWanderlust96
    7 months ago
    We popped in for coffee and a snack. The espressos and cappuccino were good and the pastries were fantastic. Staff could be a tad friendlier.
  • Photo of Ali R
    7 months ago
    This centrally located café has a wide range of drinks and food. You can just have a piece of amazing cake or a main course. If you go upstairs, it's cheaper as you purchase your goods at the bar rather than through waiter service. People in Norden Café were well dressed so you could go here for a nice dinner however we were equally welcomed in jeans, hoodies and with rucksack!
  • Photo of D B
    7 months ago
    Ate here the first night and had the open sandwiches. Found ourselves in the area one evening and had drinks, coffee, and dessert. Final day of wandering and decided to have lunch. This is when we made the mistake off ordering like typical Americans and ended up with way too much food. The budger and Cosy plate plus a soup..... We needed more people. We should have shared.
  • Photo of Esra K
    7 months ago
    Lovely cafe located in the shopping street. Atmosphere is cosy , elegant. The cafe seems to be an excellent choice for tea/coffee accompanied by delicious cakes, cookies,etc. If you plan to order dinner/lunch be aware of the portions, they are huge. It probably makes a lot of sense to order for one and share. Upstairs closes at 22:00 whereas downstairs open till 00:00 Enjoy your break in Cafe Norden :)
  • Photo of Tommy B
    7 months ago
    Very nice place for coffee & danish/cake, best location in the middle of the city on strøget, big place with good cafe food and cake`s, service is fast and spot on for this type of cafe.
  • Photo of ExpertJules
    7 months ago
    After a long morning of sightseeing we stopped here mid afternoon and sampled the delicious coffee and a slice of cake, like most places in Copenhagen it's not cheap but it was delicious :)
  • Photo of thehazelwood
    7 months ago
    Top location, the interior is pleasant, the food comes in large quantities but not enough to overcome the lack of service and sharp prices. Find your own table, clear the previous users' stuff from it, queue at the bar to place your order and pay heavily for it. I can't see the appeal.
  • Photo of ManWhoAteEverything
    This is a HUGE cafe. We found a cosy seat at the top of the stairs, bathed in late-morning sunshine and perfect for watching the customer coming and going. We waited too long to be served before asking and being told that you **order at the bar**. The food arrived promptly: a HUGE bowl of tomato soup - excellent but way too big and a tray of wonderful variety: a mug of the same soup, an open salmon sandwich, crispbread with Danish cheese, figs, honey and blueberries, an interesting quinoa salad with edemama and flowers, a rhubarb compot and a small creamy dessert that was tasty but instantly forgettable. We should have shared the platter and skipped the large soup. All in all worth the somewhat exaggerated price.
  • Photo of Maddie K
    7 months ago
    So first of all, came in, it wasnt busy, but most of the tables still have half empty glass on tables, you can see previous customers have left, but no one took care of the tables. The system is quite poor ina way, you go to find a table for yourself, then go to bar, order food and drinks and then they bring it to you to the table. Food came cold. Couldnt really enjoy, place filled up pretty quickly around 17, but as soon as it filled up, as quick it became very quite again. Not the best experience in Copenhagen, you can find something else, for a reasonable place.
  • Photo of loveandsmiles
    7 months ago
    This was a great little pit stop for a drink, don't expect great customer service as it was dire BUT the coffee and vanilla milkshake were very good (as was the decor, the location and seating) If the service was good, it would justify the £15+ for 2 non alcoholic drinks but it wasn't which is a shame.
  • Photo of titan34
    7 months ago
    Great spot for lunch near the canal. Friendly & prompt service despite being busy. Food was fresh, flavoursome and well presented. We ate upstairs which was bustling, bright and well heated.
  • Photo of Emtci
    7 months ago
    With its central location on the square it's not surprising you will pay top dollar here... and you do! The food was fine (not brilliant but ok) but combined with relatively poor, impersonal service (from what appeared to be a very young, junior team of staff) it simply wasn't worth the high prices. With so many alternatives it easy to find somewhere more welcoming, with better food, service and prices.
  • Photo of C0pelama
    7 months ago
    On a cold February day, the buzzing Cafe Norden has a huge array of bistro Fare with a Danish twist. Grab a table and order at the bar
  • Photo of TWPF100
    8 months ago
    On a very cold Tuesday we opted for a nice warm Cafe Norden to thaw out! On the busy main shopping strip of Copenhagen it was as busy as expected. There is an extensive menu but we decided to go for one of the three choices of smorebord ( the Danish open sandwich) and the "cosy plate". There is no table service so you have to order at the bar. On ordering at the bar I was told that the smorebord in Cafe Norden is not just one sandwich but three!! The three choices were in fact all the one plate. The cosy plate was another multi-dish platter, it was tomatoes soup, warm greens, brown bread topped with salmon salad, crackers cheese and a mini cake with some stewed rhubarb. See photo. This was one of the best lunch selections I have ever had! We also had tea, a green tea with fresh root ginger and also a cider. The three open sandwiches on one plate was way too large for one person, it definitely could be shared between two, maybe even three persons. We saw a few tables leaving a lot of food as many were unable to finish the very generous portions. The bill was very expensive even considering the high quality of the food and the very large portions. We paid 520kr which is a whopping €70. So if you are feeling very flash with the cash and want to enjoy a real top notch lunch then Cafe Norden is worth a visit but if you have a budget then there are less expensive cafes in expensive city. Recommended with a caveat.
  • Photo of Carlo F
    8 months ago
    There were so many great options on the menu to choose from. We chose a sampler tasting menu that had a bit of everything. Although a bit pricey, it was definitely worth it. It was actually quite filling as well. Also tried the glogg to drink. I would recommend the white over the red, though if you've never had it before, it might be a bit overpowering. But worth a try. A must place to dine at.
  • Photo of JEGCoArmagh
    8 months ago
    After the canal trip we went looking for coffee and found this cafe at the corner in a great location looking out on the square. The cafe decor is beautiful and the staff pleasant. You need to go up to the counter to order and pay and this is not obvious at the start and frustrating as the staff are serving and it takes a while to realise they serve but don't take orders. The ladies restroom was a disgrace and I found it hard to believe that such a nice cafe could have such a poor toilet. It was freezing cold and filthy with a bin overflowing. Ugh!
  • Photo of Matthew K
    8 months ago
    Stopped at Cafe Norden for evening drinks. Cafe has really nice ambience, good place to stop for drinks, coffee or a little meal. Fairly expensive at 100Kr for a cocktail and 70Kr for a beer, but you'd expect these prices for the location setting.

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